Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitness Friday: Surviving the Summer

    Working out is normally a sweaty adventure for me.  However, in the summer sweaty is an understatement!  There are some important things to remember when working out during these hot summer months.

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Here are some things to remember to prevent injury or illness while Zumba-ing through the summer:

*Workout early in the morning or later at night.  These times tend to be cooler so it's healthier for you.

*Dress appropriately.  You are working out, who cares if you things are moving around or wobbling!  Now is the time to wear short shorts and tank tops.  It's all about staying cool.

*Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  The more we sweat, the more electrolytes we lose.  Summer may be the time to invest in some electrolyte infused water to rehydrate after your workout.

*Avoid makeup and heavy sunscreens when exercising.  Due to excessive sweat, skin can tend to get clogged up quicker leading to more breakouts.

*Shower or change immediately.  This is important after working out any time of the year, but even more so during the summer.  Sweaty clothing can trap acne and infection causing bacteria in your skin.

*Try a water sport or water exercising routine.  If you have a pool or access to a community pool use it for more than just tanning!  Water activities can burn massive amounts of calories and can help keep you cool at the same time.

*Now is the time to try out a new exercise DVD or new workout video on Youtube in your nice air conditioned living room.

*Check out free trials at local gyms to take advantage of their amazing exercise machines and amazing air conditioning.

What is your favorite tip or trick for working out during the summer??

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