Sunday, June 22, 2014

Style Sunday: Le Tote Review

    If any of you watch any popular Youtuber or read any popular fashion blog, I am sure you have heard of Le Tote.  Le Tote is basically the Netflix of clothing.

    For $49 a month you get 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories sent out to you at a time.  You can wear them and return them unwashed for your next "tote" of clothes and accessories to be sent out, or if you like any of the items you can purchase them for a discount price.  Franky, I think this idea is BRILLIANT.

   $50 is a bit high for me to spend on a monthly subscription service, but this price includes unlimited "totes".  Meaning once I return one "tote" (complete box of clothing and jewelry) they send out my next box.  I can keep changing up my looks!  If there's an item I really, really love then I can buy it and if not, I just send it back.

   The brands that are included in this box are Nordstrom Rack type of brands- ranging from BCBGeneration to French Connection and House of Harlow.

Last week I received my first "tote" and here's what I got:

Dress by Kensie- Size Medium

Retail price: $68
Purchase Price: $54

Didn't love this dress.  Felt it looked a bit dowdy on me.  Didn't even end up wearing it.

 Olive & Oak Zipper Back Blouse

Retail price: $78
Purchase Price: $39

I ended up wearing this blouse to work, but didn't love it.  Won't be purchasing this.

 Collective Concepts High Low Blouse
Retail price: $59
Purchase Price: $38

This was the only item of this tote that I considered purchasing.  I really liked the mix of fabrics in this blouse and the comfy fit.  While I liked it, I just didn't see myself wearing it often, so back it goes.

Sparkly Earrings
Retail price: $14
Purchase price: $10

I normally love sparkly disc earrings, but these were just a bit too big for my liking.

 Hinge Cuff Bracelet
Retail price: $28
Purchase price: $24

I did like this cuff, but it looked too big on me.  I'm just too short to pull of this kind of jewelry!

So as you can see, I wore most of the items in this Le Tote, but didn't end up purchasing any of them.  So back they go.  When they receive this shipment, my next Le Tote will be sent out!  Granted this is just my first, but so far I think it's a great idea and will be looking forward to getting more and more Le Totes.

Click here to sign up using my referral link.  Also, look for coupon codes! They frequently offer $10 or $20 off for your first month!

Will you be signing up for Le Tote? Do you think the idea is brilliant or a little gross? 
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