Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday: Finding Motivation to Be Healthy

    Sometimes the hardest part of something is actually starting or beginning the process!  This statement is especially true when it comes to embarking on a new healthy lifestyle.  Finding the motivation to begin working out or to begin eating healthy (or even to continue with these!) is sometimes tricky.

   This summer I have completely fallen off of the healthy bandwagon and I am looking to get back on it, so here's how I've been motivating myself to get back into the healthy swing of things.

* Look for Fitspo online

I love looking at fitspirational images on Instagram and Pinterest.  I follow so many fitspo accounts on Instagram, so every time I look through my feed I find at least 10-15 images or quotes that really get me pumped.  Here are some of my favorite:

I love before and afters!  It's great to see all of these girls with amazing bodies, but it's even more impressive to see that some of them started with bodies just like me.

*Buy Cute Workout Clothes

I find that if I have a cute workout outfit laying on my floor waiting for me, I'm almost forced to put it on and do something active!  Target makes some of the cutest, best performing and cheapest workout clothes out there! Go pick some cute pieces out for yourself!

*Put together a healthy recipe Pinterest board

The more I read about health and weight loss, the more I learn about the importance of diet.  The experts say that weight loss is 80% diet and 20 % fitness.  Even if you aren't trying to lose weight, eating a healthy and well balanced diet is super important for overall good health.

Here's a snapshot of my healthy recipe board!

*Tell your friends and family that you are trying to embark on a healthier lifestyle

I find that if I use the word diet, my friends and family get mad at me since I'm on the smaller side already.  If i have the conversation that I want to be healthier, they seem to jump on board a little bit better.  I also have a friend who I workout with and having a workout buddy is always helpful.  My best friend also texts me progress pictures a lot and that keeps me SUPER motivated.

*Write it down!!

Keeping track of your progress, keeping a food log and exercise log or even writing your goals on places where they can be seen frequently really helps.  When you're reminded that this is something you want for yourself, you're probably a bit more prone to actually make it happen.

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What are your favorite ways to motivate yourself to workout or to eat healthier? I'm ALWAYS looking for some fitspo! 

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