Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday: My First Bulu Box

   A month or so ago I ordered a Living Social deal for a 3 month subscription to Bulu Box.  Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box targeted at weight loss, health and fitness.  It typically costs $10 a month so for half the price, I snatched up the 3 month deal.  I received my first box this week.  Here's what I got and my take on this month's box.

*FitFusion.Com 2 Week Trial Period
Fit Fusion is a fitness site with "unlimited workouts from top fitness experts."  It appears to be a site full of fitness DVD workouts.  For only $5.99 a month it seems like a great deal depending on how good the workouts are and the variety!

*Voucher for ($100 of $160)
Unless I'm having a massive party, I don't see the need of buying $160 worth of wine.  Plus, I have no idea how this is weight loss related!

*Shapeology Burn Blend Samples
This is a fat burning pill and those usually terrify me.  This pill says it mimics the effects of a high metabolism.  I'm going to try it, what the heck!

*Pur-Absorb Iron
This is the second time I've received these in a "health box".  I wish there was more variety amongst these different companies of boxes.  Anyway, this is basically iron water.  I'm normally low on iron though, so I don't mind getting these.

*Rutaseomn Natural Sleep Aid
I am always looking for a natural sleep aid, since melatonin never works for me.  This pill is interesting because it says it removes the caffeine from your system to help ease you into sleep.  As a coffee and soda lover, this pill sounds great!

*Rescue Pearls Stress Relief
Yet again, this is a dupe from another health box I've received.  I haven't used them yet, but I do like the idea of a natural stress reliever pill as I do tend to get anxious.

*Revolution Southern Mint Herbal Tea
I am really, really trying to get into tea!  This mint tea says that it can aid in digestion and soothing headaches.  Both of which I suffer from so I'm happy to try this.

*Chosen Foods MetaPowder
This is one of those add to water drink packets.  It says this drink can help support a healthy immune system and improve metabolism.  As someone who has a horrible immune system and mediocre metabolism, I will be trying this as well!


For my first Bulu Box, I'm not thrown away by it.  There are two products that I received in other health boxes and the sample sizes are rather small compared to other boxes.  However, the products that I did receive I will be trying so I guess that is a success.  I usually tend to giveaway a product or two from most of my subscription boxes.

Do you subscribe to the Bulu Box? Any health or weight loss subscription services that you recommend? 

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