Friday, July 11, 2014

Fitness Friday: Soul Cycle Review

    I love exercises classes.  Going to the gym and running on the treadmill or hitting the weights is just incredibly boring to me.  I need a class or a routine to keep me going.  This is the reason why I tend to mainly workout to exercise DVD's.

  A couple months back my friend Nicole introduced me to Soulcycle.  If you live in or close to a big city or any "ritzy" area you have probably heard of SoulCycle.

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  Soul is basically a spinning class on crack.  It's a killer cardio workout and toning workout for your lower half.  Oh, did I mention there's an insane upper body portion as well?  Soul uses not only the bike handles to incorporate upper body toning, but the use of light weights.  Lifting weights while cycling is not as easy as it may sound to some.

  Soul is also different than a typical spin class because of the bikes.  The bikes require you to wear special shoes that click into the pedals.  This makes it feel a bit awkward at first, but makes you feel more secure in standing and pedaling on your bike. So it's nice that it doesn't require you to wear or buy special shoes.

  One of my favorite parts of Soulcycle is the environment of the studio.  The whole place smells like eucalyptus and the decor is calm and soothing.  The cycling studio itself also smells delicious and the lights are kept dim with candles providing light and scent.  The music keeps you going and keeps you singing along.

  Now on to the actual workout part.  I wouldn't recommend this to someone brand new to working out.  This workout is intense!  The first time I tried this workout was when I was doing T25 every day.  I wasn't in perfect shape, but I was in decent shape.  Even being in ok shape, this workout kicked my ass.  There were times when I had to sit down and cycle when the rest of the class was standing or had to cut down on the amount of push ups using the handlebars.

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Now on to the downside and it's a HUGE downside.  The price!  A single class costs as much as monthly memberships to some gyms.  A single class, a single 45 minute class costs $34.  The more you buy, the less each class costs, but it's still a hefty investment.

I really enjoyed my Soulcycling, but I'm going to use it as monthly fitness treat to myself.  It's just way too expensive for a normal person to use this as their only source of exercise.

Have you ever been to a SoulCycle class?  Can you justify spending so much on fitness?

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