Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Random Favorites

   The great thing about random favorites is that there is no rhyme or reason to them- so let's get started!

*Coach Factory Bag*
 I wish I knew the name of this bag, because it is LOVE!  I bought it at the Coach Outlet store for only $99.  My last Coach bag was white leather and I ended up getting pen all over it and it was too pricey to get out.  So of course I had to hit up the outlet for a new one.  I like this nude neutral color and it's a material that will easily wipe clean.  It just looks so chic to me!

*Filofax Patent Pocket Organizer in Duck Blue*
A few months ago I ordered my first Filofax in the personal size.  While I quickly fell in love with it, I realized I wanted something a bit more portable and purse size so I ordered this pocket size one.  It's the perfect color for me and helps me keep track of all of my appointments and fun stuff!

*Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge*
I received this in my swap with Kay and it's amazing!  As you know, I have been obsessed with my Real Techniques Blending Sponge and this detergent gets it spotless!  I only need a tiny bit also.  I will definitely be repurchasing this!

*Icing Brand Necklace Stand*
This favorite is a very personal one for me.  My grandfather passed away October 25, 2000.  He bought one Christmas present in advance that year and this gold necklace was it.  I've had it displayed on a black velvet necklace stand forever, but when I saw this large stand at Icing I knew it would be perfect.  It looks beautiful displayed on my bedside table.

*Le Tote*

I have been loving the subscription service Le Tote!  It's like a few new pieces added to wardrobe every other week.  See my review of my first tote here and this Sunday I'll be posting my next tote contents. Get more info about signing up by clicking this link!

*Scola Dondo on Youtube*

Ok, I have become obsessed with this girl's fitness videos.  I'm pretty sure it's the accent and the fact that she's adorable, but I love her videos.  I find them informative and motivating.  If you need some boost in your weight loss routine, watch a few videos and you'll be jogging around the block in no time!

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K said...

Thank you for mentioning me, and I'm so glad that the sponge cleaner worked for you! Let me know if you need more!

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