Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Random Favorites

   Every month I like to include non-beauty products that I have been reaching for as well.  Here are the "rando" things I've been loving for June!

I used to write in a "Dear Diary" type of journal for years.  Then it fell of for a bit.  As I've recently become addicted to the world of Filofaxing and paper crafting my love for journaling has reemerged.  I haven't gotten back into the "dear diary" swing of things yet, but instead every day I write my pit, crappiest moment of the day, and my peak, my best moment of the day.  It helps me to find that more often than not my peaks outweigh my pits.

M necklace
I ordered this M necklace from and I'm obsessed! I think it was under $10 and if I see them become available again I'll definitely post about it.

Fortune Cookie Soap Smack Lip Scrub
I've tried a lot of lip scrubs in my day and this one is by far my favorite.  It tastes and smells amazing and it is supper effective at getting rid of any dry or dead skin.

Thanks to my obsession with all things paper, I have been watching a lot of Filofax and journaling videos.  Mae is a perfect combo my girl loves of paper goods, make up and fashion.  Her tutorials and reviews are awesome and she's so bubbly!

What non-beauty items or "rando" things were you reaching for during June?

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