Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quick Tip Thursday: Save Your Chargers!

   This is not a beauty or fashion related quick tip at all, but it is a tip that can help save you some cash and I am all about that life!

   If you're anything like me, you abuse your phone charger.  Probably talk on the phone while it's charging which leads to the wire bending or I just yank my phone off of the charger.  This is had led to me going through two iPhone 5 wires.  They usually end up bending at the tip of the cord leading to the wires being exposed and the possibility of me blowing myself up.  I think I saw this tip on Pinterest somewhere and it's brilliant!

Wrap your phone charger wire with washi tape! If you don't have washi tape, you can use regular tape just to reinforce it, but doesn't washi tape make it so much cuter?  Also, if you have several different types of chargers lying around you can use different colored washi tape to help differentiate between them! 

Have you jumped on the washi tape bandwagon yet?  If you have, what is your favorite way to use it? 

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