Sunday, July 20, 2014

Style Sunday: The Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops

  The true sign of warm weather for me is when it's warm enough to wear flip flops.  Flip flops have long been the accepted footwear of summer.  While I love flip flops, I have never been able to wear them for long periods of time.  If I wear flip flops to walk around for a long period of time I know that evening I am going to have leg and ankle pains.

   Between flip flops and high heels, can us women and our feet every catch a break??  Here are some of the dangers of flip flops and what we can do to nix the pain.

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*Flip flops are too flat for walking around.  Shoes need to provide arch support.

*Due to the fact that flip flops are so open you are at risk of stubbing your toe, bruising your heel or having something land on your foot.

*Flip flop tan lines used to be the sign of summer to me, but more and more cases of skin cancer are appearing on people's feet because people tend to forget to lather them up with sunscreen.

*More open footwear leads to more insect bites.

Now, here I am bashing flip flops, but every time I'm just running to the store, walking to the beach or pool or hanging outside without doing a lot of walking I wear flip flops.  However, to ward off long term pains to my ankles and legs I always wear my sneakers or Crocs (yes you are allowed to make fun!) when I know I'm going to be doing a decent amount of walking.

If you are going to be walking more than just to the car or around a store, I recommend looking for a sandal that has arch support or some extra padding to absorb the shock of your footsteps.

Am I the only one who suffers from ankle or leg pain when rocking my flops for too long?  Any tips for pampering my tootsies?

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