Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitness Friday: Bulu Box Time

    My first Bulu Box was a bust in my eyes, so I had low expectations for my second box.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with this box!  Here's what I received.

Forgiven Mixed Berry Drink
This is basically a hangover relief drink.  I have heard about these often, but have never tried them.  I don't drink enough to suffer a hangover often, but when I do have a hangover it's BAD!  So this will be handy to keep around.

EBoost Energy Shot
This little guy is basically a healthy jolt of energy.  It contains green tea, coconut water, minerals, green coffee, electrolytes, and antioxidants.  As I prepare to go back to school and will finally have my own classroom, I am sure this will come in handy.

Dream Water 0-Calorie Sleep & Relaxation Shot
This is another drink that I have heard about, but have never tried.  It always takes me a while to get back into a sleep routine after a summer off, so this I will definitely be trying in a few weeks.

Fuel For Life Dietary Supplement
At first I thought this was a protein powder, and even though it has 10 grams of protein it is technically a dietary supplement, like a vitamin.  When mixed with milk or water this product provides bodies with many of the recommended vitamins and minerals our bodies need.  It is recommended to take this morning or early afternoon to help sustain energy.

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils
I had to laugh when I saw this!  Basically you apply this to the outside of your lady bits to increase desire and pleasure.  Considering I'm a single girl, I don't know when I will have the opportunity to try this! 

Simple Being Nutrition Simple Diet Dietary Supplement
This pill is an effective blend of green coffee bean, african mango, acai and reservatrol.  It's recommended to take one to two of these pills daily with a meal to help boost the benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition.

I was very happy with this box and will be using most of the products in it!  

Have you ever tried the Bulu Box or a fitness/weight loss box before? 

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