Friday, August 8, 2014

Fitness Friday: Sports Bras for Bigger Boobs

   There's one pain I used to have after almost every workout- boob pain.  I used to buy cheap-o sports bras, workout and then wonder why my back and chest were in agony the next day.  If you are a woman, a sports bra is one of the best things to invest in when it comes to workout necessities.  If you are a C cup or higher, sports bras are even more important!

Low Impact

Low impact exercises include:
*strength training
*Rowing machine
*Rock climbing

These bras are almost like bralettes.  The sports bra can be worn on its own or with a top that doesn't have additional support built in.

Medium Impact

Medium impact exercises include:
*Eliptical machine
*Step aerobics
*Really any jump free workout 

For a medium impact activity, I would recommend a racer back style for more support and also would wear a workout top with a shelf bra or additional support for added comfort.

High Impact

High impact exercises include:
*Interval training
*Running (I consider running high impact for larger breasts)

With a high impact activity, I'm a bit on the paranoid side and I wear a regular tshirt bra, a sports bra and usually a top with support in it as well.

What is your favorite sports bra?  I like to stock up on a variety of sports bras so I'm not always doing the wash!  

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