Sunday, August 3, 2014

Style Sunday: Le Tote #2

   A few weeks ago I received my second package from Le Tote (which I forgot to document!), a week or so after that I received my third Le Tote, which I must admit has been my favorite so far!  If you forgot how Le Tote works check my blog post here.

*BB Dakota Allon Pocket Tank*

Retail: $58
Member Price: $44
This is one item that I actually considered purchasing, until I saw dry clean only.  I'm just not in a place in my life where I want to purchase a lot of pieces that can only be dry cleaned.  I loved the bright coral color of this piece and it's moderate cut which makes it great for work or going out.  While I do love the split detail on the back, I liked it even more tucked into a pair of shorts for summer or a pencil skirt for fall.

*Kensie Shamrock Tank Top*

Retail: $58
Member Price: $44
This is one of my favorite colors to wear as it brings out the green in my eyes and when I opened the box I thought I was going to love this top, but I just didn't love it on.  It comes in a bit too much up top to hide my bra straps, so I can't wear it at work, but I don't think it's cute enough for a going out type of top.  

*Sanctuary Beach Sweatshirt*

Retail: $68
Member Price: $37
This was another piece in the box and online that I loved, but just hated it on me.  I'm not a fan of cropped tops to begin with, nor do I own any high waisted bottoms that would go with this.  Still, I was willing to try to make this work.  I think it's the bottom of the shirt that I'm not a fan of.  It reminds me of retro sweats, and I just can't get down with that!

*Pyramid Crystal Earring*
Retail: $38
Member Price: $28

These earrings were cute, I just don't see them being worth the price.  I can find an equally cute pair at Charming Charlie.

 *Ezra Drop Necklace*
Retail: $38
Member Price: $28

Again, another piece of jewelry that I liked, but couldn't justify spending $28 on it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my "second" installment of Le Tote.  I plan on keeping this service around for a while and I think I will find it especially useful when I go back to work in September.  My one complaint, is I wish they would send accessories that coordinate with the clothing pieces.  

Have you tried Le Tote yet?  For more information click here!

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