Monday, September 15, 2014

Current Empties

   It's time to empty out the empties bin again!  I love these posts, because I always feel like I keep buying products and then not using them up, but these posts are proof that I do actually use the products.


*Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow Color*
I received this in an Ipsy bag a while back and I haven't used it until recently, but it was really great.  It had a super fine point and blended into my brows beautifully.  However, I won't be repurchasing because I'm fine with my WnW 99 cent brow color.

*Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Mascara*
I bought this on my hunt for a decent natural mascara.  I didn't actually like this mascara until it thickened up after a month or so of use.  I won't be repurchasing this.

*PF Youthful Wear Spotless Concealer*
I love this concealer for my under eyes!  It blends in beautifully and provides a nice brightening effect.  It's not enough for my super exhausted days, but for my daily use it's great.  I will be repurchasing this.

*Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm*
I think I received this as a Sephora perk like years ago.  I honestly don't see what the big hype is over an expensive tinted lip balm.  It was pretty, but nothing spectacular.  This will not be a repurchase.

*Pur Pressed Mineral Makeup in Blushed Medium*
I would use this lightly over my BB cream and I really enjoyed the coverage it gave.  However, I have been loving the Josie Maran Argan powder and I will be sticking with that for a while.

*Nivea Lip Butter in Rasberry Rose Kiss*
I have been using this for a while as a nightly lip balm.  It was just too milky on my lips to actually wear out of the house.  I liked how moisturizing it was, but I'll stick with good ol' cocoa butter.


*The Face Shop Post-Acne Nighttime Spot Eraser*
I bought this last year in Jersey at the Face Shop and I really liked it.  My skin randomly breaks out really badly and my skin scars so easily.  This really helped speed up the process of lightening my scars.  Next time I make a trip out to Jersey I will be picking this up.

*Yes to Cucumbers Makeup Remover Wipes*
I LOVE, LOVE these wipes and will be repurchasing them constantly.  Expect to see them in every empties post ever.

*Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser*
I really enjoyed this facial cleanser, but wasn't wowed by it.  It did help keep a lot of break outs at bay, but I found out that Burt's Bees is owned by a parent company that tests on animals, so it's gotta go!

 Body Care and Misc.
*CVS Brand Whitening Rinse*
I have had this forever and it just tasted so badly that it took me almost a year to use it up.  I definitely will not be repurchasing.

*Out Of Africa Pure Shea Butter Bar Soap*
I ran out of shaving cream and decided to give this a try. It worked beautifully!  This soap is so beautifully moisturizing.  It's been a while since I've used bar soap, but I will be picking up another one of these to have on hand.

*Dream Water*
I received this in my last Bulu Box and I don't know if it was a mental thing or if it actually worked, but this did help me fall asleep the night before school first started.  I think I will pick up a few of these to have on hand.

*Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave*
This shave cream is my holy grail shave cream.  It smells amazing and is so soothing and moisturizing on my legs.  I have already repurchased and will repurchase again.

*Giovanni Cucumber Song Body Wash*
This stuff smells like a fresh summer salad, but I didn't like the way it lathered up.  I won't be repurchasing.

 Hair and Nails
*Le Baby Hair Gel*
I have had this gel for years.  I forgot what sample box I actually received this in.  It's an all natural hair gel and it was way too runny to actually use.  Definitely won't be repurchasing.

*Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color*
I used these samples up over a week trip to the Cape.  It was a nice shampoo and conditioner, but nothing all that special.  

*Seche Vite Top Coat*
This bottle is still half full, but I just can't stand it.  It's just way too thick and goopy and I can't see what the hype is about.  Definitely will not be repurchasing.

What products did you use up this month? 

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