Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How I Stay Organized: Kate Spade Wellsley Planner

     Now that I'm full time teaching, I have had a lot more appointments and a lot more workshops to attend.  I've always been a planner girl, but it's even more important that I stay organized now.  I have been through a few ringed planners this year, but my Kate Spade has quickly become my favorite.  Here is how I use my KS Wellsley Planner to stay on top of things.

These planners used to be difficult to find, but now they are more regularly available at your local Kate Spade Outlet.  I've been told that you can call an outlet, pay over the phone, and have them shipped to you!

Here is a color key I use to track my different kinds of appointments/dates.  I know people who have kids or multiple jobs use a lot more colors than I do.  I also don't have blogging listed because I use page flags to plan out my blog posts.

I don't usually carry around these pens with me, but will use a pencil to write the information on a post it and then put it into my calendar with one of these colored pens.

 Every week I also make a weekly to-do list using these symbols.  I like a weekly to do list, because other than at work I don't usually have day specific tasks.

 This is a list I just put into my planner.  I am trying to get into the routine of completing these specific items every day.  Cleaning my purse and workbag and taking my vitamins seems to be the most difficult so far.

Here is my weekly spread.  As you see I don't decorate nearly as much as other people do, mainly because I don't have the skill!  Last week was an easy week appointment wise, so my pages are pretty empty.  I use these project life cards to create my weekly to do lists. If I don't complete a task, I just include it on my to-do list the next week.

 At the back of my planner I have kept the A-Z tabs used for addresses to use as a "filing cabinet".  Each section I keep lists for various topics.  They range from birthdays, books I want to read, makeup wish lists, weight tracker, etc.  I am a big list maker so this section is my absolute favorite!

Here's an example of one of my lists in my "filing cabinet".  I use masking tape at the top to make the title.

While I ADORE my Kate Spade, I have been eyeing the Erin Condren Life Planner for quite a while, and now that I am starting to teach after school and will be signing up for classes so organization will be more important.  So you may be seeing an updated planner organization post soon. 

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