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Shopping for Clothes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

     This week officially kicks off the holiday shopping season.   Now Black Friday is known for its massive deals on items like toys and electronics, but it has also become a great day to score great deals on clothing as well.

    It's the same thing with Cyber Monday.  Most clothing websites will have some kind of Cyber Monday deal with either a percentage off, free shipping or possibly both!

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when shopping for clothing this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Black Friday

*Know the layout of the store*

Prior to Black Friday go scout out the stores that you plan on purchasing some clothing at.  If you are looking for a particular item, say a spectacular New Years Eve dress, go check out where those items are located in the store.

*Try on before hand*

If you are shopping for yourself or for an immediate family member, have them try specific items on prior to Black Friday.  This way you will have an idea of what size to purchase when that chaotic shopping time hits.

*Know that now is not the time to browse*

Now is not the time to say, " I want to get my husband clothes for Christmas."  Black Friday is a day where to get the most bang for your buck, you should really know ahead of time what you want to purchase.  The crowds will just be too much to deal with to browse and your time spent browsing may lead you to miss out on deals elsewhere.

*Have a list, and check it twice*

Most Black Friday ads can already be seen online.  Check here.   Make a plan of attack based on the deal that has the best saving for you to the deal that has the least.  If you see a deal that can't be beat at a place like Target, than thats the place you have to start at.  

*If you're going for a huge deal, get there EARLY*

If you're going to Best Buy for a $700 tv that's priced at $200, you better be in line very early.  People take Black Friday very seriously, and they forgo Thanksgiving celebrations to wait in line.  You may have to sacrifice some time with your family if you are serious about scoring a massive deal.

*If you miss out on a deal, don't fret, chances are you can score a similar one*

Retailers are still struggling and haven't bounced back completely from an iffy economy.  While Black Friday may still have the best deals, the deals leading up to Christmas are probably going to be pretty darn close, usually within a $10-$20 difference.  

*Be safe and be comfortable*

We have all seen those horrific videos of crazy mobs on Black Fridays.  If you are waiting in line or going in to a store and you sense that people are too frantic, turn around and go back to your car.  Your safety is not worth saving $50 for.  
Also, dress super comfortably and if you can leave your jacket in the car as it just add bulk.  Make sure you are only carrying the bare minimum with you.

Cyber Monday

*Do your research*

Figure out which stores you plan on ordering from and sign up for their emails now if you haven't already.  Some retailers also release deals on their Facebook page, Instagram or Snapchat like Sephora. 

*Make your list and check it twice*

Write down the specific items or category of items you want to purchase and their sizes.  You don't want to forget something as things tend to sell out quickly online.

*Don't forget to use Ebates*

You're doing online shopping, might as well get some money back!  If you don't already use ebates, seriously? What are you waiting for? Click HERE to sign up.  

*Get prepared early*

Most Cyber Monday deals tend to begin on Black Friday now as well, so get yourself near your computer at say 11:30 and log in to ebates and click the sites that you plan on shopping at so they are all open come midnight.  Just like you would visit the actual stores in order of the deals, that's how you should have your windows open on your browser.  Make sure you have your payment information right next to you.

*Create a store account now*

If it's a store you haven't shopped at online before, visit the site now and create an account.  This makes it much easier to checkout.

*Have your coupon codes written down*

Prior to making any purchase you should always google coupon codes to use.  So while you are putting together your list of sites to visit, google coupon codes and write down any codes that you may be able to use.

So those are my basic tips and tricks for shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

I avoid the stores like the plague on Black Friday, what about you?  

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