Thursday, December 4, 2014

Conscious Box Review

   A few months ago there was a Living Social deal for one month of the Conscious Box.  I've really been enjoying receiving and reviewing different kinds of natural or wellness boxes so I jumped at this offer.

   Conscious Box is a box with a variety of natural and GMO free bath, body and food products.  There are 2 options a Plus box which is $19.95 a month and contains more full size products and the Taster Box which is $9.95 a month and contains more sample sizes.

    Based on the color of the box I would think I received the Taster Box, but I believe my Living Social deal was for the Plus Box, so I'm not quite sure which one I received.

Here is what I got though:

The packaging and the box itself is so pretty.  I love the color combination and the wrapping paper.

Food Items

*Justin's Almond Butter Squeeze Packets*

This little box contains 7 packets of Justin's Almond Butter.  I know these can be pricey, so I was excited to see this.  I have the Justin's Peanut Butter packets and have a very difficult time getting the peanut butter out of the packet, so I hope to have better luck with the almond butter.

*Soy Bites*

I love getting snacks in these boxes as it's such a great way to try out different healthy snack foods without having to purchase a whole box.

*Back to Nature 100% Juice Fruit Punch*

I'm a grown woman and I still love juice boxes.  I realize that most of the popular juice boxes are full of sugars and crap so I'm glad to try an all-natural juice.

*Own Beauty Samples*

This is a brand that I have never heard of, but it's an anti-aging line.  I received a night cream, eye cream and serum.  However, these samples are so tiny I don't know how much I will get out of it.

*Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme*

This cream has only 4 ingredients and as the packaging says "a little goes a long way."  The website has over 100 uses so I am definitely going to play around with this little sample.

*Natralia Eczema & Psoriasis Cream and Shampoo*

I don't have eczema or psoriasis so I plan on giving these samples to my friend Tanya.

*The Argan Tree Serum*

This is another argan oil sample, which I just have way too many already.  I will probably end up giving this away as well.

*Berry Sleepy 100% Fruit Sleep Aid*

I love getting natural sleep remedies, because I prefer them so much to traditional sleep aides.  I will definitely be giving this a try.

*TreLeafia Natural Sweetener*

I love getting natural sweetener samples because I always feel like there are no types coming out.  I will definitely be trying this out in my coffee.

*Kelapo Organic Coconut Oil*

I live for coconut oil and use it in my hair, my body and for oil pulling.  I always appreciate a coconut oil.

*Sweet Wheat Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder Capsules*

This is a brand that I have heard of before and am always looking to get more optimal nutrition in my system.  I will definitely be using these.

Overall, I really enjoyed my Conscious Box and based on how finances are in the future, it may be one I subscribe to in the future.

Have you ever tried a Conscious Box?  

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