Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 14 of 2014: Random Favorites

    So far I have posted about my top 14 makeup items and my top 14 hair/body/skin care items, now it's time for my random favorites!


*The Jewel*

This I only finished last month, but I already cannot wait for the sequel to this book to come out!  If you liked Divergent or Hunger Games or Delirium, any of those YA dystopian society kind of books, you will love this!  It's such an interesting concept and of course has a love story in the mix.

*The Every Girl's Guide to Life*

I borrowed this from my local library a few months back, and I loved this book! I would never call myself a Maria Menunos fan, but I liked her enough to give her book a read.  It's a one stop shop of advice on health, fitness, finances, home decorating, etc.  It's a very easy read and believe it or not I have used some helpful information from the book.


*A Beautiful Mess*

The girls from A Beautiful Mess can basically be described as the hipper, chicer Martha Stewarts of our generation.  There's nothing these girls can't do.  I read this blog for DIY/paper crafting projects, recipes, fashion and blog inspiration.  I have had a DSLR camera forever and have never used it.  I may take their e-course on DSLR to get a basic gist of how to use this thing.

This may be a random blog to put on my 2014 favorites, but I love this blog!  I used to be a subscription box-aholic and now I am actually down to none, but I use this blog as a great resource to figure out which one I would want to try or which box to give as a gift.  She also gets some great coupon codes as well!

This is more of a vegan blog, and I am by no means a vegan, but I have learned a lot about cruelty free and natural beauty products from this blog.  It's a great resource and has introduced me to a lot of new beauty products and brands.


Courtney is a Canadian natural beauty vlogger/blogger and I love her!  When I began doing cruelty free research I noticed that cruelty free and natural beauty products really went hand in hand.  Courtney really dives into products or brands and gives information about how natural their ingredients or products are.  If you are looking to get more into natural beauty products, I highly recommend checking her out.

Mae has quickly become one my favorite Youtubers.  She combines makeup and fashion with planning and organization.  That's my new favorite perfect combo!

Haley is another one who combines my love of makeup and girly stuff with my love of Filofaxes and planners.  She also has an amazing wellness/fitness channel with tons of info and inspiration!

Blogilates will forever be one of my favorite Youtubers.  I love her and her workouts!  I never knew pilates could produce so much sweat, but this girl means business!  Her workouts are amazing and she's so motivating that she really helps get you through them.

TV Shows


The more I watch Pretty Little Liars, the more I realize how ridiculous the entire concept of the show is, yet the more I love it.  I love the girls, the guys, the insane plot lines and of course the wardrobe!

*The Mindy Project*

The Mindy Project has to be my new favorite show of late.  I just adore Mindy and she reminds me of myself so much!  Plus, the relationship between her and Danny is like my favorite TV love!


*Filofax/Kate Spade Planners/Erin Condren Life Planners*

Thanks to my friend Kendall for getting me hooked on planners over a year ago.  I love using my planners to keep track of everything and now that I'm teaching full time and will soon begin taking classes again, staying organized is even more important.  I don't decorate as well as a lot of the pictures on Pinterset or Instagram, but I keep it cute and I keep it functional.

My friend Tammy introduced me to Younique.  I had my first party with her and after receiving the product I knew I wanted to become a representative myself!  The products are so amazing and I love how empowering their message and the company is.  This is truly a female driven business and they couldn't make it easier for you to be successful.  If you ever thought of getting a little side job or side business I hope you will consider contacting me to get more info@


You know I had to have a food item on here!  When I thought about a food that I reached for more often in 2014, I instantly thought of PB2.  In case you aren't familiar, PB2 is powdered peanut butter and it's lower in calories and fat than regular peanut butter.  Add a little bit of water and it turns into PB to be used on breads or snacks.  I also love adding it powdered into recipes or smoothies.  If you haven't tried this stuff already, I highly recommend it!

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Courtney McCarthy said...

I dont know how I am just finding this now! Thank you so much for the shout out. You are one of my fave bloggers too! BIG HUGS! xoxo

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