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Top 14 of 2014: Skincare, Body Care and Hair Edition

    A few days ago I posted my top 14 makeup products of 2014.  You can see them by clicking here.  I also tried out a lot of new hair care, body care and skincare products in 2014 and have discovered quite a few go to products in all of these categories.

Skin Care

*George's Aloe Vera Spray Mister*

I've had this for a few months and I use it for a variety of purposes.  I use it to spray directly onto my skin when I get out of the shower for a mist of light moisture, I spray it directly onto my face after applying makeup to get rid of any excess powder and I spray my eye brushes with it when I want to use my pigments wet.  This is a great all around product.

*Million Dollar Tan Cabana Tan Face*

This brand is on Hautelook a lot, so I recommend waiting for a sale.  I purchased this a while ago and while it's a bit too dark for me, I mix it with my face cream and it creates the perfect face tan.  It has never broken me out and it lasts a good 3 days.  If you are looking for a facial tanner this is the one!

*Alba Botanica Even Advanced Night Cream*

I have been using this night cream for about 4 months and it's amazing.  I don't notice a difference in terms of my skin tone, but it provides amazing moisture and doesn't break me out at all.  This is a great all season night cream.

*Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil Light*

This was a product I was nervous about as oils tend to break me out.  I discovered that when I use this nightly it does break me out, but when I use it once or twice a week it provides the perfect amount of hydration.  

*Thayer's Unscented Witch Hazel*

I have been using this as a toner every morning and it's awesome.  Instead of washing my face in the morning, I use this to get rid of any makeup I may have missed the night before.  I have super sensitive and dry skin and this doesn't irritate me or dry me out at all.  It's also super cheap and lasts forever!

 Hair Care

*Batiste Dry Shampoo*

This is the best dry shampoo ever invented.  Thanks to this dry shampoo I have now extended my hair to 3 days, even when going to work.  If you are looking for a dry shampoo to really provide volume and extend your wash this is it.

*Living Proof Style Extender*

I have had this for a while but only began using it religiously come fall time.  This has also contributed to my having to wash it twice a week.  This really helps repel dirt and grease and cuts down on frizz.

*The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler*

This stuff is just the best.  It smells amazing and really helps get rid of any tangles in my hair while not making my hair greasy at all.  This is a great "grown up" detangling spray.

*The All Natural Face Nourishing Hair Serum and Pomade*

This is another product that I have had for quite a while but only began using it religiously like mid-year.  I use a teensy tiny bit of it to control my out of control baby hairs and run the rest through the ends of my hair for some beautiful shine.

 Body Care

*Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave*

If you have a Trader Joe's anywhere near you, you MUST get this.  Not only is it an amazing scent, but the razor glides so nicely over this and it doesn't leave your legs tight or dry.  This is a great alternative to drugstore shave foams.

*European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum*

I have been getting my bikini area waxed every 2-3 weeks for the last year.  After my first appointment I purchased this serum and apply it every day to prevent ingrowns.  I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I am very prone to in grown hairs.  This helps cut down on that tremendously and also helps calm the area after a waxing.

*Younique Brilliant*

Unfortunately, this product isn't made anymore, but I have been told that Younique's Divine Daily Moisturizer is a dupe for this.  I don't use this as a face cream, rather I put it on my birth mark on my arm and stretch marks on my legs.  This has lightened both of these things significantly.

*Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream*

I have gone through quite a few of these whipped creams (body butters) and have loved all of them.  They are so moisturizing and nourishing without being greasy.  The scent range is amazing and unique.  If you haven't tried any of their products yet, I recommend you start with this one in any scent that sounds interesting to you.  

*Fortune Cookie Soap Cuticle Butter*

This is another FCS product I just can't live without.  My cuticles always snag and get dry, but this butter almost feels like an oil and leaves them moisturized and beautiful.  I would leave this in a dry and dark area because it can tend to melt and get soft.

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