Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cruelty Free Favorites: Face Brush Edition

    Over the past year or so I have created quite a collection of cruelty free brushes.  I find that cruelty free brushes are one of the easiest cruelty free beauty products to locate.  I don't have a massive collection of brushes like a lot of people, but most of my brushes I use on a daily basis.

Here are my favorite face brushes:

Foundation Brushes

*ELF Powder Brush*

I used this regularly a few years ago and I don't know why I stopped.  I purchased a new one and I love it!  It works so beautifully, especially with my ELF Acne Foundation.  I apply my foundation with my fingers first and use this to first stipple and then swirl the foundation into my skin.

*Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge*

This has been my go to foundation application tool for some time now.  I love this thing and I have repurchased it quite a few times.  It applies foundations beautifully and so seamlessly.  This will be an item I repurchase many times over for many years to come.

*ELF Kabuki Face Brush*

FIrst off let me say, this is the SOFTEST brush ever!  It is so beautiful and applies powder foundation beautifully.  This won't give a full coverage look with powder foundation, but will give a nice light to medium coverage and really helps to blend the powder into the skin.

 Concealer Brushes

*Real Techniques Essential Foundation Brush*

I know this says foundation brush, but this has to be the tiniest foundation brush ever invented.  I use this to apply and blend in my under eye foundation.  This doesn't work as well with thicker under eye concealers, but works amazingly with more watery concealers.  

*Kirkland Foundation/Concealer Brush*

This brush came in the Kirkland holiday brush set a few years ago and I love it!  It comes to a bit of a tip so I use it to apply cream concealer to blemishes and around the nose.  Unfortunately I feel like this brush may be on it's way out soon so I will have to find a replacement.


*ELF Mineral Powder Brush*

This is another recent purchase and while it's not the typical shape of a blush brush, I find that I really like it to apply and blend out blush.  I like to apply blush to a small area and then blend it out and this works perfectly with it.  I love using this with pigment blushes.

*Kirkland Powder Brush*

This is another brush from the Kirkland holiday collection from a few years ago.  Unfortunately, it also appears to be on its way out, but I still love it.  On a daily basis I apply bronzer all over just to warm up the face and this big brush does that beautifully.  It blends out powder bronzers so well and I will miss this guy when he finally "goes".

*ELF Stipple Brush*

I love this stipple brush to apply my highlight.  I wanted to get the small version of this, but found this one works just as well.  I mainly use this with powder highlighters and it puts on just the right amount.

 Powder Brush

*Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush*

I love using this brush to apply my finishing powder.  I want to get another one to use it as a bronzer brush, but right now it's the perfect powder brush.  It's large enough to cover large surfaces of the face, but not too big to work into around the nose or eyes to finish any look.

Are there any cruelty free face brushes I should add to my collection?  I find the better the brushes, the better the makeup (even the cheap stuff) looks! 

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