Monday, June 1, 2015

May Random Favorites

    My May random favorites are just a few items around the house.  Every item though makes me smile or makes my life WAY easier.

HP Envy 4500 

Wireless printing..where have you been all of my life? I can be in bed and think of something I want to print out for school the next day and do it without releasing the dent in my pillow.   This printer also hooks up to the HP Instant Ink feature which is basically a subscription service for ink cartridges and WAY cheaper than the actual ink cartridges.  For a teacher who prints out EVERYTHING, this has been such a money saver.

Disney Pot Holder

Cinderella saying "I Don't Do Dishes" hanging in my Tiffany themed kitchen.  Can I be anymore of a girl?

Gold Canyon Pink Sugar Cookie Candle

I went to a friend's candle party a few months ago and I have to admit was turned off a bit by the price of the candles as I'm used to Marshall's candles prices or getting great coupons from Yankee Candle.  However, I love to supper my fellow direct sellers so I purchased this candle as some of the proceeds go towards Breast Cancer charities.  I am SO glad I did as the candle smells amazing!  It is by far the best "sweet" themed candle I have ever had.  I may actually have to repurchase this.

Fresh Direct

For someone who lives on the 4th floor and doesn't have an elevator Fresh Direct is like a gift from God.  The quality of the food that I get from Fresh Direct is amazing and the delivery is great and always neat and well organized.  It is a bit pricer than some of the other grocery delivery services but I really prefer their higher quality meat and produce.  If you have kids, or a super busy schedule or live up high without an elevator like me than I highly recommend Fresh Direct!

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