Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Beauty Wishlist

   The weather has been a little bi-polar lately in New York.  Two weeks ago it was in the high 80's and last week it barely made it out of the 50s.  However, as we look into the long range forecast it appears that summer is here to stay.

   With the temperatures climbing it reminds me that summer is actually near and it's time for my seasonal wish list.  I love doing wish lists at the beginning of every season and even though I usually end up getting pretty much nothing on the list, it's nice to dream.

Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold-Self Tanning Oil

I saw this pop up on Sephora's website and was instantly intrigued by it.  I've loved every Josie Maran product I have tried.  I love the idea of a tanning oil and the reviews on Sephora for this product are very good.  When I run out of my St. Tropez tanner, this will be on top of my list for sure.

Becca Beach Ting Shimmer Souffle

To tell you the truth, don't even know what these exactly are, but they look SO gorgeous that I just have to give them a try.  In all seriousness, this looks like the perfect product to slap on my cheeks and eyes for a beach or pool day.  As much as I want to be someone who can go bare faced to the beach, it just doesn't happen.

Joppa Minerals Full Coverage Foundation

I have heard so much about Joppa Minerals foundation and I have been looking to try a legit mineral foundation for a while.  I am having problems with any liquid/cream foundation rubbing off my nose and sort of pooling up, so I may try to switch to powder foundation during the humid months.

Indian Coconut Nectar Take Me There Set

I have been DYING to try more Pacifica products and have been on the hunt for a cruelty free fragrance.  This Indian Coconut Nectar set which contains a body butter, roll on scent and moisture lip tint sounds like a perfect way to find my new summer scent.

ELF Contouring Brush

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have an obsession with cheekbones.  You think my obsession with cheekbones would lead me to practice contouring more, but it doesn't.  I really want to get this brush in hopes that it'll at least get me experimenting with contouring and hopefully learning it.

I'm keeping my summer beauty wish list short and sweet in hopes that I can actually ascertain all of these products!

What items are on your summer beauty wish list?

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K said...

Oh my, those becca things look divine. Please do a review!

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