Saturday, June 6, 2015

Top 5 Under $5- Quality Makeup Products on the Cheap!

    I've been looking at my makeup collection lately and the products that I find myself reaching for often.  What I realized is that so many of these products are super affordable!  It's been SUCH a long time since I've posted my top 5 products under $5 that I decided it's time for a new one.
   Quality makeup doesn't have to be pricey!

From L to R:

*Wet and Wild Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer- $4.99*

This primer is from the Fergie Collection and I was actually really surprised at how well this works.  It only slightly punches up the opacity of the color, but it really helps shadows stay put and remain crease free.  If you are looking for a budget eye primer, I would definitely pick this up next time you are at Walgreens.

*Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer in St. Lucia- $3.00*

This duo has long been compared to the Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna.  Now I have never tried the regular Orgasm blush or the Laguna bronzer so I can't speak to that comparison.  However, I can tell you these products are HIGHLY pigmented and blend beautifully.  I can only use this on my summer skin as I am too pale in the winter.  This is the perfect duo to travel with as it is so lightweight and easy.

*Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Sweet as Candy- $2.99*

The price of this trio breaks down to $1 a shadow and that is mind blowing.  The pigmentation of this trio is amazing and it really is a great everyday trio.  The pink color adds a bit of a surprise to a neutral daily look.  This is also great to travel with as it has everything you need for a simple daytime eye look.

*ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium- $3.00*

Thanks to Tammy for sending me this as I forgot how amazing it truly is!  I haven't used an eyebrow pencil since I've gotten this and it provides such a beautiful and natural brow look.  The tinted wax/cream really helps keep everything in place and even with the super high humidity in New York lately, my brows haven't budged.  If you are interested in something a bit more than a brow pencil I would really try this out.

*Bonne Bell Liplites in Strawberry Parfait- $3.50*

I was reading about this product and specific color on makeup blogs for years.  Supposedly this is a dupe for the Nars lip gloss in Turkish Delight, which is the perfect milky pink.  I found this at my local Harmon's about a year ago and it really is a beautiful pink color.  I have seen swatches of the Turkish Delight and do not think this is a dupe for that, but I find that to be a good thing.  This is a bit more wearable for a daily look and less milky.  I didn't think I would be a 30 year old woman raving about a Bonne Bell product, but if you ever see this at your local Harmon's or Walmart (supposedly the only places they can be found in store) I would highly recommend picking this up.

Elf St. Lucia Blush/Bronzer
Wet and Wild Sweet as Candy Trio
ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium

These products, along with a multitude of others, prove that quality makeup doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  

My favorite cheap/high quality makeup brands are:
*Wet and Wild
*Bonne Bell

Do you have any low cost/high quality products in your collection that you recommend?

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