Saturday, July 4, 2015

June Random Favorites

    For the month of June I was actually a bit more excited about my random favorites, than my beauty favorites.  They have proved to be some great discoveries for me!


Prosecco has become my favorite adult beverage of the summer.  This sparkling white wine is amazing with a few fresh strawberries thrown in the glass and the carbonation helps to keep it from going down too quickly.  I haven't found a particular brand I'm more fond of than others, but I love this LaMarca one simply because it tastes good and matches my kitchen!

Young Living Oil Diffuser

A few months back I ordered a starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils.  My friend at work swore by essential oils and used them for basically everything.  I'm really trying to use more natural products instead of relying on chemicals or traditional medications so I ordered this some what expensive starter kit and have been using this diffuser almost daily whether it's for allergy purposes, migraine purposes or getting the funky smell out of my kitchen.  Stay tuned for a blog post all about my oils collection!

Saturday Farmers Market

I am lucky enough to be within walking distance of a farmers market every Saturday.  My Saturday ritual consists of waking up, walking down to the farmers market for my produce for the week, picking up an applesauce muffin and Starbucks for breakfast and just enjoying my weekend.  I've been picking up mainly cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, white potatoes, and zucchini for my zucchini pasta.

The Chalene Show Podcast

Tammy told me about The Chalene Show podcast a few months ago and I didn't think anything of it.  One day I got so sick of hearing the same damn music on the radio every time I drove to work that I decided to listen to a podcast.  I instantly became hooked.  Chalene's shows are so interesting and vary in topic from things like organization, social media, personal branding, fitness, weight loss, etc.  Her topics and guests are always very interesting and I have learned quite a few things from her.  

Netflix and Gossip Girl

When I bought my place I also bought a massive tv for my living room.  I have never used a Smart Tv before and I became quickly addicted to it when I realized I could watch Netflix and Youtube so easily.  My dad shared his Netflix log in with me and I quickly added Gossip Girl to my queue.  I remember watching the first season of Gossip Girl and being obsessed and I don't know why I stopped.  I've been watching an episode almost daily for the whole month of June.


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