Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucket List

    Every season I find it so fun to create a bucket list.  Summer bucket lists are always especially entertaining since there's so much more time to do things.  Here are the activities I'm hoping to cross off of my summer 2015 bucket list!

1. Make s'mores

I don't care if these are by fireside, one of those little s'more makers or in the damn microwave.  I will make these delicious goodies this summer!

2. Go to a summer concert

This is one I can already cross off my list as I attended Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour on Friday night.  It was a blast!  She put on some show and I haven't stopped singing her songs since.

3.  Have drinks waterside

New York is full of water front bars and bistros and I need to attend one ASAP.

4.  Beach day with friends

I'm not a big beach girl and I love sleeping in on the weekends so I usually skip out on beach days.  This summer I am setting an alarm and forcing myself to go out and spend a day at the beach.

5.  Make popsicles

I've seen so many awesome recipes for homemade popsicles and even some adult versions.  I can't wait to hit up a dollar store to find the molds and get creating.

6.  Have a picnic

I tend to dislike eating outside a lot as I can't stand bugs.  However, summer time is the perfect time to have a picnic so why not wrap up a sandwich, pack a blanket and make a go of it.

7.  Complete a DIY project

I have SO many DIY project videos saved on Youtube or pinned on Pinterest.  My apartment is still a bit bare so it's time I get to creating.

8.  Have an impromptu photo shoot 

I loved the episode of Gossip Girl where Blair and Serena took dresses from Blair's mom and had a fun impromptu photo shoot in Central Park.  I need to grab my friends and do the same thing.

9.  Take a boat ride

To me nothing says summer more than a boat ride.  Whether it be a cruise around the city, a row boat in Central Park or a paddle boat on the lake, I need to get on a boat this summer.

10.  Take a stroll around Central Park

I love Central Park.  It's just so quintessential New York City.  Central Park has so many beautiful areas to explore and I'm ready to do some more exploring this summer.

11.  Bake on a rainy day

While I live for outdoor walks and pool days with my best friend there's something so romantic about a summer rainy day.  I have so many recipes pinned that it's time I use some of my new kitchen gadgets to bake something delicious on a rainy day.

12.  Go heat free with my hair for a week

I've grown so accustomed to flat ironing my hair every day that even when I know I am going to have it up all day.  I've been dealing with more frizz than I am used to having so I plan on getting a keratin treatment done next week so I can begin to rock my natural wave regularly.

13.  Wear bright eye liner

Summer is the time to wear bright, bold colors so why not take that trend and apply it to eyeliner?  I think I want to go with teal or lavender. 

14.  Keep a summer scrapbook

I'm already going to use one of my old SmashBooks to keep a summer scrapbook, but I would love to have all of my summer 2015 memories in one place to look back at over the colder months.

What's on your summer 2015 bucket list? I'm always looking to add more things!

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