Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Beauty Favorites

   I can not believe that the summer is over.  Even though I've already finished up setting up my classroom and my students arrive tomorrow, I am still in complete denial that my summer vacation is over.

   However, September does mean that fall is soon upon us.  Fall is my absolute favorite season.  Between the cooler weather, the beautiful foliage and FOOTBALL, it is by far my favorite season.

   Ok, I went off topic! Here are the beauty products I was reaching for during the sweaty and sticky month of August.

*Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss in Luxe*

This lipgloss is the perfect nude lip!  It's more of a brownie nude and it works on almost every skin tone.  It's not goopy and it has a cute little mirror on the side of it- what could be better?

*Younique Splurge Cream Shadow in Noble*

Every month Younique releases a new cream shadow shade, and every month that shade becomes my favorite.  Noble was August's shade and it is a gorgeous, deep, shimmery purple.  This is perfect for a night out and especially great to help bring out the green in your eyes.

*Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation*

I've had great success with the Glamoflauge concealer's and even better success with the foundation.  This stuff is full coverage, but feels like nothing on my face!  I still get pooling around my glasses line when it's really hot out, but for the rest of my face it stays put. If you are looking for a drugstore foundation, I would give this baby a try.

*My clip-in hair extensions*

A few weeks ago my best friend and I went down to the Bronx to a beauty supply store where they do custom clip in extensions.  I of course had to buy like 10 pounds of hair since my hair is so thick but I am so obsessed! I can see how people can wear these all of the time, because they are amazing!  I felt like a new person with them on!

Luxe lipgloss, Noble Cream Shadow, Glamoflauge Foundation


Interested in the Luxe lipgloss or Noble shadow? Click here

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