Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Pen Pals"- How long is too long for texting?

   So let me preface this blog post by saying that I hate my local bar scene.  It is just not the place to meet men, and contrary to everyone's advice I have never met a man at my gym or at a baseball game or a park.  So I turn to dating apps.  There's really not a popular dating app that I haven't tried.  I currently have 2 on my phone: Tinder (for entertainment and ego boost) and Bumble (for legit dating app).

  So messaging on these apps inevitably leads to texting (unless someone gets creepy or really boring).  My theory on texting before meeting is: Text a bit to establish some flirtness and then make plans as soon as possible!  If you engage in texting too long you may begin to develop feelings for someone and be disappointed if the chemistry doesn't translate in real life.  It can also lead to a "pen pal" relationship.

  What is a pen pal relationship you ask?  It's when you may hear from someone via text almost daily, without even mention of making solid plans.  Apparently, this is a new trend amongst males.  Having a female to text, someone to check in on you and to flirt with when you are bored and watching the Walking Dead, while still going out and banging every Sally, Sue and Sarah you can find.  I just don't see the purpose.

  This leads me to my actual point and question.  How long should you engage in texting before making plans?  I get annoyed if we text for more than 2-3 days and plans aren't at least suggested.  At this point I suggest making plans and this annoys me too, because I've been told from a young age that women shouldn't be the pursuers.

   So what gives?  Is there a texting time frame before making plans?  Comment below and let's figure this out ladies!

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