Tuesday, April 19, 2016

First Date Kiss: Yay or Nay?

   I must admit, I have been on quite a few good first dates.  Somewhere between the first date and either the non-existent second date or the actual second date, something appears to go tragically wrong. However, I don't suck at first dates.

  Last week, I went on what I thought was a really good first date.  It was the perfect amount of time (2 hours), great conversation, laughs, no awkward silences and I was giving some good subtle flirting moves (hair flips, arm touches- the grown and sexy stuff).  I knew I had wanted to see him again, and he made a casual mention about doing this again sometime again too.

The only kissy pic I have lol 

  Now, there are some dates where the guy is very outwardly flirty or physically flirty, so there's no doubt in my mind there's some kind of interest (whether it be just physical or legit), but when the flirting isn't obvious or overt, I'm definitely unsure and a bit nervous as to where I stand.

    So, back to my date last week.  The date was coming to an end, and we walked outside and I got a hug with an "I had a great time, let's do this again" and that was it.  Now a lot of people would say, that's a great thing, but my mind was saying "Melissa, that's a total rejection, he didn't even kiss you."  I toyed with this rejection idea, even though he made 2 mentions of getting together again, until he texted me again the next morning.

   After discussing it with a few girlfriends, it seems to be split 50/50 as to whether "good" first dates include or exclude a kiss.  It also seems to be a catch 22, because if a guy doesn't kiss us after the first date we question if they are interested, yet if they do kiss us we question their motives.  So what is it exactly that us gals want?

Comment below, what do you think of first date kissing?

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