Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Mad for Madberries!

Who doesn't love to win stuff? I looove to win stuff. Even if it's a $1.00 on a scratch off ticket..I'm thrilled.

Madberries allows you to apply to win amazing stuff every day. Prizes range from Laura Mercier blush sets to J.Crew sweaters to Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry. You have to go back everyday, as they add more stuff and you can enter to win the same prizes you may not have won yesterday.

I was going to withhold this stuff in hopes I'd have more chances of winning, but maybe this will help my winning karma :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Review-Flirt! LE Eyeshadow Set-40 colors

For Christmas, I got the Flirt Limited Edition Eyeshadow set from Kohls. Many of you know that Flirt is owned by Estee Lauder which also owns Mac. I've heard good things about Flirt so I was really excited to try this out.

This set was well, kind of confusing. Some colors were gorgeous and so pigmented, and some colors were just ehhh. However, when I wet them with some mixing medium they all looked pretty vibrant. I tried to take swatches but with my paleness and my camera it just looked like my arm was shimmery with some random blotches on it haha.

All in all, I do like this set and it defintely helped me build up my color collection. However, next time I'm just going to go with Coastal Scents.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Drug Store Brand Sale/Swap

Hey ladies,

I'm trying to clean out my make up area to stuff that I really use and like and getting rid of some of my drug store brand stuff and BE. All items for sale at prices listed or available for swap if you're in the mood for that. Comment me or email me at if you're interested.

HiP duo in Spirited...90% left-$2.00 (PENDING)

HiP duo in Flamboyant-95% left-$2.00

bareMinerals foundation in light-never used and never opened-$7.00 (PENDING)

Starry palletes #1 and #4 from Cherryculture-$1.00 for both

Mark Flip for It! New York-2 lipglosses swatched once, everything else never used,box missing-$3.00

NYX Double sided liner & shadow in black and silver glitter-used once-$1.50

I'm really interested in swapping but realize this is a random assortment of products that some people may not want to swap for. I'm interested in Revlon and NYX Products or a lot of things for one good Mac product or something lol. All the makeup has properly been sanitized. Email me or comment me if you have any ??'s.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fabulously Thrifty Craft Time-Soap Petals

Last week wasn't only my birthday, but one of my boss's birthdays as well. We have done our birthdays pretty low key since they are so close to Christmas. We always talk about different crafts that we want to try so I decided to make her something for her birthday. I made her soap petals, which are basically silk petals covered in soap. They are single use soaps and make a great shower favor or guest bathroom addition.

Step 1:
Gather necessary supplies. I used both clear glycerin soap found in a soap kit at Michael's (it's one of those cheap teeny bopper soap kit) and white melt and pour soap from Brambleberry. I used pink rose petals from Michaels, and a pear-berry soap scent from Brambleberry. The house hold supplies needed are a microwave safe plastic bowl, a knife and wax paper or aluminum foil.

Step 2:
Coat your soap into small pieces. Start out with less than you think because a few small cubes make more soap than you think. Place them in the bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. If this doesn't melt it all, microwave in 10 second increments until all of your soap is melted.

Step 3:
Place several rose petals in the soap at a time. If you have plastic gloves, throw them on because the soap can dry in your nails.

Step 4:
Pick out the petals one by one and shape them anyway you want. I usually just put my finger in the middle and make the center pucker to imitate a real petal. Lay them on the foil/wax paper and let dry. Voila-instant gift/favor.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Gym-Part 3

Many moons ago I began writing a series on creating your own home gym. Since I've been a total blog bum lately, but not an excercising bum I've decided to add to it.

My new and fave addition to my home gym is this dvd:

This work out dvd is amazing, amazing, amazing. I'm not in the best shape of my life but literally a 20 minute work out makes me feel like I'm going to die haha. I'm not a huge fan of her on The Biggest Loser, but I really enjoy this dvd.

It's broken down into three levels with each level working independently. Each level consists of three circuits-3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs.

There's a lot of high impact cardio moves such as jumping jacks, butt kicks and jumping rope, so if you're looking for low impact this isn't for you. If you think you want more cardio and the strength moves won't burn cals, you're WRONG.

At the end of this work out, I really feel like I've accomplished something. This is just the beginning of my getting back into an excercise routine, but I really enjoy this work out. It's also great since it's too damn cold to do anything outside.

Product: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: $8.50!!
Ratings: 5 out of 5 <3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coupon Circles

This is a bit of a Mom like tip that I got from my Mom's Woman Day Magazine but I think it's a really great idea. It's called a "coupon circle". In this time of financial mayhem and at the age where we're starting to move out on our own and have to learn how to budget, saving money on our every day purchases (food and beauty of course), becomes more and more important.

The idea behind a coupon circle is that every week each "member" goes through all of their local papers for weekly coupons, cuts what they need and then sends the rest of them to a selected member. This way every member gets to try new coups or even gets duplicates of what they need. This week I stocked up on my Revlon coups and will wait until they go on sale for buy one, get one free. Ahhh, I love coupons!

Let me know if any of you bloggers are interested in starting a coupon circle. I'm saving up for a cruise and need to save all the money I can (while still buying some fab stuff lol).

Quickie Mini Contest

This is my entry for the lovely Paper Doll Revenge's Quickie Mini Contest. The contest is based on the Too Faced Quickie Chronicle products. I had some artsy kinda self-photos stored in my iphoto to go along with my little blog, but my iphoto decided to stop working on me. YAYA. So I had to steal some of my own photos from myspace haha. Their all like 2-3 years old, but oh well.

She's the good girl. Does everything she's told and even asks for more. She's the girl you go to when the world has got you down and she'll do everything to get you back up. The world to her is all candy and gumdrops, nothing bad can ever happen until the good girl.

Eventually, the good girl wakes up. Realizes the world is sweet and sour and doing everything you're told doesn't really get you anywhere. The good girl realizes that being good, doesn't mean the world is good.

But on the outside the good girl she remains. If only you knew, that every good girl has a dark side. Some are just better at hiding it.

Good luck to all the other entries..I loooove this contest! haha

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to look somewhat cute when it's effin cold out!!

This week (my birthday week of course) New York is expected to get a real, genuine blast of arctic air. The high temps predicted for Friday night are in the single digits (this isn't the wind chill here folks!). This isn't necessarily the best time to be thinking about looking cute as temps this low are dangerous, but come on! Who says you can't be somewhat warm and still looking cute?

With temps like this, layering, layering, layering is key!

First we'll start with your chest and top half.

Warm Tops
Warm Tops by Melziebabee

The coat shown here is long and fleece lined. Anything fleece lined gives you some extra warmth. The fact that it's long also keeps more of your body warm with one article of clothing. The fact that it has a tie waist helps keep your shape while wearing a puffer jacket.

The long sleeved tee is a great layering piece and should be worn under any sweater or top even though it will probably never show. It provides a base layer and this is super important on those below freezing days.

If you have the neck and the non-chubby, Melissa like face to wear a turtleneck than go ahead! Keeping your neck warm is always difficult and a turtleneck does the job.

The other sweaters listed are just thick chunky knit which provides the ultimate cuddly feeling and another high neck shirt which is an alternative to the turtleneck.

Now on to our legs.
Pants and tights
Pants and tights by Melziebabee

I'm a fan of wearing tights or thick leggings under a pair of skinny jeans. If you can find a more form fitting pair of long johns than this will definitely be ideal. I like skinny jeans because A: you can tuck them into your boots and B: i like feeling everything close to the body because less wind can get through that way. Cords are a lot more warmer than jeans, but don't flatter every body type. So make sure you try on and experiment on what looks good on you AND keeps you toasty. I forgot to add socks, but now is not the time for skimpy dress socks or ankle socks. It's time to get some thick knee socks. Chances are you will be wearing boots so no one will notice. If you have ski or snowboard socks, this is ideal.

Accessories are super important in the winter and can not only provide some color or "oomp" but keep your butt warm!

winter accessories
winter accessories by Melziebabee

A chunky knit cap that covers your ears is really necessary in this kind of weather. If you're worried about hat hair, clip up a few layers with a tiny clip and undo when you take off the hat. Also, bring a dryer sheet with you as you can rub it on your hair when you get to your destination to get rid of dreaded static. Another good option for a hat is anything lined with fleece. I personally HATE fleece, my hair as well as my dog's and cat's hair is just magnetically attracted to it, but it is super warm, so I'll suffer.

A warm scarf is super necessary to wrap around your neck and your face. Now isn't the time for a thin, chic scarf that has been in style. I personally didn't like chunky knit scarfs because the air just seems to whip right through them, but again it's whatever you are comfy with and keeps you warm.

Scarves are really important and those 99 cent "magic gloves" just won't cut it in single digit temps. Again with the dreaded fleece, but they work!

Leg warmers are just if you're wearing a sleeker pair of boots. Personally, when it's cold out I reach for my Uggs. I seriously hate the way they make my feet look, but those suckers are WARM.

I wanted to disregard all of this information and just not leave my house again until it's warm, but I don't think that will work!

Stay cozy ladies!

Monday, January 12, 2009

ELF Minerals Sale

So I'm a bargain hunter at heart and I really like some of ELF's products. I have yet to try their mineral line, but I had been planning to do it.
Now I definitely plan on purchasing some stuff.

From 4-6 pm today (eastern time) their entire mineral line is 75% off! Just enter code "Mineral75" at check out.

I plan on buying 14 eyeshadows for the whopipng price of $10.50!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

MAC Makeovers

I need the assistance of all my beauty ladies out there. Next Friday I'm going out to dinner for my birthday and want to get my make up done at Mac. This will be my first time getting my make up done at Mac, and okay don't laugh, my first time actually buying Mac products (other than two things from the CCO). So exactly how does this work? I heard if you make an appointment than you have to buy $50 worth of products? Is this true ladies? If so, what products do you recommend as my first official Mac purchases? I need some help here ladies!!

Review-GVP Smoothing Serum

This is a review on the GVP (Generic Value Products) Smoothing Serum sold at Sally Beautys. It's currently on sale here for $5.00 or on sale at your local Sallys.

It's described by Sally Beauty as:

Compare to: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
Provides incredible shine
Smoothes and conditions
Reduces frizz and fly-aways
Improves manageability
Thermal protectant

GVP Smoothing Serum smoothes and conditions your hair reducing frizz and fly-aways. Improves manageability and protects against heat damage from heat styling tools.

Now some people may think generic and think knock off or faux. I don't think that way. There's a difference between buying a purse with C's all over it trying to look identical to a Coach bag, and buying a generic cereal or beauty product. They aren't trying to be or pass themselves off as the "real" thing, just a less expensive version of it.

I've heard great thinks about the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and anything that can help cut down on my drying time I had to give a try.

I have to say that I don't notice a huge difference in drying time. My hair isn't that thick but I have TONS of it and I like to air dry it as long as possible prior to blowdrying. Maybe if I tried blow drying it the entire time I would a notice a difference in drying time.

However, the smoothing and frizz fighting capabilities of it are fantastic. I mix a dime size amount of this with a tiny squirt of John Frieda Frizz-Ease and it makes the perfect smoothing cocktail for my hair.

I also noticed it helps disguise my split ends. I (ashamed to admit it) went quite a while with out a haircut and my hair should have looked a lot worse than it did! This serum helped smooth the folicle and disguise any breakage or split ends.

Another fab thing about this product is that it lasts forever. I've been using this for several months now and when you use the reccomended dime sized amount (don't use more or you'll get the greasies) it can really last you a while. It doesn't even feel like I've used any since I've bought it.

This is the first GVP product that I've tested, but after these results I will definitely test more!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping Your Closet/Dresser/Armoire

Over my holiday break I took a look into my closet and realized it was a mess. I also took a lot at my recent wardrobe choices and realized I wore the same things quite frequently. I had lost all of my creativity when it came to putting together outfits. I decided it was time to look to the crazy mess that became my closet and my armoire and do something about it. I organized it and now have been putting together new outfits easily every day and found some great pieces that I totally forgot about.

How to organize your closet efficiently:

I know a lot of people organize their closet with tank tops/sleeveless tops first, then t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, etc. For me, that just doesn't work. First of all, it's winter in New York. How frequently am I really wearing tank tops and short sleeve tops? Not that much, unless I am layering.

First, a little insight into the lay out of my closet (my camera is misbehaving lately so I apologize for lack of pics). My closet is divided into two by a tower of shelves in the middle. One side there are two bars and the other side just one high bar. The side with the high bar my mom stores a lot of crap and it makes me mad, but let me move on haha.

On the side with the two bars, I keep all of my hanging tops on the top bar. I began with short sleeve shirts since I frequently layer them. I put my shirts lightest to darkest by color. I usually wear way too much black, so instead of organizing by frequency of wearing or favorite tops, etc., I did it this way to help me change up my wardrobe.

The next "section" was my long sleeve shirts, not sweaters or button downs. This is anything that needs to be layered over a cami or just a plan ol' regular shirt. Again, I organized by lightest to darkest by color, just to force myself to wear some white or blue (it's not that bad!)

Next were my sweaters, than tank tops/sleeveless tops, then blazers, than buttown downs. I organized the closet in what is most practical for me to wear now. I have a lot of blazers and button downs, but I work in a fairly casual environment, so I don't wear them frequently. Why do I still have them? I will need to wear something nicer than straight leg jeans and a long sleeve tee when I student teach, so I prepared in advance. All of my summer clothing is put behind all of this on the rack. When it begins to get warmer, I will rotate and put them in front. If you don't have the room, I reccomend getting some under bed boxes and storing your summer clothes and then putting your winter clothes in them when it's time to switch.

I know a lot of people hang their jeans, but I'm just not a fan. I fold mine so the cuff is facing out so I know what kind of wash it is and what kind of leg it is. However, it is imperative to hang pants (not jeans) meaning khakis, dress pants, capris, etc. Denim doesn't tend to wrinkle and usually doesn't need a crease to look neat, some pants however do. It's important to hang them and not keep them tightly packed when hanging because it can lead to wrinkles.

I personally have an armoire so I can see everything when it's folded. However, when I had a dresser I "rolled" my clothes and stored them in the drawer upright. This way I didn't have to shift through a pile of clothes to see what I wanted.

Before you begin any closet or dresser organization it's important to go through your clothes. Make several piles:
-I want this/need this/ no way in hell I'm going to part with this
-I'm not too sure
-Needs to be hemmed/fixed/tailored
-What the hell was I thinking?/Doesn't fit now/Won't fit ever

Get a bag or bax and throw all of your what the hell was I thinking clothes in it for a swap with friends or to donate.

For the other "piles" just lay them on your floor as you go through all of your clothes. Begin by organizing in your closet/dresser/armoire the clothes that don't need to be tailored and you can't part with. Next, take those clothes in to get tailored. What's the point of having great clothes if they don't fit properly? Lastly, have a very honest friend come over and try on all the clothes you aren't sure about. Keep or toss based on their opinions and your own.

Keeping organized in a way that works for you should make getting dressed every morning a lot easier. I hope this little cheat sheet gets you in the mood to shop your closet!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will this fit?

I don't know about you, but as a budding fashionista I love, love, love What Not to Wear. I love Stacy and Clinton's witty banter and of course their fantastic fashion advice. I do like both of them, but my heart belongs to Clinton. I recently ordered his book, "Freakin' Fabulous" from Amazon and I LOOOOVE it. It's on sale for $14.95 at Amazon if anyone is interested. It covers everything from finding proper fitting clothing for your body size, to serving the right wines with the right food and decorating your bleak living room.

There was one section in the clothing portion that I thought was really helpful and that everyone should know. Did you ever find the perfect jacket on sale, in your favorite color, but the fit was just a bit off? There are some clothing issues that can be fixed by a tailor and some that can't.

Problems that CAN be fixed by a tailor:

-Gap in the back of your pants. This happens to me a lot when trying on jeans. This is one important reason why you should move around and definitely sit down when trying on pants. If you have that gap, but have to have those jeans anyway, you can get them fixed by the tailor. Just ask your tailor to nip in the waist.

-Baggy shirt. If you find a fab sale on a shirt that is too baggy, or have recently lost some weight and don't want to blow cash on a whole new wardrobe, this is an easy fix for a tailor. Just ask your tailor to add darts to the back.

-Sleeves too long. I'm pretty short and have short arms, so I frequently try on shirts and jackets where the sleeves are just way too long. Sometimes, as in with a comfy sweater, I like the sleeves too long, but sometimes they just get annoying. This is one of the easiest things for a tailor to fix.

-Pants too long. Hemming is one of the easiest and most popular fixes for your wardrobes. As a "shorty" myself, I frequently get my pants hemmed. If you're getting pants hemmed though, make sure to ask your tailor to reattach the original hem, or else it just looks a big strange.

Problems that can USUALLY be fixed by a tailor:

-Baggy crotch. A saggy crotch is definitely a fashion no-no. However, this problem can possibly be fixed by a tailor. If a baggy crotch is due to a low waist on the pants, the waist can usually be brought up higher and take it in and a bit and this will lead to the crotch hanging where it should. If the waist is in a comfortable or normal position for you, this problem can't be fixed.

-Peekaboo buttons. You busty ladies know what I'm talking about. A shirt fits and buttons perfectly, except there's a little gap between the buttons right over your boobs. This happens to me all the time and I hate it, because I like a fitted shirt, but don't feel like giving every one a damn peep show. If there is just a little gapping between the buttons you can add a velcro tab or a snap, if it's bigger than that, you need to go up a size.

-Baggy jacket. If your jacket rests nicely on the shoulder, but it's a big baggy around the midsection, this can fixed by asking your tailor to bring in the seam that runs under the armhole to the hem.

Problems that CAN'T be fixed by a tailor:

-Camel toe crotch. Ok, camel toes are NEVER okay. If pants are too tight all up in that region, it's just something that can't be fixed. Put those pants back on the rack-now!!

-Anything you can't button. If you can't button it because it's too tight in the shoulders or can't button over your boobs, it just can't be fixed. Again, put it back on the rack or give it away!

I hope these tips help you out, and if you want some good advice and some humor, I definitely reccomend Clinton's book.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve Recap

Happy 2009 everyone! 2008 is over and I hope everyone had fun ending 2008 and beginning 2009!
I spent the night at The Melting Pot with my boyfriend Jason. The Melting Pot, for those who don't know, is a fondue restaurant and is pretty much the best restaurant ever (my opinion of course!). They were having a special New Years Eve menu and considering that I'm not really the partying, club, drinking type, this was a perfect fit for Jason and I.
We rang in the New Year in between our main and chocolate courses with a champagne toast with the rest of the restaurant and all the staff. All in all, it was perfect.

Jason just wasn't in the mood for pictures haha.

All of a sudden he was in a photographic mood

The smoke from the "melting pot" was a bit much.

For those who looked at the outfits I put together for the New Years Eve looks, I chose the red one and surprise, surprise-It didn't arrive on time. Still hasn't arrived due to a mix up at Forever 21. Greaaatt. So instead I wore a much warmer outfit since it was 14 degrees out.
-Top-Theory (gifted)
-Cardigan- Express-$13
-Jeans (not in pic)-Levi zippered ankle straight legs- $17-Filene's Basement
-Heels- BCBG Girls-$45-Lord and Taylors

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