Sunday, March 3, 2013

Heat Free Curls: French Braid

   I'm continuing my quest to find the best heat free curling method for my stubborn hair.  So far I've had successes with the  foam roller method , sock curl method,and  headband method and failures with the standard braid method, sock bun method and french twist method.  I've found another success in the french braid method.

This curling method simply consists of french braiding your hair when it is slightly damp and sleeping in the braid.  It's comfortable to sleep in, unlike some of the other heat free curl methods.  Only downside with this method is, you have to know how to french braid.  I don't know how, especially on myself, so my friend Danielle braided my hair for me.

From the back it looks quite crazy!  Next time I have to ask Danielle to braid further down.

However, I LOVE the way it looks from the front.  It's definitely not a curl, as much as it is a wave/soft crimp.  It looks a little like lioness hair and provides great volume.  It's a very soft look and I think it will be perfect for spring and summer.  Plus, this is a heat free method where you don't look crazy when you're going to bed!

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