Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Reading and Watching This Week

I am currently loving January Sublime. This is a fabulous beauty and fashion blog by two adorable Brits. I found this blog when these lovelies commented on one of my posts and I've been in love with them since. I love being able to see British hauls and their nail designs are to die for! Go check them out!!

I don't know who doesn't love Nikki Phillipi! She has quickly become one of my fave Youtubers! Her fashion videos are just too cute and everything is so affordable!

Monday, February 27, 2012

How to: Heatless Curls Part 2- Sock Bun Fail

So my quest to find the perfect heatless curls method for my thick medium length textured hair continues. After seeing the sock bun mentioned so frequently on Pinterest, I looked up a video on Youtube and decided to give it a whirl!

This is the video I watched:

Here is my sock bun the next morning:

Pretty good staying power!!

Sock bun curl results:

Holy crap did this look terrible!! It was all pouf and no curl. All crimp and no wave. BLAH! I read quite a few blog posts on it and it seems that if you don't get all of your hair in the sock, it turns out crimped more than curled. I think I'm going to let my hair grow a bit longer and then try this method again. HOWEVER, I am definitely going to be using a sock to make my buns from now on. It looks fantastic and stays amazingly!

Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag!

I've seen this tag going around YouTube and I just couldn't wait to do it myself!


Most Expensive Product

I don't own a lot of high end products, but I'd say my most expensive product is my Clinique Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for $50.

Least Expensive Product

Wet and Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Liner in Taupe for $.99! What an amazing brow color!


Beauty products I have a Love/Hate Relationship With

I love my Revlon New Complexion Foundation in Natural Beige 04. The color gives me a great tan-glow with out making my skin color too dark. It looks great for the first few hours and then just slides off my face, and I have dry skin! I can't even imagine what this would be like for oily skin.

Product Hardest to Get

I've never craved any products that everyone wanted, because I'm pretty cheap, but I did go to a few drugstores to find the Revlon Lipbutters.


Delicious Products

Oh my lordie, do I love, love, love my Bath and Body Works Signature Vanilla's Apricot Fragrance Mist! It is the perfect sweet smell and my favorite summer scent by a landslide.


Beauty Product I Neglect Due to Laziness

I always look at my eyelash curler and reach for it maybe once a month. I need to use it more often!


Beauty Product That Gives You The Most Confidence

Definitely foundation and concealer. I really loathe my skin, so I feel so much better by just evening things out with foundation and concealer.


The tag says to state what attributes I find most attractive in the opposite sex, but it doesn't make any damn sense! What makes sense is a beauty product that you lust over! I'm lusting after the perfect concealer to cover acne and acne scarring. I've tried a few concealers which are ok, but they have no staying power. I think I might try the Glamoflauge from Hard Candy.


I've never actually received a makeup gift! I would love to receive the Urban Decay Naked Palete 1 or 2!

I tag everyone! I think this is such a cute tag. If you do this, please post the link in the comment sections!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Reading and Watching This Week

What I've Been Watching This Week:

I'm on a total DIY kick lately! Can't wait to try this baby!

What I'm Reading This Week:

Fab Finds Uner $50 is one of the first fashion blogs I ever started reading. The way Kimberly puts together outfits is amazing. On top of that, she will make you want to hit every thrift store within a 20 mile radius! If you love fashion and budget shopping, I highly suggest Fab Finds Under $50!

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to: Heatless Curls Part 1

After watching so many videos on heatless curls on Youtube, I've decided to begin a quest to find the best technique for my hair. My hair is super thick, no volume on top, a bit on the dry side with a natural wave. My hair is a bit on the short side for my liking right now, so I feel like I need to dress it up a bit more to keep from absolutely hating it!

Yaya has a lot of great heatless curl videos, and the first one I decided to try on a very lazy night. I just didn't feel like doing a damn thing, so this is a great heatless curl technique to do in a hurry or when you are feeling like a complete bum like me.

I put these french twist pigtails into my hair when it was about 90% dry. If you plan on sleeping in these, you need it to be at least that dry so it won't feel damp and gross when you wake up the next day.

Morning shot:

First of all, I can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can wear this out. It's such an easy and quick look and very cute. The problem with this method for my length hair, was that the bottom hairs or hairs from the back weren't included really in the twist, so those pieces ended up very straight.


You can see that the little curls are very cute, but the book of my head was a hot mess. Again, like I said because of my hair's length (about my collar bone) the hair in the back and bottom weren't twisted enough into the french twist. The back part of my head was pretty much completely straight! I had to use my curling wand to kind of balance the back out with the sides.

So, overall the results of this method weren't great for me. HOWEVER! I would totally recommend this to girls with longer hair and can't wait to try this again when my hair grows out a bit more.

Super Massive Haul!! Super pic heavy!

So January 15th was my birthday and I received a lot of gift cards and money. On top of Christmas being only a few weeks before, I was so ready to shop! I know that now is the time to be snatching up great winter deals, but I was just in a spring mood, so I started my spring shopping a little early!


I love Marshalls, but you really have to be in the mood to search. It's not an easy store to shop in and it takes a little bit of patience and dedication, but you can usually find some great finds. Now I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm 27 years old and still totally drawn to the juniors department. They have some super affordable pieces that mixed with some mature pieces from my wardrobe, make the perfect age appropriate combo!

♥ Eyeshadow Brand Lace Tank-$12.99
I love this tank! The racerback style gives this top a great shape and the little beading around the edges is such a cute detail.

♥ Lace Shorts-$14.99

I have seen these lace shorts everywhere! I'm so glad I found such a cute pair for so cheap! These are definitely gonna be worn a lot for those fancier summer nights out.

♥ Striped Open Knit Sweater- $12.99
I know that yellow is a big color for spring, and I'm strangely drawn to the yellow/grey combo. I like the open knit/cropped feel of this sweater. It keeps it casual and summery.

♥ Black and White Split Sleeve Tee by Derek Heart- $7.99

I've wanted one of these split sleeve tee's for a while. I didn't necessarily want a cropped version, but I figure this will be really cute with a pair of cut offs and a bathing suit top.

♥ Purple Striped Yoga Top- $10

Ever since my bf got his own place, Sundays are basically spent lounging around and cooking. I've been pretty bummy on Sundays, so I bought this to at least look bummy and cute. It's super comfy and stretchy!


♥ Blue sheer blouse- $12.95

I've been looking for a looser fit button down blouse for a while. I still want a silky kind of one, but I couldn't resist this sheer one for spring. I also like how the back hem is slightly longer than the front. I know this is photographing purple right now, but it's actually a light periwinkle.

Old Navy

I was surprised that a lot of Old Navy spring items were already on clearance. I normally only Old Navy clearance items when they are an extra percent off, but I only found one or two of each item I wanted and they were super cheap already so I snatched them up.

Polka Dot Tank- From $22.49 to $6.99

I bought one in black and white and one in red and blue. I really love the fit of these ruffled tanks. They will make a great top in the summer and a great layering piece now!

Slouchy Striped Top- From $22.49 to $7.99

Just another piece to help make Sundays a little less bummy lol.

Charming Charlies

This store just opened by me and OMG I am so glad it did! If you don't know what Charming Charlies is, it's an accessory store where everything is organized by color. They have everything from jewelry, to bags, to shoes, to some clothing. Their clearance jewelry was buy 1 get 2 free so I went a little crazy. This is everything minus one necklace I left at John's. The total for all of these babies? $18!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Reading and Watching This Week

What I'm Reading

While I of course love my blogs, this week I began reading the Pretty Little Liars series on my Kindle Fire. I am quite obsessed with that show (I know it's a young adult show, but it's so damn good) and I heard that the books are quite different from the show. So I wanted to read and see the difference. I bought books 1-4 on my Kindle Fire, and will hopefully be able to snag some from the library so I don't have to buy all of them.

What I'm Watching

I've written that I'm on a quest to not be such a skinny fat girl and I have really been loving fitness blogs, youtube channels and tumblrs. Bex is one of my new faves. Just watching her vids makes me feel inspired and she seems like someone who would be so much fun to hang out with.

What are you guys watching and reading this week?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beauty Buy of the Week-2/11-2/17

This week all Sinful Colors nail polishes are only 99 cents at Walgreens! I've never tried any of these super affordable polishes, but I have a heard great things and will definitely be running to Walgreens (or Club Wally Greens as my friends and I call it) to pick up a few!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Product Review: Emjoi Micro Pedi:: Warning-Contains gross feet pics!!

Over the summer I was sent a product to review, and I never got to it until a few weeks ago. I was sent the Emjoi Micro Pedi. Now I've heard of Emjoi a little bit, but mainly with epilators. I was never a big epilator fan and feet kind of gross me out, so that probably explains why I didn't review this product sooner.

About a month ago the boyfriend and I were hanging out and I just couldn't stand his feet anymore! I kept offering to take him for a pedicure, and he never took me up on it. So I decided to roll up my sleeves, and attack those puppies myself. What ensued afterwards, was a massive amount of laughs, gags and some pretty impressive results.


Before Pic:

Do you see why I didn't want those things rubbing up on my legs? LoL..I didn't expect to do anything to the calused areas, because they were pretty bad, but that dryness had to go!

After pic:

This is with lotion as well, but this baby was pretty damn smooth compared to what it was before!

Product information:

It's a pretty lightweight product and it came with batteries which is always great. It came with two files, the blue for more sensitive feet or feet that aren't as dry and the red, which is for super dry or cracked skin. The files can be used several times, but are only recommended to be used one per person.

I used the red file on John and it took a couple of minutes to do each foot. He didn't complain that it tickled, which I was surprised about it because it seemed it would. It takes off a lot of dead skin, very quickly. The only problem was, the skin (or foot dust as John and I called it) has nowhere to go, so it just goes wherever. I had to put a magazine under John's foot to catch all of the gross fall out.

The product is $40 and the replacement files cost $20. The product is available for purchase at or by clicking here. This may seem a little steep, but if you do a lot of at home pedicures, this would be a really great tool to have.

Product Pros:

♥ Super convenient
♥ Really easy to use and you get quick results
♥ Great for at home pedis
♥ Can be used on men and women
♥ Great for people with dry skin

Product Cons:

♥ A little pricey
♥ Doesn't have anything to catch the skin
♥ Only available online

Thank you to John and his feet for assisting me with this review!

FTC Disclosure: This product was sent to me to review. I am not affiliated with Emjoi and I'm not being compensated for this review or for anyone who buys the product. My opinions are my own and cannot be bought.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Right Now

What I'm watching on Youtube this week:

Cooking With April

April seems like one of the sweetest beauty gurus on Youtube. Now she's started a cooking channel and I love it! She's so damn cute and makes me wanna whip out my Minnie Mouse apron!

What I'm reading on the web this week:

I already talked about how much I love Blogilates on Youtube, but her blog is just as fab! The recipes are great and the workouts are awesome. She is very inspiring. I'm thinking of trying her meal plan for 30 days to see how it works for me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

OOTD-Colored Denim

I really love the colored denim trend. I only have one pair and it's a cheap-o pair from Marshalls, but I definitely want to get a pair of pastel jeans for the spring. What is your take on colored denim?

White Sweater- NY & Co
Blue Skinnies- Marshalls
Leopard Print Flats- Target
Pearl Studs- F21

Friday, February 3, 2012

January Beauty Tube

So I have been addicted to my QVC Beauty Tubes. I cancelled my Birchbox subscription and I only subscribe to this now. I get it once every 2 months or so and it costs less than $30 with shipping. It's offered through QVC. This month contained a lot of skin care products, some of which may be too harsh for my sensitive skin.

From top to bottom:

♥ Mally Volumizing Mascara

♥ Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Booster- An antioxidant loaded serum to help fight off enviornmental aggressors.

♥ Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment- I really wanted to try a Kate Somerville skincare product but this may be too harsh for my sensitive skin.

♥ Traditions by Nick Chavez Yucca Root Shampooing Cream- At first I thought this was like that Wen stuff, but it's just a hydrating shampoo.

♥ Calista Tools Achieve 10 Styling Cream- This is a lightweight styling cream that adds shine, increases body, detangles, conditions and protects against heat styling. This reminds me of that 10 product that a lot of girls talk about. I'm really excited to try this!

♥ Tarte Aqua-Gel Eyeliner in Purple- This feels so smooth, I just hope it has decent staying power!

♥ First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- This is my new winter cream! So smooth!

♥ Philosophy Field of Flowers 3-in-1 and Perfurmed Body Lotion

I can't wait to try out all of these products and also be introduced to brands that I have never heard of! For my fellow beauty gals or guys looking for a great gift, I totally recommend the QVC Beauty Test Tube.

Thursday, February 2, 2012 Giveaway!

Hey lovely ladies..I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about an awesome contest that is having! They are giving away two bundles of some awesome products for Valentines Day! Who doesn't love a gift on Vday? Head over to their Facebook page to get details and to enter!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I've Been: Watching This Week!

I love Youtube beauty videos. It's what got me into blogging to begin with. I love watching hauls, reviews, tutorials, anything beauty or fashion related. 90% of the time it's nothing I end up trying, but I just love being inspired and "getting to know these girls" through Youtube. One of my absolute fave beauty gurus is Emily! This week I've been watching her best of 2011 Series.

FTC Disclosure

All products are purchased by me unless noted otherwise. If a product is supplied for review, this does not affect my opinion. My opinions can not be bought.
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