Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to: Heatless Curls Part 3-Headband Curls

So my quest to find the perfect technique for heat free curls continued after so-so results with the french twist and total fail results with the sock bun, I have finally found success!!

How to curl your hair with a headband!!!

This is the original video I watched for this method, but after watching a few videos I ended up using a larger headband than what this video showed. I was so happy with the results of this! I ended up re-curling one or two of the back pieces because I got sloppy at the back. Also, I definitely recommend using a product in your hair prior to curling. I put a curling mousse in my damp hair, but wished I had used something on my hair right before curling it.



Now I used a headband that was over an inch wide which gave me loser curls, but I also think that lead to some of the flatness towards the top. I'm definitely going to play around with this method, because I really like it. However, there are still a ton more heatless curl methods I want to try!


mayaari said...

that's the video I followed to try the same method - by far my favorite way to get curls without heat & get curls that will last longer than an hour! try using the goody headbands that have a little strip of silicone on one side to "grip" hair, they work really well.

Kesha said...

I am so dead in love with headband curls. have tried many times. I love the curl style from french or any other braid (they gave me a taste of curly beach) but just don't like that the end of my hair look awful with that straight style. I love doing this headband curl at night before going to bed, and i keep having this curly touch till the next two days. P.S: I don't use any curl or hair product before or after the process :)

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