Tuesday, April 19, 2016

First Date Kiss: Yay or Nay?

   I must admit, I have been on quite a few good first dates.  Somewhere between the first date and either the non-existent second date or the actual second date, something appears to go tragically wrong. However, I don't suck at first dates.

  Last week, I went on what I thought was a really good first date.  It was the perfect amount of time (2 hours), great conversation, laughs, no awkward silences and I was giving some good subtle flirting moves (hair flips, arm touches- the grown and sexy stuff).  I knew I had wanted to see him again, and he made a casual mention about doing this again sometime again too.

The only kissy pic I have lol 

  Now, there are some dates where the guy is very outwardly flirty or physically flirty, so there's no doubt in my mind there's some kind of interest (whether it be just physical or legit), but when the flirting isn't obvious or overt, I'm definitely unsure and a bit nervous as to where I stand.

    So, back to my date last week.  The date was coming to an end, and we walked outside and I got a hug with an "I had a great time, let's do this again" and that was it.  Now a lot of people would say, that's a great thing, but my mind was saying "Melissa, that's a total rejection, he didn't even kiss you."  I toyed with this rejection idea, even though he made 2 mentions of getting together again, until he texted me again the next morning.

   After discussing it with a few girlfriends, it seems to be split 50/50 as to whether "good" first dates include or exclude a kiss.  It also seems to be a catch 22, because if a guy doesn't kiss us after the first date we question if they are interested, yet if they do kiss us we question their motives.  So what is it exactly that us gals want?

Comment below, what do you think of first date kissing?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Beauty Favorites

    Oh it's been such a long time since I've done a favorites post.  I love talking about products that I've been loving recently, especially beauty and self-care products!

  March was such a crazy month weather wise in New York.  There were some days in the 70s that just screamed spring and some days in the 30s that made it feel like winter is just never going to leave.  I feel like my few favorites definitely represent the half winter/half spring feel of the month.

*Alba Botanica Very Emollitnet Body Lotion*

I have been applying this daily on my hands, arms and knock area.  I read that the neck and chest is one of the first areas that shows signs of aging and I have been super paranoid about applying SPF to those areas daily.  This lotion has an SPF of 15 and quickly absorbs into the skin without that greasy feeling.

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about your summer glow and it was the perfect time for Younique to release their first ever line of self-tanning products.  I've been using this spray on my face twice a week (one coat each time) and it provides the most natural looking tan!  Due to the fact that it's a spray, it is super easy to apply and it really seems to blend in beautifully.

*BH Cosmetics Studded Couture Brush Set*

I purchased this $20 brush set after seeing great reviews for it on Youtube.  It comes with 12 brushes and while there are quite a few brushes I don't use, the brushes that I do use are amazing.  Not only are the brushes gorgeous, they are super soft and perform really well!  

This is the perfect bright, spring lip combo!  This lip stain does not budge and this combined with the lip liner makes this look fool proof. 

The lip combo in action.

Would you rock a super bright lip look? 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Pen Pals"- How long is too long for texting?

   So let me preface this blog post by saying that I hate my local bar scene.  It is just not the place to meet men, and contrary to everyone's advice I have never met a man at my gym or at a baseball game or a park.  So I turn to dating apps.  There's really not a popular dating app that I haven't tried.  I currently have 2 on my phone: Tinder (for entertainment and ego boost) and Bumble (for legit dating app).

  So messaging on these apps inevitably leads to texting (unless someone gets creepy or really boring).  My theory on texting before meeting is: Text a bit to establish some flirtness and then make plans as soon as possible!  If you engage in texting too long you may begin to develop feelings for someone and be disappointed if the chemistry doesn't translate in real life.  It can also lead to a "pen pal" relationship.

  What is a pen pal relationship you ask?  It's when you may hear from someone via text almost daily, without even mention of making solid plans.  Apparently, this is a new trend amongst males.  Having a female to text, someone to check in on you and to flirt with when you are bored and watching the Walking Dead, while still going out and banging every Sally, Sue and Sarah you can find.  I just don't see the purpose.

  This leads me to my actual point and question.  How long should you engage in texting before making plans?  I get annoyed if we text for more than 2-3 days and plans aren't at least suggested.  At this point I suggest making plans and this annoys me too, because I've been told from a young age that women shouldn't be the pursuers.

   So what gives?  Is there a texting time frame before making plans?  Comment below and let's figure this out ladies!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gone for a minute now I'm back with the jump off

    I'm baaaaaacckkkkkk!!!  It took me a long time to realize how much I missed blogging and what direction I wanted my blog to.  I love writing about beauty products and lifestyle tips and tricks, but I feel like I have so much more than to say.  So while the title on the top of the page still says "Fabulously Thrifty" I am in the process of changing my blog and "brand" to "Fabulously Thirty-ish".

   Fabulously Thirtyish will be all about the life of a 30-something single girl who is still obsessed with hair, makeup, finding the perfect workout program, finding the perfect organizational system, oh and finding the perfect man!!

  I've always heard that being a great writer means writing what you know.  Well, here is what I know.  I am frustrated with the current dating scene and I am going to be sharing those frustrations with you. So pour yourself a glass of wine, pull up Tinder and enjoy!!

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