Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quick Tip Thursday: File Your Clothes

   First, I want to apologize for being such a sucky blogger lately.  I don't know why I haven't been able to get into a groove or to feel inspired lately.  I've been getting myself more organized though and oddly enough the holiday season brings on a surge of creativity for me, so I'm hoping to become more my "blogger" self soon.

   Today's quick tip pertains to organizing your clothes.  I just switched from an armoire to a dresser and I was googling tips on how to organize my drawers.  I came across a post from Apartment Therapy that stated that you should "file" some of your clothes to see everything better.

   I did end up filing my tank tops, tee shirts and long sleeved tee shirts and I love it! I fold the shirts and place them in piles as I would normally and just turn them to the side when putting them in the drawer.  The site also states to do this with jeans, but I couldn't fold them nicely enough to do so.

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