Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Review: Lauren Conrad's "Style"

Several weeks ago I wrote about ordering Lauren Conrad's new book, "Style". I received and read it in about a weekend and I love it!

None of the advice is really new or groundbreaking, but it's a pretty book that's really nice to look through and it's nice to have all of these little tips in one book.

The book touches on everything from:
Building your Wardrobe
How to Shop
Mastering Our Closets
Getting Dressed for Different Events/Vacations
And a whole lot of tailoring and vintage advice

My favorite tips from the book include tips on shopping and incorporating vintage into our wardrobes and for making alterations to clothing at home.

Some of my fave tips or lines from the book:

-A short tutorial on how to hem our own jeans if you're in a hurry
-Lots of small numbers, equal a big number (refering to buying at F21 or H&M)
-Add in vintage pieces in small doses, too much and you look like you are wearing a costume
-Beautiful clothes are meant to be seen, so why not show them off?

If you're looking for a cute, fun and stylish read, plus a pretty coffee table book this is a great deal.

Available at Barnes & Nobles,, Amazon or most book retailers

I ordered my SIGNED copy from for less than $12!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Kushyfoot Socks

Several weeks ago I was sent some products by Kushyfoot to test out. Kushyfoot makes socks and tights. Their socks and tights are a bit different though, since they have like little massagers built in. I was sent a pair of socks, tights and a Flats to Go (foldable shoes to keep in your purse). This is a review for my socks, since they are the product I've been able to test out the most lately.

I was sent the Foot Covers in Super Ultra Low Cut. They are perfect to wear to work with dress flats or heels. I was sent the color black which is great because most of my work shoes are black.

The best part of these, which my camera couldn't pick up, is there is a little padding built in under the toes and at the ball of the feet. It really helped keep them comfortable.

On my footsies:

They look really low cut on my bare feet, but with some of my shoes they actually show.

With flats:

As you can see they show a little bit on the sides of my feet, but that's about it!

These babies are awesome. They are available in black and nude. I would get nude for any shoes other than black ones, since sometimes they can show. I would also stick with the ultra low cut versions if you wear a lot of flats.

These can be purchased for around $5.25 at or your local Duane Reade. I will be repurchasing these over other brands, for the simple fact that the padding makes them much more comfortable.

FTC: I was sent these products by Kushyfoot. I was not paid nor am I affiliated with Kushyfoot. My opinions are my own and legit.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday-Casual Chic OOTD

Fridays at my school are dress down Friday's and I take full advantage of that fact. I'm still recovering from a cold so the scarf is a complete necessity for me.

White puff shoulder tee- H&M
Leopard print scarf- Lexington Ave Street Fair- mucho cheapo
Dark denim skinnies- F21
Boots- Candies from Kohls

I love how my boots match my carpeting lol.

FTC: All products were purchased by me! I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Haulage! WnW and Winter Purse!

Last week Rite Aid was having a 40% off sale on Wet and Wild products. I had a $5 off of $10 worth of WnW products coupon from my All You Magazine. This was the perfect opportunity to try out a lot of the Color Icon palettes that I've been reading about all over the beauty blogosphere.

Top row-L to R: Color Icon Palette in Pride, Lust and Greed
Middle row- L to R: Megaglo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink, Color Icon Trio in Sweet as Candy, NaturalBlend Lip Shimmer in Berry, Idol Eyes Cream Shadow in Pixi and Color Icon Brow and Eye Liner in Taupe on top
Bottom: Color Icon Single in Envy

Close up of shadows:

Ready for the final total: $18!!! I love sales and coupons.

Right near my Rite Aid is a Marshalls. I love Marshalls, but I really have to be in the mood to search. I was on the hunt for a winter purse. I really wanted a sling bag for work since I'm constantly moving classes with my purse. I found a grey leather beauty from the Jessica Simpson collection.

It's a soft grey with a dark purple liner. There is some minimal silver hardware on the straps. The bag has two external pockets and three internal pockets. For only $35..I'm thrilled!

FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Claire, my Clarisonic lol

Yes, I was so happy to receive this beauty, that I named her Claire! I got this beauty on Thursday and began using her Friday night. The little brochures that come with the Clarisonic say to use it twice a day. However, several beauty bloggers who own this already informed me it's probably a bit too much to use it twice daily, so I only use it in the evening. I use this with the Philosophy's Purity Made Simple that came with the QVC bundle.

If you have any other tips or tricks in using this, please let me know! I will make a post in about a month to see how my skin is reacting to using this.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sale Sunday (Deal of the Week)-10/17

I love me some Tar-jhay. I love the home goods, the cosmetics, the dollar section and I really love the clothing. I have quite a few pieces from various lines from Target and I really love all of them. As long as I follow the washing directions on the label, the clothing holds up really well.

This weeks deal of the week is a pointelle wrap cardigan from Mossimo's Black Line. It's on sale for $25 this week and comes in Oatmeal, Black, Grey and Green. Available at local Target stores and

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A splurge! The Clarisonic!

I actually made a personal splurge and bought myself the Clarisonic! Wait until you hear or read the deal I got from QVC!

For a total of $203 spread over 4 monthly payments I will receive:

-The Clarisonic Brush
-Sensitive Skin attachment
-Delicate skin attachment
-Normal attachment
-Spot Therapy Attachment (Body Brush)
-All those necessary chargers and wires, etc.

-A full size Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
-A full size Philosophy 3-in-1 Cinnamon Buns
-A full size Philosophy Hope in a Jar

If you read my blog regularly you know I'm pretty thrifty (with the exception of purses lol) so this is a big deal for me. I've really wanted to get something like this for a while in hopes it will help with me acne scarring. I was looking into alternatives, but for this amazing deal I thought it was worth it to try the real thing.

I can't wait to post when I receive it and then a review after I try it out for a bit!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September Faves

I always feel like once summer passes, the rest of the year just zooms by! I can't believe it's already October!

Anywho, here are my September faves!

-Modern Family DVD: Season 1-OMG do I love this show! I'm so glad the new season started. It literally makes me laugh out loud every single episode. If you've never watched, you really need to start!

-Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme- I've had this stuff for a loooong time, but only recently started using it and I am in love! It feels sort of like a vaseline and Vick's texture and has a very citrusy smell. This is really moisturizing for the cuticle area and I use it before i put on my hand lotion.

-Avon Nailwear Pro in Urban Grey- I looooove this color! It takes three coats to reach a level of opacity, but it lasts a considerably long time for the price.

-Applying my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Buff with my Sigma SS187. This is such a great combo in terms of coverage and kind of air brushing out my pores. I'm going to be doing a review on this foundation with in the next two weeks, I'm still testing it.

-NYC Waterproof Eyeliner in Black- I hardly ever wear black liner because I swear it always smudges on me! This baby stays put! I'm going to do a review on this along with the other NYC products I've recently purchased.

....And finally,

My Puff's Plus (with lotion and Vicks). I've been sick non-stop lately! This tissues keep my nose from being too chapped and I am totally addicted to the smell of Vicks lol.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deal of the Week- 10/3

Happy October! I'm working on my September faves post now. There aren't too many items in it, but the ones that are, are serious loves!

Anyway, my deal of the week is courtesy of Barnes and Noble's website,

On a side bar, if you love Barnes and Nobles as much as I do, it really pays to get a Barnes and Noble Membership. For $25 a year you get a card which gives you:
40% off hardcover bestsellers
20% off all adult hardcovers
10% off everything else- (mags, salebooks, starbucks, etc.)

You also randomly get coupons for 15 or 20% off coups for any item and free express shipping on orders.

Anywho, my deal of the week is a pre-order for a new book that I'm excited to read.

Lauren Conrad's Style Guide

I know, people either love or hate LC. I've always been a fan. My fave part, is her style and her hair. She always looks so gorgeous and put together, but not over the top. I read a tiny excerpt of this in Glamour, and I really wanted to add to my fashion/make up library and I thought this would be a great addition.

For only $10.79 I was able to pre-order a SIGNED edition! Stay tuned for a review!

FTC Disclosure

All products are purchased by me unless noted otherwise. If a product is supplied for review, this does not affect my opinion. My opinions can not be bought.
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