Sunday, August 31, 2014

Style Sunday: Make It Stop 2.0

     A while back, I posted some trends that I wish would just go away.  I had so much fun doing that, as I have some strong opinions regarding fashion- that I've decided to do it again!
     Fashion is so great, because it gives anyone and everyone the ability to express themselves without even seeing a word.  A trend that I loathe, may come from a place of hating or just disbelief.  A trend that I hate, may be a trend that you love and that's the best part of fashion- we don't have to agree!

This Off The Shoulder Trend

I love off the shoulder shirts, but this is one I just don't get.  I think it's only flattering on super skinny girls with small chests, so maybe that's why I dislike it?  It's just not a trend I can get behind!

The Midi Length Dress/Skirt

Maybe it's because I'm short, but I just wonder what real life woman this trend works on?  The midi length hits at the most unflattering part of the leg and just makes me look stumpy.  PASS!

Fringed Kimono

Here's one I will get a lot of flack for.  I am a fan of the kimono, actually quite like the kimono.  However, I'm not a fringed kimono fan.  I think it takes this from a trend to a costume.  

Short Overalls

Why?  Why are overalls coming back? I just can't get on board with this whole 90's resurgence.  There's a reason why it stayed in the past for so long, please keep it there!!

The Flatform Sandal

I'm posting about these for the SECOND time, because they just won't go away! The ugly sandal trend I can take with some colorful Birkenstocks, but the flatform?  I just can't!  I've seen these all over the fashion blogosphere, but never once have seen them on a person in real life.  

❤ ❤ 

I apologize if I offended anyone who may love one of these trends, this is just my personal opinion.  I had to write this post today, because I call this my "Joan Rivers post" and as my girl is fighting for her life I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. <3 p="">

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick Tip: Preserve that Blowout

   I like to wash my hair as little as possible.  Before you think that sounds gross, it's not.  My hair could absorb half of the Atlantic Ocean and still be fine.  The best tip I found on preserving a blowout or maintaining any style longer, is to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!  The oils from your hands and your fingers transfer to your hair creating a big ol' mess.  This may be difficult for those of you nervous hair twirlers or flirtatious hair flippers (like myself), but the more you keep your hands off your hair, the longer your style will last!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Style Sunday: Warby Parker Review

    I am blind as a bat.  My vision has always been horrible and is continually getting worse.  When I go to buy glasses I usually can't spend less than a couple hundred due to the severity of my prescription.  When I started seeing all of these glasses websites pop up on the web advertising super cheap prices, I had to jump on the bandwagon.
      I've already done a review on one of these sites, called, here.  However, I kept hearing raves about Warby Parker.  What I liked about Warby Parker was that you could pick out five frames to be sent to you to try on at home.  This is a brilliant idea as you can really play around with the different frames and get family and friends opinion.  Oh, did I also mention a complete pair of prescription glasses is $95??!!!

   I was so excited when I got my frames and couldn't wait to photograph them to see how they truly looked.

                                                                  Wilkie Greystone

Nedwin Summer Green

Langston Whiskey

Ramsay Jet Silver

Welty Plum Marblewood

    I was super impressed with the quality of all of these glasses.  Even the rimless glasses had some heft to them and were not flimsy by any means.  I also love the try on at home option.  It was fun to take pictures in them, try them on with different hair and makeup styles and got the input of my family and friends.  I also love that Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need- what an amazing thing!

So, which pair did I pick?


    I am absolutely in love with these glasses!  They fit perfectly and give me just enough of the nerdy/chic look.  

   The process of ordering them was quite easy as well.  I didn't have an exact copy of my prescription so I provided Warby Parker with my eye doctor's information and they called him to get my information.  I would say it took about 11 days from the time I ordered until the time I got my glasses.  I think mine took a bit longer than usual due to the fact that they had trouble contacting my eye doctor.  They come packaged beautifully with a hard case and soft pouch as well as a cleaning cloth.  You also have 30 days to return them in case you aren't in love with them.

    I will only be purchasing my glasses from Warby Parker from now on.  My one and only complaint? My prescription is SO bad that they can't do it for sunglasses.  I don't understand the science behind it, but they are unable to do it with the glass that they use.  So I will still have to spend hundreds on my prescription sunnies. :(

   Have you ever ordered glasses online?  Do you agree with my frames decision? 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitness Friday: Bulu Box Time

    My first Bulu Box was a bust in my eyes, so I had low expectations for my second box.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with this box!  Here's what I received.

Forgiven Mixed Berry Drink
This is basically a hangover relief drink.  I have heard about these often, but have never tried them.  I don't drink enough to suffer a hangover often, but when I do have a hangover it's BAD!  So this will be handy to keep around.

EBoost Energy Shot
This little guy is basically a healthy jolt of energy.  It contains green tea, coconut water, minerals, green coffee, electrolytes, and antioxidants.  As I prepare to go back to school and will finally have my own classroom, I am sure this will come in handy.

Dream Water 0-Calorie Sleep & Relaxation Shot
This is another drink that I have heard about, but have never tried.  It always takes me a while to get back into a sleep routine after a summer off, so this I will definitely be trying in a few weeks.

Fuel For Life Dietary Supplement
At first I thought this was a protein powder, and even though it has 10 grams of protein it is technically a dietary supplement, like a vitamin.  When mixed with milk or water this product provides bodies with many of the recommended vitamins and minerals our bodies need.  It is recommended to take this morning or early afternoon to help sustain energy.

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils
I had to laugh when I saw this!  Basically you apply this to the outside of your lady bits to increase desire and pleasure.  Considering I'm a single girl, I don't know when I will have the opportunity to try this! 

Simple Being Nutrition Simple Diet Dietary Supplement
This pill is an effective blend of green coffee bean, african mango, acai and reservatrol.  It's recommended to take one to two of these pills daily with a meal to help boost the benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition.

I was very happy with this box and will be using most of the products in it!  

Have you ever tried the Bulu Box or a fitness/weight loss box before? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fabulously Not Rich Review: bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation

   Back in May, Tammy of Not a Rich Girl, and I attended BeautyCon NY.  It was a great time and while we were put off by some of the long lines, we did end up walking away with a few free goodies. One of those goodies was the bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation (try saying that 3 times fast!).  Since we both received this product, we decided this would be our next Fabulously Not Rich Review!

   A reminder about my skin type- I am dry, incredibly sensitive and pale as a ghost.  I have also been suffering from a reaction around my nose lately so my skin is incredibly red.

    Tammy's skin is oily, sensitive and much darker than mine.  Read HERE to see how this foundation worked for her beautiful skin.

Here's how it worked for mine.
My shade is Bare Satin 06 and only works if I had self tanned.

I'm only going to post one pre-makeup picture as it's terrifying.  Notice the redness around my nose.  I think it is coming from my new Mario Badescu face wash. :/

Here is a picture of my skin with just my primer on and the foundation.  As you can see it provides very nice coverage just on its own.  The redness around my nose has all but disappeared and the bumps are only slightly showing through.  Quite impressive!

Here's a finished look.  As you can see this foundation covers quite nicely and leaves a dewy and luminous finish.  I top this foundation with a very light layer of  Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation because I find this foundation stays wet for a while and it can definitely transfer.  However, applying this powder foundation on top really helps!

These pictures were taken when I got home about 5 and a half hours later.  I only went to dinner and out for drinks.  As you can see the redness around my nose is back with a vengeance and I'm looking quite a bit shiny (which is odd because I'm pretty dry!).


When I first got this foundation I had trouble finding a proper way to apply it.  I didn't want to purchase the brush that it is advertised with, but none of my brushes were working with it.  I watched a video (I think it was Nicole Guerriero) who mentioned using it with the Beauty Blender and I haven't looked back since!  It applies beautifully with my Real Techniques Blending Sponge- no more brush marks.  However, this baby does not set!  If I didn't apply a powder foundation over it, I think it would be wet hours later.

I LOVE the way this foundation looks in person and even on camera.  It covers a lot of my imperfections and makes my skin look radiant.  HOWEVER, this foundation lasts 3-4 hours on my max.  This is a go out to dinner and maybe dessert type of foundation and thats it.  After the third hour it almost disappears from my nose and chin.  

I just can't recommend this foundation or give it the hype that almost everyone on YT seems to be giving it.  Don't get me wrong, this is my go to first date foundation, but for day to day or even for special events I can't recommend it because it just doesn't last on me.

This is just my take on it!  Let's see how Tammy liked it!!

Love our Fabulously Not Rich Review? Here's all of them to date!

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Stephen Knoll Hydro Repair Mist Styling Lotion

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Witch Please Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Box

  Over the weekend I received my fall version of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box.  The FCS Soap Box is a quarterly bath and body product subscription box.  It's so fun to get these yummy smelling goodies a few times a year and I also like supporting smaller businesses.

   The theme of this box was "Witch Please", which so far has been my favorite theme.  The tagline of this box is "A wicked mashup of an old classic and a current Broadway hit."  Any combination of The Wizard of Oz and Wicked is a ok in my book!

Here's what I got:

 Opening the box and seeing this made me smile right away!

From top to bottom, L to R:

Miss Popular Bubble Bath Powder
This is described as "the most delectable, sweet, honey nectar shamelessly flirting with touches of star anise, star jasmine, sweet orange and blushing violet
This smells amazingly delicious!  It's a very sweet, yet soothing scent.  I have never tried a bubble bath powder before, but I am interested to try it out!

There's No Place Like Home Fortune Cookie Soap
The scent is described as "curled macintosh apple peels lovingly kissed with a  hint of cinnamon, allspice and clove."

The scent is a bit "warm" for my taste, but is this soap not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen?  This will definitely be displayed come fall/Halloween time!

Flying Monkeys Personal Space Air Freshner
"Fruity, breezy blend of peach, watermelon, neroli and jasmine with air and aquatic notes."

This room spray smells SO good!  It sort of reminds me of a sweet version of the produce aisle at the grocery store.  I've never really used a room spray before, but this is going to change all of that!

Roy G. Biv OCD Hand Sanitizer
"Dusky breezes and bonfires, wind-blown leaves and charred woods brightened by notes of lemon, mandarin, cotton blossom and soft vanilla."

Aren't their scent descriptions so melodic?  This is a warm scent that I actually love, and I am really a big fan of their hand sanitizers.  

Hair Flip Hair Oil
This is a "custom blend of oils, formulated to nourish and repair dry, damaged hair.  1-2 drops is all you need for ultimate shine without greasy residue.  Strands of sweet hazelnut woven throughout rich, buttery vanilla cream."

This oil smells AMAZING!  I believe this is their first hair oil and I can't wait to try it, especially with drier seasons coming up!

Wicked Good Whipped Cream
"Top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple and charrs lured into autumn by pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, all rounded out with warn vanilla-infused sugar.

I really love their whipped creams and this one smells so amazing.  This is definitely an amazing fall scent and actually makes me a little excited for autumn.

The Shiz Perfume Oil
"A woodland hike through damp balsam woods, with top notes of maple leaves blowing through new dawn blossom, laurel and sweet clove."

I don't usually like these warmer/musky scents, but this smells AMAZING!  It reminds me of a feminine cologne scent (if that makes any sense) and I will definitely be wearing this out on a fall night out!

Swankified Walnut Facial Scrub
"Bunches of ripe bananas mashed into sweet, sugary cake batter, then topped with walnuts and baked to a golden brown."

This face and body scrub is perhaps the yummiest smelling item in the entire box!  It smells like banana pudding.  I'm not sure if I would use this as a face scrub as my skin is very sensitive, but this will definitely be used up!

All of these products, PLUS my $10 gift card makes this box an amazing value!  For $20 I received a box full of products that I actually like and a $10 gift card to buy myself or maybe someone else a little gift!  This fall box is now sold out, but you can click here to purchase the winter box.

Have you ever tried the Fortune Cookie Soap Box or any product from Fortune Cookie Soap? 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

3d Fiber Lashes RAVE!

    If you are ever on Pinterest or Instagram, you have probably seen a post or picture on the 3d Fiber Lash mascara.  I was always impressed by the pictures I saw, but I never really believed it.  I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to things.

   However , my skepticism was washed away when Tammy (Not a Rich Girl) became a Younique Independent Presenter and posted her results with the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.  The results were amazing and since it was someone I know and trust, I had to order it to give it a try.

      Now when I first saw the price of $29 I was a bit put off, but considering I have yet to grasp the concept of false lashes, I thought this would be a great alternative.  Well, it's $29 damn well spent as I am in love!

      First of all, can we talk about the packaging?  I know most girls are a total sucker for packaging and this eyeglass case looking container is just as chic as they get.  It's cute to travel with or just to display on your vanity.

      Next let's talk about the two tubes that make up the amazing system.  The first tube is the transplanting gel, which you will put on over your regular mascara.  The second tube is the natural fibers and this is what gives your lashes the length and va va voomness.  The fibers look very strange and a bit disconcerting at first, but when used sparingly and in a few layers the results are amazing.

Here is a helpful video on how to properly apply these products:

      Now lets get on to the results.  Here is one eye with the mascara and one without.  Mind you, this is just ONE coat of the fibers.

The left eye is with just my regular every day mascara and the right eye is with just one coat of the 3d lash system.  As you can see- no spidery lashes, just long lush lashes.

Here's a picture with both eyes coated in the lashes and as you can see the results are just beautiful.

Taking it off is seriously just as easy as taking off regular mascara or eye makeup.  I used one of my regular Yes to Cucumbers Remover wipes and a couple extra gentle rubs to get off all of the fibers.  

   All in all this product is AMAZEBALLS!  Again, as someone who is absolutely useless when it comes to applying falsies, this product is a true Godsend for nights out or days when I want to look just a bit more glamorous than usual. 

 If you're interested in ordering this product visit Tammy's Younique page

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday: Deceptively Delicious Cookbook Review

   Another book review this week? Yes, that is correct!  I was looking through my cookbook collection and realized I had never done a review on one of my favorite healthy cookbooks, Deceptively Delicious.

   Deceptively Delicious is a cookbook full of standard comfort food recipes with an added fruit or vegetable to make them more nutritious.  It's marketed for moms who have kids who aren't a fan of fruits or veggies, but I thought it was a great idea and had to buy it for myself.  I am also a fan of great photography and graphic design in cookbooks and this has that too!

    If you've ever tried one of the popular Pinterest recipes of mashed cauliflower (mashed potatoes dupe) or cauliflower rice than this cookbook is for you.  It is full of classic recipes (ranging from french toast, to brownies, to spaghetti and meatballs) with added fruits or vegetables to bulk up the nutritional value, but not change the taste!

   At the beginning of the book there is a chapter on kitchen and pantry necessities which is quite helpful.  It also has information on how to prepare and puree the fruits and vegetables for the recipes and even how to freeze them so you can prepare them ahead of time.

  The recipes are very easy and don't contain hard to find ingredients.  Some recipes even have several variations in case you or your child is allergic to a particular ingredient.  I would definitely recommend this book to people who have a difficult time getting in enough fruits and vegetables to their diet or who have kids or even relatives who are finicky eaters!

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from the book!

Have you ever snuck a fruit or veggie into a recipe when it wasn't called for?  Would you give this cookbook a try?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Review: The Everygirl's Guide to Life

   One of the books on my summer reading list was, The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, by Maria Menounos.  I ended up borrowing it from my library because I tend to like non-fiction books to be real books as opposed to ebooks.

       I've never really watched a whole lot of Maria Menounos on tv, but I like her personality and I'm really a sucker for any girly self-helpy type of book.  This book was a fun read and actually was full of great tips and tricks.

Here are some of my favorite tidbits from the book:

*Maria stresses the importance of having a regular cleaning schedule.  This way when guests are coming over you won't have to do a deep cleaning, things will already be spic and span.

*She recommends setting up a "black book" otherwise known as a home management binder.  As I begin condo shopping I think this will be very helpful, and I'll be setting it up more or less like this.

*Every New Year's Eve she writes out her resolutions and the steps to get them.  She then posts the goals and steps to obtain them in a very visible place.  I know we all have resolutions, but seeing the steps to get them everyday may act as a gentle reminder.

*This is a great tip for when dressing for a night out or when you know you are going to have your picture taken: take a flash photo of your outfit to make sure nothing shows up sheer or see through on camera!

*Maria emphasizes the importance of meditation in her life.  I have never once given thought to meditation, but as a frequent sufferer of anxiety and migraines, I will be looking into this.  I didn't know meditation has been proven to lessen severity of migraines.

*A tip I've never heard to help with a minor panic/anxiety attack is to use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel placed on your chest.  The weight and the warmth of the bottle is supposed to be soothing.

*In a world where the economy still sucks, making connections is super important.  Maria recommends keeping a little notebook to collect business cards.  Glue the business card in and jot down a few notes as to how you know the person and what you may have chatted about.  It's a great resource to have.

All in all, I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  It had quite a few makeup and hair tips that were new to me, great advice on how to design your dream home on a budget, some lazy girl workouts and great recipes.  This is a book that I wouldn't mind having on my bookshelf to take out every now and then for inspiration or to use as a reference.

Are you a Maria Menounous fan?  Would you read this book?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Style Sunday: The Anatomy of an Interview Outfit

   Tomorrow I have a job interview and on top of stressing out about my answers to those age old interview questions (what's your biggest weakness?") I also used to always stress out about what to wear!  About a year ago I created my perfect go to interview outfit and I wanted to share my essentials with you!

A Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is chic without looking matronly.  It's fitted without being revealing.  For so long I thought I had to wear a suit to an interview, and unless you are working in a corporate environment, you can get away with a sheath dress in a neutral color.  Make sure it's an appropriate length with your heels on and that the material doesn't tug anywhere.

Black Heels

This is not the time for your strappy, open toed or super high shoes.  This is the time for a classic, 2-3 inch heel pump.  Even though open toe is more acceptable nowadays, I still wouldn't wear it for an interview.


The only jewelry I would recommend is a small pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings.  They are simple and brighten up your face.

Black Tote

My tote is usually where I like to add my bit of personality or pizazz to my interview outfit.  I usually tie a colorful silk scarf around the handle to add a bit of color.  A tote is big enough to carry your portfolio or full size notepad and a copy or two of your resume!

These are my steps for a fool proof interview ensemble.  Tomorrow I'll be posting a picture of my go to outfit on my Facebook page!  

Do you tend to go more casual or more conservative on an interview? 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fitness Friday: Sports Bras for Bigger Boobs

   There's one pain I used to have after almost every workout- boob pain.  I used to buy cheap-o sports bras, workout and then wonder why my back and chest were in agony the next day.  If you are a woman, a sports bra is one of the best things to invest in when it comes to workout necessities.  If you are a C cup or higher, sports bras are even more important!

Low Impact

Low impact exercises include:
*strength training
*Rowing machine
*Rock climbing

These bras are almost like bralettes.  The sports bra can be worn on its own or with a top that doesn't have additional support built in.

Medium Impact

Medium impact exercises include:
*Eliptical machine
*Step aerobics
*Really any jump free workout 

For a medium impact activity, I would recommend a racer back style for more support and also would wear a workout top with a shelf bra or additional support for added comfort.

High Impact

High impact exercises include:
*Interval training
*Running (I consider running high impact for larger breasts)

With a high impact activity, I'm a bit on the paranoid side and I wear a regular tshirt bra, a sports bra and usually a top with support in it as well.

What is your favorite sports bra?  I like to stock up on a variety of sports bras so I'm not always doing the wash!  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Style Sunday: Le Tote #2

   A few weeks ago I received my second package from Le Tote (which I forgot to document!), a week or so after that I received my third Le Tote, which I must admit has been my favorite so far!  If you forgot how Le Tote works check my blog post here.

*BB Dakota Allon Pocket Tank*

Retail: $58
Member Price: $44
This is one item that I actually considered purchasing, until I saw dry clean only.  I'm just not in a place in my life where I want to purchase a lot of pieces that can only be dry cleaned.  I loved the bright coral color of this piece and it's moderate cut which makes it great for work or going out.  While I do love the split detail on the back, I liked it even more tucked into a pair of shorts for summer or a pencil skirt for fall.

*Kensie Shamrock Tank Top*

Retail: $58
Member Price: $44
This is one of my favorite colors to wear as it brings out the green in my eyes and when I opened the box I thought I was going to love this top, but I just didn't love it on.  It comes in a bit too much up top to hide my bra straps, so I can't wear it at work, but I don't think it's cute enough for a going out type of top.  

*Sanctuary Beach Sweatshirt*

Retail: $68
Member Price: $37
This was another piece in the box and online that I loved, but just hated it on me.  I'm not a fan of cropped tops to begin with, nor do I own any high waisted bottoms that would go with this.  Still, I was willing to try to make this work.  I think it's the bottom of the shirt that I'm not a fan of.  It reminds me of retro sweats, and I just can't get down with that!

*Pyramid Crystal Earring*
Retail: $38
Member Price: $28

These earrings were cute, I just don't see them being worth the price.  I can find an equally cute pair at Charming Charlie.

 *Ezra Drop Necklace*
Retail: $38
Member Price: $28

Again, another piece of jewelry that I liked, but couldn't justify spending $28 on it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my "second" installment of Le Tote.  I plan on keeping this service around for a while and I think I will find it especially useful when I go back to work in September.  My one complaint, is I wish they would send accessories that coordinate with the clothing pieces.  

Have you tried Le Tote yet?  For more information click here!

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