Friday, February 17, 2012

How to: Heatless Curls Part 1

After watching so many videos on heatless curls on Youtube, I've decided to begin a quest to find the best technique for my hair. My hair is super thick, no volume on top, a bit on the dry side with a natural wave. My hair is a bit on the short side for my liking right now, so I feel like I need to dress it up a bit more to keep from absolutely hating it!

Yaya has a lot of great heatless curl videos, and the first one I decided to try on a very lazy night. I just didn't feel like doing a damn thing, so this is a great heatless curl technique to do in a hurry or when you are feeling like a complete bum like me.

I put these french twist pigtails into my hair when it was about 90% dry. If you plan on sleeping in these, you need it to be at least that dry so it won't feel damp and gross when you wake up the next day.

Morning shot:

First of all, I can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can wear this out. It's such an easy and quick look and very cute. The problem with this method for my length hair, was that the bottom hairs or hairs from the back weren't included really in the twist, so those pieces ended up very straight.


You can see that the little curls are very cute, but the book of my head was a hot mess. Again, like I said because of my hair's length (about my collar bone) the hair in the back and bottom weren't twisted enough into the french twist. The back part of my head was pretty much completely straight! I had to use my curling wand to kind of balance the back out with the sides.

So, overall the results of this method weren't great for me. HOWEVER! I would totally recommend this to girls with longer hair and can't wait to try this again when my hair grows out a bit more.


mayaari said...

i've tried a similar technique that uses a stretchy headband to help keep the hair in place (where the headband runs across your forehead, very boho/hippie) helped to get my hair in the back to curl, but i didn't wind it tight enough so my curls in the front were super tight, and the back was wavy. might help for shorter hair

blue roses said...

i would never have thought to try..... hmmmm..... project for this weekend?

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