Monday, January 6, 2014

My Beauty Emergency Car Kit

     As a suburbanite I spend a lot of time in my car.  Unless I'm going into the city, I'm traveling by car. I decided to put together a little beauty emergency kit to keep in my car so I don't have to haul around all of this stuff in my purse!
    If you don't want to keep this in your car (due to temperatures maybe?) than it would be a great thing to stash in your desk for impromptu happy hours.

I got this cute Coach makeup bag for Christmas from my dad.  It's a nice material and easy to clean in case something spills on or in it.

*Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo- I feel like every beauty emergency kit should contain a dry shampoo!  This dry shampoo not only sops up oil, but provides great volume!  It also gives your hair a bit of texture in case you want to throw it up into some sort of undo.

*Mini Hairbrush- I don't know about you, but this constant change of cold weather into heated buildings and constant hair crushing  by jackets makes my hair turn into a rat's nest!  A baby brush is a must!

*Victoria's Secret Lotion and Body Spray- I normally have a hand lotion and body spray in my purse, but in case I have a clutch for some reason or want something a bit more girly I go for this combo of Victoria's Secret Such a Flirt Lotion and Aqua Kiss Body Spray.

*The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine- This pomade is great in TINY doses for providing hair with shine and for taming frizzies.  It also smells AMAZING!

*Secret Deodorant- No one likes a stanky gal!

*Hair Tie and Bobby Pins- I usually have a hair tie around my wrist or in my purse, but again it's nice to have an extra just in case.  I also have a lot more bobby pins in my emergency bag, but didn't need to show you all of them.  I need to get a cute little container of some sort to store my bobby pins in.

*Pointed Q-Tips- I was going to keep a sample size bottle of eye makeup remover in my bag, but no matter where I take remover and what kind I take, it always seems to leak!  This q-tips will have to do until I get to Target to get that ELF Eye Makeup Remover Stick.

Does anyone else keep a beauty emergency kit in their car, desk or purse?  I'd love to know what else to add to mine!!

**The Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo was sent to me by Influenster in a Voxbox.  I am not affiliated with Not Your Mother's or Influenster in anyway.  All other items were purchased by me or gifted by friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

great pics for a car emergency bag. I do keep one too, but didn't think of adding dry shampoo. Not a huge necessity, but I mean you never know~ Thanks for sharing~

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