Monday, December 29, 2008

Deals of the Day

The after Christmas sales are piling up and it's the time for several stores to have their semi-annual sales.
Victoria's Secret, Express and Bath and Body Works are all having their semi-annual sale. The prices are amazing. Express is also having an additional 20% off their clearance items. I got two fab items and was going to go back the next day to get more. Don't do that! Everything I wanted was completely picked out. With these huge, clearance sales it's better to buy and then return or exchange (read the stores policy first) items, instead of risking having them picked out.

-Wet Seal clearance on-line and in store starting at $1

-Banana Republic Outlet-Extra 40% off clearance...WooHoO

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

You do it every day (as do I!). Make a fabulous list of New Years resolutions and by my birthday (January 15th) they're all out the window. 2009 however can be different. All it takes is a little planning in advance and of course some dedication.

A great way to make resolutions stick is to break them down into smaller, more attainable goals. This year I plan on breaking my goals down into 12 smaller goals, one a month.

For example, the ever popular goal of losing weight/excercising more/eating better/being healthier. This year my goal is to be healthier, if this involves losing weight, whatever. I just want to be able to excercise with out getting winded and feel healthier. I get sick all the time, I'm sure my diet and lack of excercise has to be a contributing factor to that. Here is my 2009 monthly breakdown.

January- Exercise three times a week-minimum. If it's going to the gym, doing an exercise dvd or going for a walk/jog.

February- Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my daily routine. I want to start having a salad with my lunch or dinner. It's a great way to get some veggies, and since lettuce is a water based veggie it helps you feel full quicker. I also want to replace my afternoon snack with a fruit or veggie snack. Around 2-3 at work I always begin to crash, and I have a feeling some natural energy will do me better than another can of diet coke.

March- If I'm not doing it all ready, I want to start exercising 5 times a week. I want this to include cardio, weight training and flexibility training, such as pilates or yoga.

April- Master some healthy recipes and begin planning my meals in advance. I find that when I get home from work and feel rushed, I reach for crappy food. If I begin planning and prepping my meals in advance I will never have to stop for fast food or reach for crappy food again.

May- Incorporate exercise into my everyday mundane tasks. Exercise doesn't only happen in the gym or on a jog, you can incorporate exercise into every part of your day. Now, instead of sitting in my chair while I'm on the phone I'm going to do lunges or plies. Instead of emailing my co-worker, I'm going to get off my lazy butt and walk to the person. When I'm watching Gossip Girl, I can do push ups, sit ups or jumping jacks during the commercial. THere is always time to incorporate a little fitness into your day.

And so on. When I look at this huge goal in smaller portions, I really feel that it's attainable. When I meet a monthly goal I plan on rewarding myself with a new cookbook, a mani/pedi, or a new outfit to show off my hot new bod :)

Another way to ensure that your resolutions can be met is to enlist the support of a friend, partner, co-worker or family member who has a similar goal. If you have support and also have the trust of someone else, you will be less likely to bail.

Get the necessary supplies to meet your goal, but don't go overboard. Another one of my goals is to organize my room and therefor, my life! I've started on my closet and only bought what was necessary. Some people can go out and spend a ton on work out gear they won't use, organizing supplies that just create more clutter or any other fad that they chose to buy in to. Take inventory of what you need to meet your goal and ONLY buy that.

Most importantly: write them down and place them somewhere you'll them everyday. Post it in your fridge or by your computer. It's hard to ignore when it stares you down every morning.

What is everyone's New Years Resolutions??

Mine are:
-Be healthy (that's my monthly breakdown up there)
-Stop impulse shopping
-Be a better friend
-Write in my journal
-Organize and declutter my room and my closet
-Take more pictures
-Keep track of my expenses and put away more money.

Now that I wrote them on here, I have everyone else to answer to also haha.
Happy 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

What to wear? What to wear?

So the bf and I are going to the Melting Pot for New Years Eve. It's in a mini city by us that has their own ball dropping (no way in HELL I'm going to Times Square) and tons of fancy food. I'm trying to put together a cheap outfit, because I buy s0o many dresses and literally only wear them once. Here are a couple of Forever 21 looks I put together on Polyvore. I need help! Let me know which one you gals like.

Purple and Black by Melziebabee

New Years Eve-Purpley by Melziebabee

Forever 21 by Melziebabee

Friday, December 19, 2008

From the heart-Moms, Aunts, Grandmas

The women in our lives are super important and after all they have done for us, now is a great time to try to express to them how much we appreciate them. Gifts from the heart are the perfect way to accomplish this.

Note cards-
Michaels and A.C. Moore sell blank cards by the dozens for $5 each (and hello 50% off coup!) This is where creativity comes in. I just received note cards with beautiful photographs glued to the front. The pics were all taken in Cape Cod, which is where my family lives. If you don't love nature like photos, why not copy some photos of you and the person you're giving the cards to through the years. Your first pic of the two of you were when you were a baby, up to the most recent. If photos aren't your think, there's tons of stickers, papers, punches, any kind of scrapbooking supplies to make a pretty card.

Scrapbooks are a fantastic gift for anyone close in your life. However, moms and Grandmas find these particulary charming. Head to Michaels and buy up a bunch of supplies and get started. If you aren't the super crafty person, try Scrapblog. This awesome site allows you to make a "digital" scrapbook using different "papers", "stickers", everything. I'm addicted to this site. Now you can get them printed to you and sent out like a real scrapbook. Of course this idea is a bit late for Christmas delivery, but if you print out a single page to give to them and let them know the rest is on the way, it's still a lovely gift.
If you want to give something right away, try an "instant" scrapbook from Hallmark. An instant scrapbook has pages, stickers, and layouts all ready set up. You just pop in your pictures and some journaling.

A spa day
No, not an expensive spa day at some ritzie spa, but an at home spa day. Head back to my handy craft site, or head to your local bookstore and jot down some home spa recipes. Put these recipes in some cute jars purchased at Michaels or a thrift shop and create labels on directions. Throw in a pair of slippers and voila-instant spa day.

A recipe book or recipe cards
If you come from a family with a lot of recipes passed down between generations, Christmas is a wonderful time to put them all together for easy access. If you want, you can put them in scrapbook form. If not, simply get some nice textured or patterned paper and type them out. I still reccomend using a scrapbook, because you want the recipes covered in plastic.

These are just a few ideas in case any of you ladies are stuck on what to get those important women in your life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gifts from the heart-BFF

When we were little and in elementary school, giving homemade gifts wasn't only practical, it was adorable. Than we got a bit older and it wasn't seen as so adorable anymore.

Well, in these struggling economic times, and at this certain age, making gifts has just come back into the picture. At least for me. I'm at the age where my friends and I are struggling to find careers and not just jobs, save money for a future while paying off student loans from your past and doing anything and everything in our power to get out of our parents house, and not just into an apartment with a futon and a milk crate end table.

Now is the time and the perfect season to put together cute little gifts from the heart and not only have them be sentimental, but cute and chic as well.

1. Photo Collage-
A couple years ago one of my best friends made me the nicest photo collage. It was straight from the heart and s0o simple and chic. She used a regular black and white copier to copy pics of us through the years. She resized on the copier as necessary. She then arranged the photos on a piece of paper and copied that and voila-instant photo collage. She added a couple of subdued stickers and put in a frameless frame and I loved it. (I'll be adding a pic tomorrow night!)
Along the lines of the photo collage is the shadow box. You can pick up a super cheap shadow box at your local craft store or at Ikea. These hold not only pics, but memontos as well. Pick a favorite concert you went to and include a copy of the ticket, the cd book and your favorite pic from that night. Or what about your beach trip? Throw some sand and shells in there and your fave pic. The possibilities are endless.

2. Bag or box o’ samples-
I don’t know about you ladies, but I looove samples! I love choosing my free samples at Sephora and always ask for samples at a cosmetics counter. It’s a great way to try a new product and a great way to collect a lot of junk. Over the past year I’ve collected tons of samples and haven’t used most of them. My best friend’s younger sister is just getting into make up and it’s hard to try out new products as she has a one year old little girl. I put together all the samples I’ve collected into a cosmetics case (a free gift with purchase!) and gave them to her. She was so thrilled.

3. Look kit-
I got this idea from ELF. They put together little kits to use for different looks-bronze goddess, smokey eye, etc. Why not do something similar for your bff? If she ever commented on a look on you she loved, or really liked a youtube tut, try to gather the stuff needed for the look and create a look kit. I was at CVS the other day and a lot of the makeup that is going to be discontinued was 50-75% off! This is a great alternative if you can’t afford all of the products to recreate a particular look.
4. A day of-
My best girlfriend and I have recently become obsessed with Twilight. If you guys share a common passion (which if you’re bff I’m sure you do) why not treat her to a “day of it”. If it’s a movie, take her to the movie to see it and discuss it after lunch. If it’s a book, grab two copies to read and discuss. If it’s a band and you can’t afford the concert, buy her the cd and blast it all day. At this age it’s hard to see my BFF has often as I want to, and if there’s any excuse for us to get together and act like little girls again, it’ll be a great gift.
5. A blast from the past
There has to be some embarrassing crush or hobby or something from your BFF’s past. If enough time has passed for them to get over it get something to remind them of it as a joke. I would get my bff Ally anything Nick Carter or New Kids on the Block related (come on that’s embarrassing!). Or I’d get my other BFF Anthony something Charmed or cartoon related (even though he still watches cartoons). I know you and your gals (and guys) have tons of inside jokes. This is the time to laugh and bring them up again.
6. A magazine subscription
I read so many magazines it’s not healthy. Magazines though are a great escape from the boring stuff we read at work or in class. Get your BFF a subscription to Cosmo or Glamour. Anything beauty related with the chance of seeing some half naked hotties is a good gift!
7. On the same theme as a magazine subscription how about a look book? For the past few years whenever I see an article, outfit, recipe, whatever from a magazine I rip it out and keep it. When it got to be a mess about a year ago, I bought a huge binder and put everything in there by section. I now have tons of hair ideas and tips, make up tricks and tutes, outfit ideas, home decorating ideas, recipes, etc. I looked through that new cosmo book with all the beauty tips and I have pretty much everyone of them just from ripping out the ideas from the mags and filing it away. Copy a few of your faves and put together a look/tute book for your BFF.
8. Any kind of “kit”
If your BFF is in some serious need for R&R put together a mini spa kit with a relaxing bubble bath, sleep mask and a candle. If she’s starting a new job how about a new planner and a desk frame for a “new job” kit. There are tons of kits out there and there are just way too many to list here, so be creative.
9. Anything homemade that doesn’t look like it came from a first grader.
Home made is chic again. My favorite resource for arts and craft tutes is Craftbits. This site gives step by step tutorials on any kind of craft imaginable. I made soaps last year for a swap partner and I can't even tell you how easy it was thanks to this site!

So time is limited, get on that Christmas shopping/creating for your BFF!

Deals of the Day-12/16

Here are your deals of the day!

-Mario Badescu-Free shipping with $30+
Free gift with purchase-Enter MBHOLIDAY

-Amazon Grocery-$25 off $75-Enter Q4DEAL25

-Benefit-Free rush hour with $30 purchase-Enter HOLIRUSH
Free shipping with $25 +-Enter DECEMBER

-Bath and Body Works-20% off entire site-Ends TODAY-Enter TWENTY

-Old Navy-10% off $75 and free shipping-Enter ONHOLIDAY

-Gap $20 off $100 and free shipping-Enter GIFT

-Mac-25% off holiday sets-WOW!

-Estee Lauder-Free 2nd day delivery with $35 purchase-Enter FREE2NDDAY

-ELF-Free make up dvd with a $25 purchase-Enter UPGRADE

Friday, December 12, 2008

Deals of the Day-12/12

So sorry for the TOTAL lack of actual posts lately. I'm done with classes Tuesday and have s0o0o much due, it's not even funny. However, next week I'll be posting every day a "Gift Guide from the Heart" for everyone in your life.

To tide you over until then, here are a couple of deals that crowded my in-box.

-ELF-50% off gift sets. Enter code 50GIFTS

-Avon-Free shipping with your $10 order. Enter code MISTLETOE

-Cherry Culture-20% off all orders $50+. Enter code CS20

-The Body Shop-30-50% off select gift sets.

Get out there and get shopping!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deals of the Day-12/09

Target-Free shipping on most toys
Kohls-$10 Kohls cash for every $50 spent
Wet Seal-Today only!! 20% off the entire site and free shipping with a $15 purchase
Banana Republic-20% off your order of $125+ Enter BRHOLIDAY

Charlotte Russe:


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guide to Outlet Shopping

I don't know about you, but I loooove outlet shopping. The deals that I get at outlets just get me all excited and giddy!

However, there is a right and a wrong way to shop at an outlet. Here are some general rules to follow to get some of the best deals:

-Do your research! Every outlet center usually has a website. Check it regularly as it updates sale. Outlet prices generally are great, but they are even better with an additional percent off.

-While you're at that website, register with them. Most of the time if you register with them and become a "member" they give you a voucher to pick up a coupon book. Sometimes you may need a AAA card, or something like that. Get this coupon book! It has extra percentages off or a free gift for most stores and stands at an outlet mall.

-Check if the individual stores have outlet mailing lists. I've signed up for the J.Crew, Banana Republic and Gap store emails, but they each have outlet emails that you have to sign up for seperately. They don't send coupons, but just alert you of upcoming sales.

-Be prepared! Most outlet malls (at least by me) are outdoors and not always compact. Wear comfortable shoes and easy to slip on and off clothes (for trying on stuff-get your mind out of the gutter!). Also, bring snacks and try to plan ahead to spot a good restaurant near the outlets. Outlet food courts seem to always be packed, overpriced and quite yucky to me.

-Get a map and plan a route of attack. The outlet that I frequent is kind of broken into sections. I give each section a priority and start at my favorite one. That way if I get tired, I won't have missed my favorite store.

-Try to go on a weekday! Outlets are always packed on the weekend-especially the next couple of weekends! If you go on a weekday,

Deals of the Day-12/3

God-I can't believe it's December 3rd all ready! Where does the time go?

I've been a bit down lately, because I haven't really felt the Christmas spirit yet and usually I am alll about the Christmas spirit. I hope that will change this weekend, because my dad the beau and I are going to get our Christmas tree on Friday!

Anywho, one thing I have been doing for Christmas is my shopping. I'm thrilled to say that I'm almost done!

Any who, here are the deals of the day that have flooded my inbox:

-Bath and Body Works-Free shipping on any on-line orders over $60 and $3 room sprays
-Express-Free shipping on any of their "top 10 gift items"-Today only!!
-Kohls-50% off Fisher Price Toys and 50% off Chaps sportswear for women-TODAY ONLY!
-Too Faced-Free shipping on all orders and a free full
-ELF Cosmetics-Free $25 gift certificate and a free Fandango movie ticket with any $20 purchase (WOW) Enter code DINE

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