Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Pretty Sample Bag

My lovely readers know how much I LOVE My Pretty Pink Box. Well, now let me introduce you to My Pretty Sample Bag!

My Pretty Sample Bag is like a personalized version of My Pretty Pink Box. This amazing site allows you to pick and choose from the various retailers and receive samples from them. It's an amazing way to try out new companies, products or to add a little extra something to a swap!

The way it works:

Choose how many samples you want
Get 3 samples for $5.50 or 5 samples for $9.00. Both of these prices include shipping!

Choose the samples you want
Currently the samples range from a full size sample product from NYX, a wax strip by Body by Brigette, Revlon nails to Mineral Make up Samples. The selection is really great and will only continue to grow!

If you're looking to try out some new products My Pretty Sample Bag AND My Pretty Pink Box are great ways to sample new products, it's up to you if you want to choose your specific products or be surprised!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Giveaway bonanza!

Since I started my no-buy, I'm seriously trying to win every contest lol.

Miss Mercury Lady is having a fabulous giveaway with some Mac products and gorgeous jewels! The contest runs until October 13th, so you have some time, but get on over there and show her some love!

Well hello puffcake

Oh Puffcake is having a fabulous give away! Besides having one of the cutest blog lay outs around, she's having a giveaway with products ranging from Ecotools to Soapalaya from Etsy! The give away ends September 30th, so get your cute lil' butts over there!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Wardrobe Lust List

I'm following in the foot steps of my Tammy and creating a fall lust list that I can actually afford.

Old Navy

Drawstring Waist Dress

Tie Front Cardi

Tall Suede Boots

My Discount Fashion Mecca: F21!

Keyhole Ruffled Top

Draped Knit Top

The new dresses at F21 are just amazing! I want like all of 'em! LoL

Off Shoulder Tiered Dress

Abstract Belted Tunic

Knit Tiered Bottom Dress

Fab High Waist Skirt

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Launches-Lauren Conrad for Kohls and Anna Sui for Target

As of today I am putting myself on a No Buy for make up. My paycheck has gone from a full time crappy paycheck to a 10 hour a week crappy paycheck. The emphasis is on crappy. I have bought a lot of make up and don't use enough of it. I'm actually going to start doing a look of the week to get some feedback on my make up skills. I'm all about feedback lately since I get tons during my student teaching lol. I also want to add to my wardrobe, because it is lacking!!!

Two major discount fashion launches happened this week, two that I was really excited about. One lived up to the hype and one failed (in my eyes) miserably.

Fashion loser of the week:

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls

This line is as boring and as crappy as her now defunct over priced fashion line. I'm assuming they are just releasing a few pieces at a time, because as of now there are like 10 shirts, 2 dresses and a couple pairs of jeans.

I know LC wears a lot of basics and I really dig LC's style. This line doesn't seem to reflect her personal style at all. It's just another route to make some cash.

The plus side? It's better then Heidi's now defunct fashion line! OMG-zebra print hot shorts Mrs. Pratt?

Fashion winner of the week:

Anna Sui for Target

Gossip Girl here...I ADORE this line, I love it. This line, especially Blair's collection, is going to cost me a lot of money. I haven't been to my local Target yet to feel the quality of these pieces, but overall I'm impressed with the durablity of most of Target's clothes that I have purchased.

My lust list:

Floral Metallic Jacquard Dress a la Blair-$45- All ready out of stock :(

Serena's Feather Dress- $70.00

Jenny Silk Patterned Dress- $60.00

Sorry Vanessa, not feeling any of your looks.

Any of you lucky ladies pick up any of these looks?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September My Pretty Pink Box

Linda continues to outdo herself! This September's My Pretty Pink Box arrived last weekend and like every month, I couldn't wait to rip it open and see what new goodies I got! This month's was fab!

This month's box held:

Kiss everlasting French nails in Real Short
These nails seem similar to the Revlon nails in terms of their description (I haven't tried either yet), but I love the length of these. They are super short with the perfect "squaoval" shape.

A shadow sample from Orglamix in Watermelon
This is a beautiful sorbet like color-it's the perfect summer color. I also love Etsy sellers, so this is a great product.

Nailene French Tip Pen in black
I love these french tip pens! Plus, black manis are so edgy and in for the fall and winter.

Revlon Fantasy Length lashes in Intensifying
After reading all the hype on these on the blogs these past few months I'm beyond thrilled to try them out!!!

A shadow sample from Paint Fx in Silversham
This is the perfect silver for a sexy smokey eye.

Chocolate Masque (Deep more cleansing) from Mantagne Jeunesse
I LOVE masks and a chocolate one sounds perfect! Plus, my pores are getting a bit annoying to me lately, so this is perfect.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Review: Remainder of ELF Haul

This is the long overdue review of the remaining items in my ELF haul. I tried to use the eye shadow transformer mentioned in the previous review post, but noticed zero difference. Anyone else who has this product notice that?

Any who, on to the review:

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black:

ELF site description:

Get no smudge with no-budge eyeliner, which creates a fabulous and fresh look of precision that lasts for hours. The smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines for effortless beauty.

Overall, for only a buck, I was seriously impressed. The pen can go from thin to fat depending on the angle used and I've had it for a couple of weeks and store it cap side down and it's not dry at all. The color really is waterproof. I would definitely order this in other colors.

Brightening eye color in Punk Funk:

ELF Site Description:

Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. The 4 color quad allows for both natural and dramatic looks. Mirror in compact included.

Honestly, I love these ELF compacts. For only $1.00 the pigmentation is quite impressive. This quad has a frosty white with a slight pink undertone, a matte blue, a matte purple and a pink that is a little too glittery for my liking. The purple and blue in this quad is really impressive, but the pink is just way too glittery for me.

Hollywood Eyelashes Set

ELF Site Description:

No mess, lash beautification for a Hollywood glamour look. Achieve lashes like the celebrities with this all-in-one kit.
Kit Includes: Lash applicator, lash stand, false lashes and adhesive glue.

This kit has a pair of lashes, lash glue, a stand and an applicator. I'm still quite a newbie at the lash game so I thought this would be a good kit to try. All around, I'm glad I got this kit for 75% off. The lashes look and feel a bit wire-y compared to the Ardells I've tried. The lash stand is kind of pointless and the applicator is a glorified chip bag clip. The glue is the only part that's half way decent.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

So, I've been completely MIA this week from the blog-o-sphere. Why? I started my student teaching! While I thought my getting home by 3:30 3 days out of the work week would lead to me doing more when I get home, I find myself exhausted. Running around after 4th graders all day is exhausting! I always knew being an elementary school teacher was hard work, much more difficult than most people think, I find myself passed out asleep before 10 o'clock. On top of my student teaching I'm also working 10 hours a week and have class. I feel like a crazy lady this week. I think once I get into a routine I'll be a lot better.

On the bright side- I LOVE my student teaching. Have you ever done something and just instantly felt right? This is what I feel for my student teaching. My undergrad was in public relations and after graduation I worked in a college and dreaded going to work every day. I'm not even getting paid for my student teaching, in fact I'm PAYING for it and yet I love it. I hope everyone feels this way about their career and if not- they should!

Anyway, I haven't gotten into my routine yet, which is why I've sucked at blogging lately. Here are some upcoming posts:

♥ September My Pretty Pink Box Post and Review
♥ Blog Sale Haul and Review
♥ How to Dress for Style and Comfort (important in the teaching field!)
♥ Fall Wishlist

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blog Sale!

On my journey to organization, I want to get rid of some make up items and a few purses that I don't use anymore. Sale is for U.S. customers only (sorry ::sads::). Shipping is $3.00 on all orders. Items will be shipped the Friday after your order is placed. If you're interested in any items, email me at Minimum order is $5.00. Happy shopping!

New-Never used NYX Items:

Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Beige Sparkle


Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Walnut Sparkle


Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Gold Sparkle


NYX Single Shadow in Ocean Frost


For very inaccurate swatches lol visit:

Swatched and/or used products:

NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Aquamarine
90-95% left


NYX Diamond Sparkle Gloss in Fuschia Sparkle
Swatched 1x


NYX Diamond Sparkle Gloss in Red Sparkle
Swatched 1x

NYX Diamond Sparkle Gloss in Plum Sparkle
Swatched 1x


NYX Diamond Sparkle Gloss in Orange Sparkle
Swatched 1x


Smashbox Sheer Lip Pencil in Palm Beach
Swatched 1x


For swatches visit:


100% Authentic Coach bag in Baby Blue-Purchased at Lord and Taylor January 2008
Outside is pristine, the lining shows some dirt around the zipper

Bag will come with authentic Coach storage/dust bag


Unicef Black Bag with Silver glitter embroidery-Shows no wear and tear


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Closet Couture-Totally as if!

The ladies of my generation, and every generation since, will make at least one Clueless reference in their life. Look it up-it's a fact! If you've ever said "whatever" to something or someone annoying or stretched out your vowels a bit a la Valley Girl style, you have the cinematic genius that is Clueless to thank.

Even as a younger gal, I beyond envied that awesome "virtual" type closet system Cher had. Who didn't?!!

::Photo courtesy of Sweet Contemplation on Photobucket::

I've long dreamed of having a massive closet and installing a similar system. When I grew up I realized that was pretty darn impossible unless you were seriously loaded. Well, minus the whole dry cleaners style moving racks and massive closet, I found something closet.

My newest online addiction, Closet Couture. This site is similar to poupee girl in that you photograph your clothes and post them in your online closet. Then it' kind of like Polyvore in the sense that you create collages to make outfits. I'm just addicted at looking at the stylish people and the outfits they post. You can follow people and even look up similar fashion items as the ones you have in your own closet. People can comment and inspire you to jazz up some boring pieces.

I plan on going through my closet this weekend and getting rid of some stuff and taking some stuff to the tailor. I'm going to start photographing. Even though I can try on different outfits together, I now have the ability to create outfits any time of day from any computer. It's also nice to have a visual snapshot of what i have in my closet so I don't overspend. Yes my darlings, I am in love!

Let me know if you want me to send you an invite to join so we can automatically link up or if you join on your own!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mini Haul

Last weekend I went to the mall with my boyfriend and friend Bia. I had very specific shopping goals in mind-I met the beauty shopping goals, and failed miserably with the clothing shopping goals.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I did a review on the Philosophy On a Clear Day kit, here. I was just ehh with the whole set, but loved the retinol gel it came with. I went to purchase it in full size this weekend. I'm terrified of premature aging, so I thought this would be a great product to begin my anti-aging routine with, on top of that it also helps lighten my acne scars-bonus! Anyone know of a product that can help with broken capillaries around the nose or are those babies permanent?

I also stopped in at Mac. I need a good foundation for said acne scars and my NYX Concealer in a Jar just wasn't cutting it anymore. The sales associate recommended the Studio Sculpt concealer in NW20 (I know-I'm PALE!). She put it on with a qtip and then lightly buffed it out with a sponge. It looked flawless! This morning I put it on with my BE Concealer brush and try to buff it out and it does nothing. I may try the Qtip and sponge effect tomorrow.

Lastly, I got a blush palette. Yes, I only have three Mac blushes, but I can fit a NYX blush in there too. I'm trying to downsize my makeup storage and depotting is my first HUGE step at doing this. I have blushes and tons of NYX singles to depot. I plan on using Enkore's no heat method. After Christmas time last year I used the heat method to depot my Flirt! By Kohls palette and the "aroma" nearly killed me.

I plan on going to Ikea within the next couple of weeks to get some storage help in the make up area. I definitely plan on doing a before and after post!

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