Monday, January 24, 2011

Age Ain't Nothin But a Number

A lot of well, shit, happened during my 25th year of life. I left my annoying, yet stable job, to pursue my masters. I received my master's degree. Got my first job in my career field. Broke up with the man who I thought was going to be my husband. Made an abundance of new friends and solidified the important relationships in my life. It was a lot and while I looked at it as a great year, I was glad to see it go. However, turning 26 just didn't sound right. So instead I like to think of it as the 5th anniversary of my 21st birthday!

My friends and I rented out a private room at Karaoke Toptunes. Give me an open bar and a microphone and who knows what can happen!

I loved, loved, loved my look for my birfday! My bestie Ally helped me pick out the outfit and did my hair. The shirt/tunic is from a store called Joyce Leslie. I think it's a NY store. Leggings are F21, Boots are from Macys and headband is stolen from Ally.

Singing Billionaire with my besties

Me and my hubs doing 4 Minutes a la Justin and Madonna

The loves of my life <3

Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Rave: Booty Shapers

Let me set the scene. Christmas morning and my mom and I are sitting on the couch opening presents. She hands me a wrapped package I open the top and see the words "Booty Shapers". I'm like WTF Mom? Until I open the present the rest of the way and see this brilliant idea:

They are shapers for your BOOTS, not BOOTY lol.

Booty Shapers are basically little inflatable inserts that you put in your boots to help them keep their shape. I know that some people use magazines to help boots keep their shape, but these are just SO friggin cute!

They are basically little balloons that fit inside of your boots and help them stand up right. They are perfect to help keep the shape of my slouchy black suede boots.

My mom bought this pair on clearance at Marshall's for $2.00. I went to go buy some more but couldn't find them their. According to their website these are an Australian product and can be purchased in the US at, Duane Reade and select Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.

If you spot these anywhere, please let me know!

Enjoy shaping those booties lol.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scarf Collection

I LOVE scarves. I think they are such a fun way to add a pop of color and finish off a look whether it's cold outside or we're running around in spring showers.

I have a decent scarf collection, but always wore the same ones because I had no way how to store them. I found this FAB video by YayaLifestyle on Youtube on how to use a hanger and shower curtain rings to organize scarves! Brills!

I used plastic hangers because it's what i had, but I would definitely use a sturdy wood video like she uses in the video.

Winter Scarves

The first four scarves (white, tan paisley, white and leopard) are all faux pashminas. I bought them at a street vendor for $4 each. These are scarves that I would wear and keep on all day to complete an outfit.

The next three scarves (Burberry print, colorful leopard print and white and tan) are all super warm and chunky scarves that I would wear on a super cold day. The "Burberry" one and the blue and purple one are super big and they are great to wrap up high around your neck and to cover your chin and mouth on those super cold days.

From L to R:
Four pashmina's- $4 each NYC Corner
"Burberry"- $10 NYC Corner
Blue and Purple- Fraas Cashmink (courtesy of Lipton Publicity) Retails between $30-$40 visit
White and tan check- Nine West-gift

My fave winter scarf is the Cashmink. I don't own any cashmere scarves, and this is a very super close dupe for a cashmere. It also works really well with my black down jacket. The print reminds me of a Lisa Frank folder from back in the day lol

Summer/Spring Scarves

Lightweight scarves are an awesome way to complete a springy look and great to wear with a lightweight jacket. I like very colorful scarves for these seasons and to pair them with a crisp white tee or a great lightweight peacoat.

From L to R:
3 scarves on 1st ring:
Black madras (barely visible) TJ Maxx-$9 (purchased last summer)
Shades of blue (barely visible) American Eagle-$10-$15 (purchased AGES ago)
Tie-dyed print- TJ Maxx-$9 (purchased last summer)

2 Infinity Scarves on next ring:
Grey and White Stripe- Max Axria/Miley Cyrus from Walmart $5-$10 (purchased last summer)
Blue Stripe-Nordstrom Rack-Christmas prezzie
Dark twisted scarf- Kohls-Christmas prezzie
Cream knitted scarf- handmade

My fave summer scarf is this gorgeous tie dyed number. I really love to wear it with white and just let the colors pop and feel summery!

FTC Disclosure: The Fraas Cashmink scarf was sent to me by Lipton Publicity. I was not paid for my opinion and I am not affiliated with Lipton or Fraas. All other scarves were either purchased on my own or given as gifts.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Survive a Breakup

Warning: This post isn't beauty or fashion related at all. It's personal and a bit "Dear Abby".

There are few things worse in life than getting your heart broken. Breakups aren't like getting your eyebrows doesn't get easier and less painful every time it happens. It just plain SUCKS when it happens, but there are some things that can be done to make it easier. Here are just some tips that I use to get through the early stages of a break up.

1. Surround yourself with good people!

Friends, family, coworkers..whoever! I was very open about telling people close to me about my break up, because I knew I woul have their support. Whether it's having them listen to you vent, dry your tears, make you laugh or get you drunk..a support system is SUPER important to have at a time like this.

2. Allow yourself ONE weekend to veg out and pig out

Chocolate to girls is like beer or the gym to some guys. When my boyfriend and I broke up my co-worker bought me more Reese's than I knew what do with. I allowed myself one weekend to be a crazy, emotional mess in sweats surrounded by wrappers. Chocolate and wine is a necessity to surviving any break up in my eyes.

3. During that seriously terrible weekend, allow yourself to mourn the end of the relationship

Depending on how serious the relationship was, a break up could mean a significant loss of a loved one in your life. Allow yourself one weekend to read the cards, look at the pictures and cry. And i mean CRY!

4. After that terrible weekend, do something for yourself

You are fantastic and amazing and deserve to be spoiled! So go shopping, get your hair done, do something great for yourself..just make sure to set a financial limit and stick to it! It's easy to get carried away with emotional shopping.

I recently got my hair cut and highlited and joined a gym. I am worth it, no matter what some guy thinks!

5. Tell people

I went to an event shortly after my break up with a lot of people who I haven't seen in a while. I was going with my close friend Nick and I asked him to tell people about my break up. The worst thing is to have someone ask you "how is your boyfriend doing?" No one loves a melt down at a fancy event, the mall or Starbucks.

6. Slowly get rid of or put away those mementos

My entire room was covered with pictures of happier times, my bed is covered with stuffed animals bought by my ex and my jewelry box is full of anniversary trinkets. It's difficult, but it's time to slowly start getting rid of or putting these items away deep in your closet. Don't do it all at once, it'll be too emotional. Gradually put items away so it won't seem like a big jolt.

7. Keep busy!

The worst thing is time to think. It's so annoying to just be sitting there watching your favorite show and have this amazing memory pop into your head that once made you smile and now it makes you cry. Keep busy! Take up a new hobby, join a gym, take a class, read tons of books, hang out constantly with friends. Massive amounts of downtime can be seriously dangerous.

8. Flirt, flirt, and flirt!

It's probably been a while since you've flirted with someone new! Use this time to flirt and meet new people. You'll meet a lot of jerks, but you'll have some fun also!

9. Learn from the past

The relationship didn't last for a reason. Something or someone went wrong or it simply fizzled. Learn from the relationship. Maybe you made a mistake, maybe he made a mistake, maybe he wasn't really your type. It happened for a reason and maybe that reason was to learn about yourself and who you are in a relationship.

10. Most importantly, don't let it jade the future

This is the most difficult step, especially for myself. Remember that every guy is different and every relationship is different. Allow yourself to fall in love again. There may be pain again, but eventually the risk will be worth the reward.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fave Products of 2010 (Pic heavy!)

I can't believe 2010 has come and gone! 2010 was sort of a crazy year of me. I got my master's degree, my first real job in teaching, met new friends, reunited with old friends and became single for the first time in a loong time. I've also spent a lot of time discovering new products and becoming more comfortable doing my own hair and makeup. I bought a lot of new products this year and these are my absolute faves. The products that I find myself reaching for either every day or several times a week.

Skin Care

The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water

I use this in the morning to wipe my face before I put on my moisturizer. I feel like I'm smooshing my face into my pillow all night so this helps me freshen up. The scent is also really yummy.

Philosophy's Hope in a Jar Moisturizer

I received this with my Clarisonic and I really love this for a nighttime moisturizer. It's a bit greasy, but it's super thick and moisturizing. I recommend this to anyone who gets really dry in the winter.

Mark's Break Out Plan Anti-Acne Gel

I use this every night on my chin and around my mouth because that's where I tend to break out. This in conjunction with the rest of my new skin care plan has significantly cut down on my break outs. It is a bit drying though, so make sure to seriously moisturize afterwards.

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple

This is the cleanser I use with my Clarisonic. It's incredibly gentle and works as an eye make up remover as well. There's no super benefits to it, but it does the job.


Stila Palettes in Road to Radiance Across the USA, Make an Impression in Moscow, Trendsetting in Tokyo

These palettes are really fab. Four coordinating shadows and a cream blush. They are all I need for a complete look!

Avon Magix Face Primer

This is my every day face primer. It really helps smooths my pores. It doesn't really help with my staying power of my makeup, but it is really fab for drier skinned gals.

NYC Waterproof Eyeliner in Black

I always had a problem with my black liner smudging and inexplicably ending up below my lashes. This baby stays put! I use it on my top lash line and to line my inner rims.

Wet n Wild COlor Icon Liner in Taupe

This is my absolute perfect brow color! It's a very soft pencil so it's perfect for filling in brows for a naturally defined look.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Buff put on with my Sigma 187

This is the key to my perfect every day face. This foundation is very dewy so it's perfect for every day and the brush just gives it a seamless coverage.

Mac MSF in Redhead

I really love to use this for a quick face. It's a blush and highlighter in one for me. It makes me feel glowy.

Hair and Nails

Gel Nails

I have become OBSESSED with gel nails! This is day 18 of this application. The Gelish Gel Nails are really fantastic, although limited in color selection. If you like dark nails that seem to chip after a day, this is a great solution!

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine

This form of solid coconut oil is perfect for adding shine to my hair and perfect for taming slight frizzies and those annoying little hairs by my hairline. This is really great for girls with thicker hair.

FTC Disclosure

All products are purchased by me unless noted otherwise. If a product is supplied for review, this does not affect my opinion. My opinions can not be bought.
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