Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Gal's Summer Necessity

Ahh the many joys of being a female. We get to deal with so many glorious things, don't we? One of the most annoying things to me, is the maintenance of the bikini line. A guy doesn't have to deal with any of this stuff. Only us gals. I've gotten a bikini wax several times, and after my super sensitive skin wasn't red anymore, I was pleased with the results. What I'm not pleased with though, is how long you have to wait between waxing. When you're wearing a bathing suit weekly, you can't wait for your hair to grow a certain length in order for it to be waxed, so we turn to shaving. Shaving is a bitch, but unfortunately for me is a necessary evil.

Some tips for shaving the bikini area:

-Use a new razor. I don't mean use a new razor every time, but don't use the same blade for more than a week. I use one razor for my bikini area and a different razor for my legs and underarm area.
-Use a razor with a lot of blades. I actually prefer men's razors. I'm a big fan of the Hydro Schick. I think it has 4 or 5 blades, and there's always sales and coupons.
-Use an ample amount of moisturizing shave cream or lotion. While I love my EOS Shave Cream, I don't like it for the bikini area. I prefer using the Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel.
-Don't shave as soon as you get in the shower. Let the heat and water soften the hair for a couple of minutes.
-I like using a clean loofah to gently exfoliate the area first and to raise the hairs to make it easier to shave.
-The last step is something I want to discuss today..something I only recently started using and can't believe I waited so long!


This little tube of cream helps cut down on razor burn and bumps and can also be used in conjunction with waxing or depilatory. This is supposed to be applied immediately after hair removal (so right when you get out of the shower) and to be used sparingly on the areas where it's needed. This can be used up to four times daily if the redness and bumps continue, but one time should do the trick.

This can be purchased at your local drugstore and retails between $6-$8. Bonus, each box comes with a $1.00 off coupon for your next Bikini Zone purchase.

Does anyone else use Bikini Zone products or anything like them?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lady Bits

Us girls can spend hours picking out the perfect outfit. However, the perfect outfit won't be perfect if you don't have the perfect undergarments to support our lady bits properly. Here are the bare necessities to undergarments and some of my faves.


From L to R, top to bottom:

♥A pair that makes you feel hot--->confidence booster!
This VS Pink Extra Low Rise Thong always makes me feel hot and this in turn makes me feel much more confident. The fact that this is a relatively comfy thong also helps.

♥A nude seamless pair
This Body By Victoria Seamless String Bikini is perfect to wear under light colors work pants and pencil skirts. This is definitely a granny pair, but VPL are not professional, so these are a perfect work pair.

♥A black seamless pair
Body by Victoria makes great seamless panties, and this black hiphugger pair is no exception. Again, not the cutest pair by any means, but perfect for black slacks or a black pencil skirt.

♥A black teeny, weeny thong
This no name black thong is not the comfiest thing, but when you're ready for a night on the town in a hot dress or skirt, this is a necessary evil.

Everyday Bras

From top to bottom:

♥A nude t-shirt bra
A nude bra is the only bra that you should be wearing under a white top. This VS Pink T-Shirt Demi is the perfect bra to wear under a cute white tee. It's also super affordable!

♥A simple black bra
A black bra is the only bra you should be wearing under a black top! You don't want visible bras here people! This VS Very Sexy Padded Demi is my fave bra in my entire collection. It gives the girls a subtle lift and lies seamlessly against the skin so it's perfect for t-shirts, sweaters or dresses.

♥A push up bra to make you or him say wowza!
I love push up bras! Even if no one is going to see but me, I love the way it makes me feel. This VS Pink Cotton Push Up bra is my fave. It's insta sex-appeal and was sooo cheap!

Specialty Bras

From top to bottom:

♥An awesome sports bra
I used to buy really flimsy sports bras. I would have to wear a regular bra, a sports bra and a work out tank with a built in bra to feel secure. Then I started spending just a couple bucks more on quality sports bras and what a difference! I still wear a work out tank, just to feel secure, but if you work out sports bras really are worth the money. I bought this Champion Sports Bra at Target and I love it. I like looking for sports bras with a racer back, because they also offer more support.

♥A racer back bra:
I wear a lot of racer back tanks and dresses during the summer, and I don't like having bra straps show. This Body by Victoria is perfect for those racer back styles.

♥A strapless suit of armor:
I have a few strapless bras, but this bad boy really stays in place all night. It doesn't budge and it holds my girls in like no other. The only problem is, this is pretty high up, so it's not for those daring dresses. If you wearing a traditional strapless dress, I really recommend this Body By Victoria strapless bra.


I like having a few matching bra/undie sets in my wardrobe. These can be for show or just to feel a little cute under a boring work ensemble.

Shapewear has really gained popularity in the past few years. I haven't tried out a lot of different pieces, but I really love this High Waist Body Shop from Shapercise. This actually shapewear with built in resistance bands so you get a work out as well! This completely flattens out my muffin top and smoothes over my thigh area. I've only worn these for a few hours at time, so I can't speak to how comfortable they are in the long term, but I have never had a problem with them in terms of comfort.

All VS bras available here.
All Target/Champion Sports Bras available here.
Shapercise Shapewear available here.


I have an extra Shapercise product in size medium (made for 4'10"-5'8", 116-140 lbs) to giveaway! This is a $35 value and a great way to look super hot in that fitted dress.

*Open to residents of the United States only. Sorry!
*Must be a subscriber
*Must be 18 years or older or have parental consent to give me your address to mail your product
*Leave me a comment on your best tip to look hot in your fave outfit.
*Leave an email address that you can be contacted at in case you win!
*All comments must be received by August 10th.

Good luck!!!

FTC Disclosure: All products were purchased by me, except the Shapercise Shapewear. This is not a sponsored post and I was not paid for my opinion. I am not affiliated with Shapercise.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stop Stinky Shoes Now!

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a product called Silver Linings. The information said they help absorb odor in shoes. Now, girls, we don't like to talk about how imperfect we are. But I don't know a single female whose feet do not stink after wearing a pair of flats. It must be the lack of socks and closed environment, but every single pair of my flats are not super pleasant. So I was really excited to try these out in my fave pair of comfy flats.

These beauties allow me to go sockless with out stinking up my shoes.

These are what the inserts look like. Obviously, these have been worn for the past two weeks. It kinda grosses me out to think of how dirty my feet are. I wore these in the city only, so I can only imagine how filthy the rest of me is!

Here they are inserted in to my shoes. They fit around the tie box perfectly and you can't feel them when you're wearing them.

Overall, I love these inserts. I actually did do a smell test after wearing these, and my shoes, while not smelling like vanilla cupcakes, DEFINITELY smelled much better than they would with out socks or these babies.

♥ Keeps my feet less stinky
♥ Actually absorbs sweat, I tested these out during a NYC heat wave last week
♥ Helps maintain cheap flats for longer

♥ Only available online
♥ Doesn't stay put..but you can use double sided tape or wardrobe tape if you want them to stay more secure

♥ Each pair lasts 3 weeks to 1 month. You can insert them into any shoes since they do not stick.
♥ Available by clicking here. They are $15.99 for 3 pairs.

FTC Disclosure: These products were sent to me for consideration for review. I was not paid to do this post and my opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with Chu Shu, Inc.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Giveaway!

Who doesn't love a fab giveaway? My friends at Hollywood Fashion Secrets are hosting an awesome giveaway. Every week until August 14th, one lucky winner will receive:

A pink, black and white summer tote
A pink beach towel
A collection of HFS Summer Essentials: Bra Clip, Garment Shields, Fashion Tape, Accessory Dots, Oil Blotting Tissues and Silicone CoverUps

I have only used their Fashion Tape, and trust me gals..this is an item I never knew that I always needed!! I'm going to do a separate post on different ways to use this tape, but this is a great giveaway.

You can either either through their twitter or FB:


Stay tuned as I will be hosting a Hollywood Fashion Secrets giveaway of my own!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Birchbox

This month's Birchbox was such a pretty surprise when I opened the box. Birchbox decided to do a collaboration with designer Cynthia Rowley, so the box included some of her favorite products.

How gorgeous is this wrapper? It reminds me of an awesome spin art haha.

Who doesn't love unwrapping a beauty gift every month?

Products included (with descriptions from Birchbox):
From L to R:

♥Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage Dry Oil: A makeup artist favorite. This multi-use oil gives face and body a pretty glow (minus any slickness), and it works to smooth flyaways too.

I'm so glad the boxes come with these informative cards, because I would have no idea how to use this product. I'm going to the beach this weekend with my bf and his family, so I'm gonna test this out to give me a glowy look.

♥Redken Shine Flash: A must for all Cynthia's runway shows, this weightless spray gives hair a brilliant finish.

Can't wait to try this out. My hair has been a bit on the lackluster side lately.

♥Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser: This perennial award-winner is pH-balanced to gently clear away dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out skin.

This is my every day facial cleanser and I love how gentle it is. This is the perfect travel size.

♥Zoya Touch Collection Nail Polish in Pandora: Neutral gets a sexy makeover in this creamy, slightly metalic nude. The perfect accessory to summer's bright fashions.

This is a very unique color and once I get a bit more tan, I'm gonna try this baby out.

♥Kind Almond & Apricot Bar: Snack right with this wholesome bar- no preservatives or hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

As bad as this sounds, this may be too healthy for me haha. I'm gonna give this to the bf.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deal of the Week- 7/11

People in the fashion blogosphere have been going really bananas over the American Apparel Leather Carry-All Pouch. The medium comes in several different colors and retails for $50 at your local American Apparel or here. I really like this baby, but I can't see spending $50 on basically a leather envelope.

I saw on another blog that there is an Etsy store that sells leather pouches as well. They look exactly the same, but you're helping out an actual person (not a company with questionable moral ethics) and they are cheaper!!

Curly in the City makes and sells these beauties regularly. She only currently has red and tan in her store, but she usually updates the store regularly.

This medium red pouch retails for only $18!! I love Etsy!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: Laura Gellar Blush n Brighten in Honey Dipped

Last month I received a full size Laura Gellar product in my Birchbox. I was really excited to receive a full sized product (priced $29.50) in my $10 monthly Birchbox. I watch Laura Gellar a lot on QVC and have tried some of her products that I was never really blown away with. Unfortunately, this is another product that I'm not wowed by.

The packaging is standard Laura Gellar. Black plastic with a window on the front. This shade is called Honey Dipped.

The color looks so pretty in the packaging. I love the light and dark bronzes and golds running through it. I was hoping this would be similar to the Milani Baked Bronzers that I have been hearing a lot about that.

The swatch leaves a lot to be desired. It is a light gold and mainly to be used as a highlight. I feel like it's too glittery to use all over. However, I feel like I'm still too pale to be using a gold highlight.

When rubbed onto the skin, it barely shows up. Maybe I'm too pale? You can still see the shimmery, sheen, but there really is no color deposit.

Overall, I'm glad I got this in a $10 Birchbox instead of paying $30 for this product. So far I've only tried a few Laura Gellar products and haven't been amazed by any of them. Are their any Laura Gellar products worth trying??

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Besties

I've seen a lot of the Summer Besties tag being done on Youtube so I decided to do a post about it. The summer besties tag is just your fave summer products.

1: Lips

♥Nyx Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Pink Disco

This gloss just gives my lips a little pop of color and some sparkle and brings a little attention to my lips, while most of my face is bare.

2: Blush

♥Nyx Blush in Peach

I wear this blush year around, but it looks especially nice on my skin when it's the tiniest bit tan. It really adds a pop of color to my cheeks and makes me look alive.

3: Nail Polish

♥China Glaze For Audrey

This is another fave year round, but it looks especially nice on my toes when my feet and legs are tanned. What girl doesn't love Tiffany Blue?

4: Liquid Face Product

♥Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Buff

I just adore this foundation. The color is actually a bit better on me in the summer, since it is a tad bit dark. I apply this in a thin coat with a stippling brush and it never feels heavy or caked on. This is the first ever foundation I am going to re-purchase.

5: Powder Face Product

♥Maybelline Mineral Power Translucent Veil

Maybelline is a brand I don't normally purchase myself, but my friend Tanya gave me a box of make up she doesn't use and this was in there. I decided to give it a try and I really like it. I apply this after I apply my entire face (blush, bronzer, everything) and I really feel like it seals the colors in on these steamy days.

6: Hair Product

♥Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Serum

I've been trying not to dry my hair unless I'm going out, so I need something that will make it like nice dried naturally. I've been using the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Serum again and have re-fallen in love with it. I use a teensy, tiny bit and it helps my hair dry a little bit less frizzy and definitely more shiny.

7: Eye Product

♥NYC Waterproof Eye Liner in Black

I've been too lazy to do full eye looks, so I've just been rimming my top and bottom waterline with black liner. My fave is this liner and it really doesn't budge from my waterline.

8: Tanning

♥Nivea Sun Kissed Firming Moisturizer

I don't really feel the firming part of this moisturizer, but it does give my arms and legs nice color. I like using this when I'm tanned a bit already, because I don't feel it's as effective on my normally super pale skin.

9: Accessory

♥Charlotte Russe Turquoise Earrings

I really love turquoise earrings, but these big babies are my fave. Throw these on with a pair of black sunnies and it's instant style. I love wearing this color near my face because it really helps my eyes pop.

10: Clothing

♥F21 Strapless Romper

I love most rompers, but this strapless grey number is my fave. I wear my strapless bathing suit under this and it's just the perfect cover up and I am obsessed with the fact that it has pockets. I love the simplicity of throwing on a romper and it's an insta-outfit.

I am tagging EVERYONE! I want to see everyone's fave summer products.

FTC Disclosure

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