Monday, December 26, 2011

Faves of YouTube Fitness

As Christmas comes to a close, a lot of people start thinking about their resolutions for the New Year. I've been on a quest to get healthier for the past few weeks, as I have what John and I call "fat-skinny girl syndrome." I'm thin from the outside, but my diet and mainly sedentary lifestyle makes for a terrible inside! I've been turning to Youtube to get my fitness inspiration and workouts since I really hate the gym! Here are some of my fave fitness channels on Youtube.

Amanda Russell is gorgeous and her high intensity circuit routines are super easy to follow. I also like her relaxed, non-drill sargeant style.

Blogilates is my new fave exercise guru on Youtube. She's super cute and excited and her workouts are easy and fun to do. Also, for only like 10 minutes the workouts are amazing!

Sarah is the first YT fitness guru I began following and I also love following her blog. Her routines and advice are great and real! She seems like such a sweetheart!

I follow a few other YT gurus, but those are definitely my fave. I'm also really trying to get into reading more health, fitness and healthy cooking blogs. If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Happy, healthy, holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CVS Clearance Haul

I love when the CVS Beauty Clearance sale comes around! It really is the most wonderful time of the year haha. This is the time of year where I really like to try drugstore products that I wouldn't necessarily pay full price for or stock on some favorites. My haul is strictly Revlon as they are my favorite drugstore brand. Also, my CVS did not have ANY items marked for clearance. I used the comprehensive list available on Nouveau Cheap here. I then took the items to the red scanner box to see if all of the items were on sale. All of the items identified on the sale list were on sale except the matte blushes. If you pick up any items, please let me know what you get!

From L to R, top to bototm:
Revlon New Complexion Foundation in 04 Natural Beige- Regular priced: $14.29 Sale price:$3.57
I've never heard of this foundation before, but I usually have good luck with Revlon foundations and I needed a color a tad bit darker than me because I've been looking so washed out lately.

Colorstay 12 Hour Eye Shadow Palettes in Berry and Blushed Wines-Reg. priced: $7.29 Sale: $1.85

I have only used one of these palettes before and they are nice subtle every day palettes. Don't expect any amazing pigmentation here.

Double Twist Mascara in Blackest Black- Regular price: $9.99 Sale price: $2.49

This is a product I have never tried, but I've been liking mascaras with fat brushes lately and this appears to have one. I have a lot of mascaras before this baby that I want to try though.

Scented Nail Polish in Passion Fruit- Regular price: $6.39 Sale price: $1.59

Regular Revlon polishes in Steel-her Heart, Silver Screen and Plum Night- All regularly priced at $5.49 each Sale price: $1.45 each

I've been really trying to build up my polish collection as I continue to save money to move out, so this was a great way to get a lot of different shades for very little money.

Did anyone else score any deals at the CVS Clearance Sale? If you haven't been yet, go now! Don't wait for the stores to make items on clearance, test them out yourself at the price checker!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Gift Ideas

Thanks to Pinterest, my interest in DIY projects has skyrocketed! One of my New Year's resolutions is to attempt 1-2 DIY projects per month, especially upcycle type of projects! I made two DIY projects for Christmas gifts this year (which I won't post in case people who I made the stuff for are reading!) and am really excited to try more projects. Here are some of my favorite DIY project gift ideas. Please post if you have done any DIY projects recently or some inspiration for projects! Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Giveaway Time! Hollywood Fashion Secrets

I'm happy to be hosting another giveaway by Hollywood Fashion Secrets! I was lucky enough to work with them this summer and I have been using their fashion tape a lot! I have a lot of off shoulder sweaters that never stay put so I use a little piece of tape to keep that sucker in place!

For more info on this great company check out their website here, or send them a sweet @Hollywood_FS
I want to give you guys an opportunity to win some of their great products too!

Included in the prize package is:

-1 Special Occasion Tape
-1 No Show Concealers (perfect for winter time!)
-1 Fashion Tape (my fave!)
-1 Deodorant Removing Sponge!

Rules to enter:
1: Must be a follower of Fabulously Thrifty
2: Must like Hollywood Fashion Secrets FB page
3: Must leave 1 comment below telling me about your New Year's resolution..tis the season!
4: All comments must be submitted by December 22nd..that gives you 1 week!
5: Good luck and happy holidays loves!

I am not affiliated nor paid by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Just want my readers to have the opportunity to try some great products.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moms, Aunts and Grandmas

Where is this month going? Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to begin or better yet, finish up that holiday shopping! Here's my gift guide for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and any other special ladies in your life. Happy shopping!

From L to R, top to bottom:
♥ Magazine subscription! The gift that she gets to enjoy all year! My mom really enjoys Real Simple magazine, but a subscription to any of her fave magazines is a really great and thoughtful gift!

♥Photo Coasters- I really love the look of photo coasters and what mom doesn't want her guests to keep her coffee table ring free lol. Put in your fave pictures of the two of you together or even print out mini pictures of her favorite art pieces.

♥Candle Gift Basket...I ADORE, ADORE, ADORE Yankee Candle. I know there a lot of other popular candle brands out there, even some great finds on Etsy, but everyone knows Yankee Candle and they know that they are getting good quality. Grab a great seasonal scent that you know she will love.

♥ Spa Gift Set- I really like this set from the Body Shop. Every woman loves to be pampered, but maybe she doesn't have the time for a full on spa day. Get her a great set and let her pamper herself on her own time! I really love the exfoliating glove that comes with this set. Grab any scent you know she will love!

♥Crock pot- Ok how random? My mom and I love using our crock pot. I find that during the winter time, coming home and smelling a yummy meal already made is just so comforting. There are so many fantastic recipes out there and it's so simple to make a meal using a crock pot. I think it's a great gift for any mom or any lady who's always on the go.

♥And finally..cozy slippers! I'm pretty in love with this slipper set from Kohl's. I think slipper booties are really cute and very cozy if you're special lady lives in a colder climate.

Any recs for Moms, Grandmas or Aunts? I'm a bit stuck with my aunts and I've gotten them one or more of these gifts in previous years lol.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide: BFF and Good Girlfriends Under $25

Ahhh the holiday season. I am such a holiday nerd. I'm lucky enough to be able to celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah and I eat the holiday season up. I love the lights, the music, the smells, and finding the perfect gift. I do a majority of my gift shopping online, because I just can't deal with crowds. All this week and next I will be featuring gift guides to hopefully help you out during this busy holiday season.

Here are some gift ideas for your BFF or good girlfriends

BFF Gift Guide

From Left to Right:
♥ A framed picture- Every girl loves to be reminded me of a happy time in her life. Best Friend frames have come so far from the metal glittery ones that we all used to buy at Claires when we were 13. Choose a chic metal one or a pretty wood frame and include a favorite pic.

♥ A great book- My friends and I all love to read and we usually enjoy reading the same type of books. Grab her a great book that you know she will love. My favorite book of the year has definitely been The Help.

♥ A cute accessory/jewelry- F21 has the BEST cheap jewelry. Buy her a trendy and cheap piece for a fun night out and put it in a cute gift bag or box.

♥ DVD for your fave show- My bff and my roommates and I used to obsessed with The Hills. Buy your bff a dvd of your fave show or movie to watch together.

♥ Scentsy burner- What girl doesn't love candles? My new fave way to make my room smell yummy is a scentsy burner. It's like a tart burner with a wide variety of yummy smelling wax cubes that really scent your entire room. Check out Amazon for the burners and some scents and Etsy for even more scent varieties.

♥ A yummy smelling body care set- I love Philosophy's scented shower gels! There is a scent to meet everyone's tastes. Check out Amazon or Sephora for great Philosophy gift sets or Bath and Body Works to make your own gift sets.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deal of the Week

I love, love, love my Conair Youcurl clipless curling iron. I very rarely use an iron with a clip now. I have an Enzo Milano clipless iron and I'm telling you that this Conair one is exactly the same for a fraction of the price. I may even like it better because of the change in size from the bottom to the top of the iron. Anyway..there's a great deal on the Conair YouCurl, YouStyle or YouWave at CVS.

The 3 items listed above are on sale for $30 this week and you get a $10 gift card which makes the total cost $20! That's a great deal if you haven't picked up this iron yet. I don't know about you the YouStyle or YouWave, but I may look up reviews for the waving iron since I am in the market for one.

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