Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Up and Up Makeup Remover Towelettes

A few weeks ago I ran out of my Kirkland's brand makeup cleansing cloths.  I wasn't due for a Costco run for a while, so while out at Target I picked up one of their facial wipes, which the packaging said compares to Pond's Clean Sweep wipes.  Way back in the day I used the Pond's wipes, so I decided to give this package a try.  It was a little over $4 for 30 wipes.

The packaging is similar to all makeup wipes packaging with the little sticky cover on the front.  The cloth itself is not as soft as Kirkland's wipe.  It's a bit rougher in texture and you can tell it's not as nicely made.  However, I do like that is has the exfoliant side (side with bumps) and the plain side.

This baby takes off face makeup quite easily. However, mascara is a different story.  I don't even wear waterproof mascara and it takes some effort for this wipe to remove my mascara.  I usually have problems though with a little left over mascara residue so this wasn't a huge deal to me.

My one issue with these wipes, and it's a big one, is that they make my eyes burn!  Granted, I do have sensitive eyes, but these wipes really make my eyes burn and tear up.  I don't know if it's because I have to use so much effort to remove my eye makeup that my eyes burn, or if it's just the formula itself.

I really wanted to like these wipes as they don't dry out my skin and do a decent job of getting makeup off, but I can't continue to use them because of my poor baby greens.  Back to Kirkland I go!

What is your favorite makeup remover wipe?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who doesn't love a bauble? My new addiction to Kitsy Lane

Hello lovelies!  A few weeks back I saw one of my favorite style bloggers, Mix & Match Fashion, talk about an e-tailer named Kitsy Lane.  She had just signed up to be a representative and I quickly jumped on over to the site to get some information.  

A few years back I sold Lia Sophia jewelry and most of my friends who purchased Lia Sophia jewelry already had a woman they bought from so that quickly died out for me.  I always loved the idea of direct selling though.  Kitsy Lane gives me the opportunity to direct sell great fashion jewelry pieces without worrying about setting up physical parties because it's all done online!

Kitsy Lane has an amazing selection of jewelry and hair pieces (similar in quality to Jewelmint) with an array of price points.  The seller picks their favorite pieces to add to their boutique and some pieces they want to go on sale every week.  It's so easy and so much fun!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from my own Kitsy Lane store:

Laurel Earrings- $28

Visit my own personal site for some fun shopping or information on how to sign up for Kitsy Lane!

FTC Disclaimer: I chose to sign up to become an independent retailer for Kitsy Lane.  I do make a small commission off any products sold.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top 10 Drugstore Products

It's no surprise that I love my drugstore products!  A large majority of my makeup collection is from the drugstore.  I have yet to sample many high end products that make me want to spend the money on them. I feel like the drugstore has so many great products at such great prices that even the biggest makeup snob should give them a try!!

From L to R, top to bottom:

*Got2b POWDERful Volumizing Styling Powder- Not only do I not like teasing my hair, but I really stink at it!  However, I love me some big hair every now and then.  When my friend blows out my hair for me I tell her I want "Staten Island" hair (a.k.a. big hair!).  This powder gives me big hair without the hassle of a fancy blow out or teasing.  I probably use a little bit more than the average person does, but this stuff works wonders!  I use this as the last step in my styling process.  FYI: Don't use this every day.  The build up will be too much for your hair.

* Almay Intense I-Color Eyeliner (in Raisin Quartz)- This is one of my favorite liners of all time.  I use this when I want a soft liner look. This twist up liner isn't great for super precise lining or the waterline, but for a soft everyday look it's beautiful and doesn't budge.

*WnW Color Icon Blusher in Pearlescent Pink- Wow! The color pay off for this super cheap blush is amazing.  Use a light hand!  This blush has some fall-out, but the color and the staying power is well worth it.

*NYC Bronzer in Sunny- I think this is a drugstore favorite for just about everybody.  I am SUPER pale and this color provides a great all over boost or a great contour.  I keep hearing random rumors every now and then that this is going to be retired, but I see it every time I go to the drugstore so who knows?

*WnW Color Icon Single in Nutty (retired)- I'm sorry for including a retired product in this list, but I love, love, love this color.  When I'm feeling lazy this is color is all I need for a pretty eye look.  I apply this all over the lid and a bit deeper in the shade and it has so much dimension that it looks like more than one color.

*ELF Super Glossy Lipshine in Paradise Pink- These $1 glosses are just so good! The pigmentation is subtle, but the sheen and shimmer in this product is beautiful worn alone or on top of another lip color.

*Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in 220 Nude- This is a relatively new product but it quickly skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list.  The coverage from this product is beautiful, the finish is perfect and the lasting power is amazing.  I wore this all summer in NYC humidity and it never sweated off.  I read this product isn't that great for dry skin, so we'll see how it looks as fall creeps up on me and my dry skin.

*NYX Cream Blush in Glow- I have had this cream blush forever and have been using it almost every day for the past few months.  This cream blush and this color provides a great cream base for most blush colors.  If I'm going for a soft look I wear this naturally on its own, but I mainly use it as a blush base because my blushes have a tendency to disappear.

*Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee- Wow, a lot of Revlon on this list!  At first I didn't jump on the lip butter bandwagon, but when I purchased this I instantly fell in love.  It's a great soft neutral color and is very moisturizing.  I love the feeling of this on my lips.

*Revlon Photoready Concealer in Light- This stick concealer is creamy and is great for the undereye area or on blemishes.  I recommend warming it up in between your fingers before applying it under your eye because it could get cakey.

Please comment below if you share any of my favorite products or if you disagree with any!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Tip Thursday: Preserve your Candles

This is a tip that was probably very obvious to everyone but me.

I love buying candles!  Candles just feel so homey and cozy to me.  My favorite brands are Yankee Candle and the candles sold at Bath and Body Works.  I would buy my favorite candle scent, bring it home, toss out the top and light that sucker up.  I never knew that by leaving the lid on your candle, you were actually helping the scent burn stronger when you lit it.

If you have a weak smelling candle, I would leave the lid on it to preserve the scent for when you light it.  If it's a strong scented candle, I'd say leave that lid off so it can help scent your room or space even when it's not lit!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to Work OOTD's

So September marks back to school for so many parents, but also for so many teachers.  As much as parents have to drag their children out of bed for school, teachers have to drag themselves out of bed also.  It's hard to get back into the swing of things at first, but by week 2 or 3, I'm ok.

It's very difficult to dress for my building, because it's old and insanely hot!  It's difficult to maintain professionalism while trying to stay cool as well.  Thankfully this week has been a lot more comfortable.

Professional Development

My first couple of days back were just meetings and professional development all day.  This is much more casual than when the students are there.  We were in the air-conditioned library for part of the day (which explains the sweater), but organizing our blazing hot classrooms for the rest of the day (which explains the shorts).

Fly away cardigan- Marshall's
White tee- H&M
Necklace- Vera Wang for Kohls
Shorts- F21
Sandals- Steve Madden

Today was a beautiful day with a high of only 74 degrees.  I love days like this- if only the leaves were changing!

Floral tank- Eyeshadow Brand from Marshall's
Layering black tank- Joyce Leslie
Mint Skinnies- Viggo Ross from Annie Sez
Shoes- Adrina Flats by Crocs
Bracelet- Lia Sophia
Necklace- I think Juju Beads..ahh I forgot!

I love, love these mint skinnies!  I think once the leaves turn though I will have to retire them.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Lust List: Makeup and Goodies

Two weeks ago I posted my Fall Fashion Lust list.  Today I am thinking about some cosmetics and hair care goodies that I am lusting over for the fall.  I really love fall makeup.  The warm tones and neutral colors that are popular for fall just suit me and work with my skin tone and eye color. Here are some girly goodies that I am lusting over for the fall!

*Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know..I am probably the last person on the planet without the Naked Palette! The more I see it, the more I want it.  I was just trying to use up some of the makeup items I already had, but I still want this.  Plus, there are TONS of tutorials on Youtube using this palette so the inspiration is endless.

*Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything Kit

Not only am I total sucker for Benefit's packaging, but I have heard great things about their new Hello Gorgeous foundation.  I've never purchased a full size high end product, so I thought this kit would be a great way to try it, plus some of their other products to provide me with flawless skin.

*NYX The Curve Liquid Liner

I am admittedly horrible at applying liquid liner.  I've practiced it so many times, and I just can't get the hang of it.  One eye will come out great and the other eye will look so wonky!  The curve of this liner looks like it will provide my shaky hand with a little bit more stability.  Definitely worth a try!

*Mally Perfect Prep Hydrating Under Eye Brightener

I love me some Mally.  I've gotten to try quite a few of her products through my QVC Beauty Tubes and I could watch her on QVC all day.  This is a product that I am super intrigued by.  My under eye circles aren't super dark, but they are definitely more noticeable than they were a year ago and my skin is generally lacking in brightness, so I really want to try this product to brighten up my eye area.

*Palladio Lip Ink Marker Lipstain in Berry

Berry lips are just a staple in fall and I think lipstains are a great way to achieve the berry look.  I've heard great things about this Palladio lipstain and for under $10 it's worth a shot!

*Conair Infinity You Curl XL Curling Wand

I use my regular You Curl wand quite frequently, and I want to try this jumbo one to achieve even bigger curls/waves.  I find clipless irons so much easier to use and I can't wait to try this baby!

*Lush Big Shampoo

I am on the search for the perfect shampoo/conditioner system or combo for my hair.  While I don't think this is an everyday shampoo, this is definitely a shampoo I want to try.  The idea of a grainy shampoo just sounds weird, but I can't wait to try this out!

What are your cosmetics or beauty goody must haves this fall?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Favorites

August was my busiest month of the summer and unfortunately, it's the month that my bank account ran nearly dry since I don't start getting paid again until September.  So here are my August favorites:

Beauty Favorites

♥ Bath and Body Works Carried Away Shimmer Body Cream- Every now and then I need a little extra sparkle in my life and this body cream gives me a nice subtle sparkle on my arms and legs.  When you look up close it looks a little too sparkly, but to everyone else it just looks a bit shimmery.  I also like the scent, it's a light floral scent with a little bit of sweetness to it.

♥ Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Infinitely Pretty- I never purchase Rimmel products (got this in my Maid of Honor survival kit), but this lip gloss gives my lips such a pretty shimmer- it looks like diamonds.  Plus- it's super affordable and actually moisturizing.  It is a bit on the sticky side but I don't mind sticky glosses.

♥ Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil- I've had this oil for a few years and I never really used it.  I purchased it after I read that vitamin e oil helps reduce acne scars but it just made me break out.  A few weeks ago I started using it as a cuticle oil and I love it! It's super moisturizing and has helped cut down a little bit on my frequent hangnails and dry cuticles.

♥ VS Pink With A Splash Pink and Flirty All Over Body Mist- My friend gave me this body splash and it's the first Pink fragrance I've tried and I really like it.  I only use body sprays over the summer because I feel a perfume is just too heavy and this scent is really light and girly.

Fashion Favorite
♥ Custom Shambala Bracelet- This was my maid of honor gift and I am OBSESSED with this bracelet.  I work it into way too many outfits, but it's so pretty and sparkly!

What have your August favorites been?

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