Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fitspiration Week 4

  This week's Fitspiration post will be different.  I've been doing a decent job with most of my goals, but I am still really struggling with portion control and with just resisting temptation.  I am so used to eating whenever I want to eat, that meals that should definitely keep me full for several hours, don't.  I can have a decent size serving of pasta for lunch and be ready to eat at again by the time I leave work at 3:15.  That just isn't normal!

I keep reading that it takes about three weeks for a habit to stick.  So I really need to just push myself and start cooking meals with a bit more fiber to help keep me fuller longer and really just force myself to fight the hunger (which I think is just habit or pure boredom) and wait until my next meal.

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What are your tips to keep fuller longer? I need some help here!

P.S. To all of my fellow East Coasters please be careful this week with the landfall of Hurricane Sandy.  My dad works at the UN and will be at work around the clock until further notice so my doggy and I are heading to one of my best friends house's to hunker down for the storm.  Every one please be safe and take all of these warnings seriously!

3 Fall Fashion Essentials

  I love fall.  I'm a sweaty and frizzy girl, so when the cooler temperatures roll around I am a very happy lady.  I also love the fall for the clothes!  I'm a huge fan of layering and also of jackets so fall is a great time for me to really play with my fashion.  Here are my three fall fashion essentials!  I wouldn't be able to put together some of my favorite fall outfits with one or sometimes all of these items.

1.  Riding Boots

I love, love, love riding boots.  Not only is the right pair super comfy to me they are just very classy.  Riding boots instantly had class and polish to even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  I only have two brown pairs, but I am dying to find the perfect black pair.

2.  Blazers- fitted and boyfriend

I feel the same way about blazers as I do about riding boots, they add instant polish and class to any outfit.  I love that blazers have staged such  comeback and you can find them ay any price point.  I love fitted blazers to really give me a waist line.  When I wear a fitted blazer I use that as my outfit focal point.  Boyfriend blazers I use more as a cover up when going out.  When I'm wearing a boyfriend blazer I wear a more ornate top and use the boyfriend blazer to balance it out.  I also love longer blazers so I can wear them with leggings!

3.  Leggings

I love leggings.  It's like wearing pajamas to work.  Some people think they can just purchase any leggings, and I used to be one of them.  Once I started purchasing high waisted, quality leggings I totally noticed the difference.  Sometimes leggings can be a little low waisted and that may accentuate any muffin toppage we may have.  A higher waisted pair helps suck that in to let tunics flow effortlessly over it.  In terms of quality, no one wants sheer leggings, those babies need to be opaque!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tag: I heart Fall

I've seen this I  Fall tag going around Youtube this week and I couldn't wait to do it.  Fall is definitely my favorite season and I'm glad that this year we seem to be getting a fall.  It usually gets way too cold way too quickly here, so I'm glad to have some days with temps in the low 60's and beautiful foliage.

1.  Favorite Fall Lip Product
Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee- I know most people tend to favor berry colors in the fall, but I really like warm browns/nudes for the fall.  This color and formulation continues to be my favorite lip product.

2.  Favorite Fall Nail Polish
OPI's Warm and Fozzie
Image from

I got this color on my toes last week and I just love it!  I'm trying to hunt it down on the internet.  It's the perfect gold/bronzy color and it's so multidimensional.  

3.  Favoriate Fall Starbucks Drink
I don't really drink seasonal drinks.  My favorite Starbucks drink all year round is a Skinny Vanilla Latte.  Yum!

4.  Favorite Fall Candle
Slatkin & Company (Bath & Body Works) Pumpkin Cupcake- I have become such a Slatkin & Co addict.  This candle is so yummy.  I don't really eat pumpkin, but the smell of this is a great combination of sweet and spicy.

5.  Favorite Fall Scarf/ Accessory
Leopard Print Scarf- I love leopard print anything, but this $5 NYC street corner scarf is my favorite.  It's long enough to be worn many different ways and it provides such a focal point when wearing a plan top.

6.  Haunted House, Haunted Maze or Haunted Hayride?
I do NOTHING haunted.  I don't like to be scared, I am the biggest kid ever! I don't watch scary movies and no way am I going to pay to have things jump out at me!

7.  Favorite Halloween Movie?
Hocus Pocus- I mean, do any other Halloween movies even compare??!!
Image from IMDB

8.  Favorite Halloween Candy?
Reeses- My favorite thing in the entire world is Reeses cups.  I especially love them around certain holidays because they are in shapes and I swear to you the Reeses shapes taste better!

9.  Dressing up for Halloween?
This year I am only dressing up for my students' costume parade at work.  I plan on being Minnie Mouse..again.

10. Favorite Thing About Fall?
I know I should say something girly like layering or lattes, but I'm not going to lie- my favorite part about fall is most definitely football!

I would love to see some of my other ladies do this tag!  If you do it, please comment with a link!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shecky's Girls Night Out

On Friday I went to Shecky's Girls' Night Out in NYC with one of my girlfriends.  I had always heard and read a lot about Shecky's Girls' Night Out, but have never attended an event myself.  Basically, the event is a shopping event with fashion, beauty and accessory retailers.  My friend Danielle had previously been to the event and said to bring plenty of cash because the shopping and the goody bag was amazing.

I was dumb and didn't take any pictures of the event, but from what I heard from my friend and from other shoppers the event was a major disappointment compared to past events.  The shopping was only on one level and while there was a nice mix of affordable and pricey retailers, it was mainly jewelry and I was really hoping to do some clothing damage.

Here's my tiny haul from the event:

Can you sense a bow theme here?  The silver bow necklace was $10, the gold wire ring was $20 and my favorite purchase-  Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Liquor Mousse push up was $4.  The ring was a bit pricey for a simple wire ring, but I've wanted a bow ring for a while and the vendor was very nice so I didn't mind spending the money.

The biggest disappointment of the night was the goody bag.  Many of the women at the event didn't want to get the goody bag right away because they said it's usually so heavy they don't feel like carrying it around.  Well, that was not a problem with this year's bag!

From L to R:

*imPress Press on Manicure- The color of these nails is very pretty, but these are the tiniest nails I've ever seen! I happen to have small nail beds, but I don't think these would even fit my nails.  I'm giving this to my friend's daughter.

*Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash- This is a product that I've heard a lot about, so I probably will find a way to incorporate this into my skin care routine.

*Soft Lips Chapstick Trio

*Greeting Card- I mean really? It's an adorable greeting card, but really?

*Organic Sweeteners

Yup, that was my gift bag.  I guess the event didn't have to include a gift bag so I shouldn't complain, but compared to the Pamper Me Fabulous gift bag I received a few weeks ago, this was a HUGE disappointment.

The Shecky's Girls Night Out Event is held all over the country, and if you've never been to one I would recommend going even though this event was a disappointment.  Every city will have different vendors and possibly different goody bags.  Visit for more information on upcoming events in your city.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fitspiration Week 3

Ugghh..this whole being healthy thing is not easy!  I find myself complaining about it constantly, and that's just annoying.  I should have known that eventually my unhealthy lifestyle would catch up to me, but I just am finding it very difficult to change my ways.

I think it's even more difficult when your parents are still junk food eaters and some of your friends/co-workers don't see the issue and still see you as a skinny person complaining.  Yes, I am trying to lose weight, but I also know that I am super unhealthy and if I don't begin the gradual change to healthy living now it may become a health issue later.

Ok, enough whining...on to my goals for week 3!

Fitness Goal

*Move more!
I read about this all the time, to just move more throughout the day.  Park in a far away spot, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do lunges while on the phone..there's so many ways to get more movement throughout the day.  I've begun to walk a little during my lunch, but I feel like there's so many more ways I can sneak in movement throughout the day.

Nutrition Goal

*Learn portion sizes

Huge portions is one of my biggest problems when it comes to eating.  I couldn't even tell you what the proper serving size is for the most of the food I eat.  My goal this week is to learn and familiarize myself with proper portion sizes.  I know that my bowl of pasta or rice is probably 2-3 times a normal serving, so I can't just say ok I'm going to only have 3/4 cup of pasta this week instead of 2 cups, but I want to gradually wean myself to a proper portion.

I found this cheat sheet online which I put on my phone to help compare my portion sizes to what an actual portion size is.

What is your favorite way to keep portion sizes in check?  What is your favorite way to get more movement throughout the day? I need some advice here ladies!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tip Thursday: Money Talk

So this is not a beauty or fashion related tap, but I guess it could be a shopping tip.  I saw on Pinterest same time ago a pin about the $5 savings plan.  Basically, you put away every $5 bill you get and use that as a form of savings.  I hardly ever used cash so I didn't really pay any mind to it.  Recently, I realized I've started spending too easily on my debit/credit card so I began taking out cash every week.  I've been doing the $5 savings plan for about a month now and I am going to use the money to do some Christmas shopping.

When I get a $5 bill I put it in a different section of my wallet (so I won't be tempted to take it) and then when I get home put it in a jar I used to use for makeup brushes!

What is your favorite savings tip? I'd to love to hear them!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Empties: Hits and Misses

  It takes me FOREVER to finish any type of product.  I rotate so many different products in my collection, that I rarely ever finish something.  I usually get tired of a product and throw it away before I end up finishing it.  This past month I finished a total of 7 products! Seven! This is so unheard of for me!  Here are my thoughts on some of these products that I finished up.

Hair Products

Aussie Aussome Volume Styling Mousse- I did finish this product, but I can't say that I loved it.  I didn't notice any major difference in volume with my hair.  It was also annoying to put in my hair.  If I put it in my hair when it was too damp, it didn't really do anything, but if I put it in my hair when it was too dry, it would give me crunchy patches no matter how evenly I distributed it.  I do not plan on repurchasing this product.

♥  Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo- Dry shampoos have saved my life.  I hate washing my hair.  I don't know why I find it such an ordeal, but it just drives me loco.  I usually wash my hair every other day.  This spray has helped me prolong my hair an extra day.  While it doesn't absorb all the oil (I still wear my hair up on the third day) it definitely provides a noticeable difference.  However, if you are looking for a dry shampoo that provides volume, this is not it. I have a Got2b dry shampoo to test out next, but I may be repurchasing this.

♥  Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect 'n Curl- I bought this heat protectant on clearance at Rite Aid last summer.  I use this when I curl or flat iron my hair.  I don't know how to test out if a heat protectant is working, but this doesn't make my hair greasy or anything so I like it.  I don't know if I will repurchase this or try the Tresemme heat protectant.

♥  Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray- I totally bought into the hype with this product.  I am very glad I didn't purchase the full size product, because this did not work for me at all.  It didn't absorb oil or provide any extra volume.  I will definitely not be repurchasing this item.

Skin Care/ Makeup

♥  Cargo Better than Waterproof Mascara- This was my favorite summer mascara.  It didn't melt in the summer humidity, but was also easy to take off with makeup remover wipes.  It provided nice definition and separation of my lashes.  While I did love this product, I know mascara is one of the items I can purchase at the drugstore and love, so I do not plan on repurchasing.

♥  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- I received this cream in a QVC Beauty Tube and I loved it!  I get incredibly dry skin in the winter and even some dry patches in the summer and this really helped keep the flakes at bay.  It's great for sensitive skin.  I only recommend this as a night cream though because it is a bit on the greasy side.  This may be the only product out of the bunch that I repurchase.

♥  Lavanila Vanilla Coconut The Healthy Body Butter- I believe I received this in a Birchbox last year.  I really, really love this stuff.  It's very creamy and emollient and absorbs into the skin quickly.  This scent is absolutely amazing.  The reason why I may not repurchase this cream is because it is a bit pricey and I have SO many other lotions and creams in my collection.

Have you tried any of these products? Would you repurchase or purchase some of them? 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fitspiration Week 2

  So week 1 of my fitspiration had its ups and downs.  During the week I was very good with my healthy breakfasts.  Every morning I had a whole wheat bagel thin with a light laughing cow cheese wedge and some apple slices.  For a drink I'd have either a frappucino (not super diet healthy) or one of my flavored k-cups.  However, on the weekend I'd wake up later and reach for some junk item for a quick sugary fix.

  My fitness goal of week 1 was to work out for at least 15 minutes every day.  I did well on most days, except one night I had Open House at work and while I got home relatively early, I just didn't feel like moving at all.  However, I have been moving more over all, by walking during my lunch hour.

So here's my week 2 goals!

Fitness Goal

                                                   These are pics of post its I put on my mirror

*Get strength training in every day
The more reading and research I do on fitness, the more beneficial strength training sounds.  I'm not into lifting weights, but weight strength training can include pilates, and exercises like squats, push ups and crunches.  Any exercises that build muscle I want to work into my daily work out routine.  These can be done during commercials while watching my favorite shows, so I really have NO excuse.

Nutrition Goal

* Snack healthily
Snacking is one of my serious downfalls.  I love snacks!  I've definitely incorporated more healthy snacks into my diet lately.  My faves have become cucumber slices with some sea salt and rice vinegar, red pepper strips and hummus and cherry tomatoes with just about anything.  My biggest downfall is my post-work snack.  I get home and am tempted to reach for something healthy but then I think about what a crappy day I had and end up having something crappy instead.  I need to work on that!

Any healthy snack ideas for me?  I'm definitely in need of some quick and easy options!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My last QVC New Beauty Test Tube :(

   My lovely QVC "Beauty Tube" subscription has come to an end.  I really hope they re-start this program, because this is the only beauty subscription service that I really stuck with the entire time.  I use the most products from this service than I did from any of the other ones.  Here is what I received in my October New Beauty Test Tube, available at

From top to bottom, L to R:

*bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Sparkplug- This is the first bareMinerals product I have received in any of my Beauty Tubes, and I'm very excited to try this out.  I wish it was one of the Buxom glosses, but I guess I can't complain as this is a color that appears will suit my skin tone.

*Mally Beauty Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Onyx- I am so happy to get this baby!  My Mally Evercolor Liner in Onyx is one of my favorites, and this automatic pencil is sure to jump to my favorites list in no time.  My favorite products I have received from this Beauty Tube have always been the Mally products.

*Perfect Formula Strong Nail System Daily Moisture- The product description states that this will "deliver a boost of hydration on and around the nail, leaving nails beautiful."  I have really crap nails.  They are weak and brittle and break super easily.  I hope this product (which can be applied on naked nails and polished nails) will help me develop stronger nails.

*WEN Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint- Yes, another Wen Cleansing Conditioner!  This is I believe the third one of these I have received in my Beauty Tubes.  One I gave to a friend, one I kept for a giveaway and this one I believe I will try again.  In a few weeks I'm getting a keratin like treatment so sulfate free here I come.

*Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse- I have heard A LOT about this brand from Youtube and blogs and I am very excited to try this out.  I have been looking for a good thickening product to help with my lack of root volume.

*Perricone MD High Potency Eye Treatment- I love a good eye cream and I am very excited to try this product out.  I have received quite a few Perricone products and while I did enjoy all of them, I didn't find any of them worth the super expensive price for the full size product.

*philosophy full of promise dual action restoring cream- Philosophy is a brand that I really enjoy.  I haven't tried any of their anti-aging products yet and I guess at age 27, it's a good time to start.

*Smileactives Tooth Whitening Pen- The information states that in clinical trials the average participant had their teeth whitened by 10 shades, and some saw results up to 10 shades lighter!  I am super excited for this product, as my smile is a little on the dull side.  I have received quite a few whitening toothpastes in my Beauty Tubes, but they are all dry toothpastes (using no water on your toothbrush) and that's just too weird for me.

All in all, I have REALLY enjoyed my QVC Test Tubes and like I said I hope they restart this program. again.  See what I've received in my previous tubes by clicking here, here, here, here.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A City Day

  Hello my lovelies!  Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting Tammy of a Not a Rich Girl.  Tammy is one of the first "friends" I've made here through blogging.  She lives about 15 minutes from New York City and I live about 30 minutes from New York City, yet we never met.  A few weeks ago I saw information on an event called Pamper Me Fabulous.  It sounded like the perfect even for us to finally meet up at!

  Info on Pamper Me Fabulous:

This an event produced by women, made for women. 
When it comes to the end of the day, we think there is nothing better than rewarding one's accomplishments, taking time out to nurture our mind, body, and spirit, spending quality time with our girlfriends or colleagues, and indulging in some shopping, pampering and beauty. Add to that feel good exercise and enlightenment of the mind, and at Pamper Me Fabulous, you will get to do just that.
We produce Pamper Me Fabulous because we believe that every woman deserves just that type of experience which elevates us all to a higher state of well being.
We salute you for being the amazing woman you are. We hope that you'll come to Pamper Me Fabulous to celebrate your individual and collective accomplishments with your girlfriends and colleagues. You deserve it!  

The New York City event was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in the Flat Iron District.  Tammy and I got there about 15 minutes after the event opened and decided to stroll around the pavilion to get a lay of the land.  To tell you the truth we were a bit disappointed with the booths there.  We quickly added our names to the waiting list for a massage and strolled around the area about 10 times.  

They had a lot of great jewelry booths there, all of which were too expensive for our price point.  They had a great hair booth there, but they were doing stylings for $20, and both of us knew the second we walked outside into the cold and damp day, our hair would be a hot mess again.  The only other "services" being offered were some facials and both of us refused to take off our make up.  All in all, I was personally disappointed with the event.  HOWEVER, the goody bag MORE than made up for it!!

 The random stuff (top to bottom, L to R):
*Pretzel Crisps
*Wine Wipes (so red wine won't stain your teeth)
* Yankee Candle Car Jar in Pineapple Cilantro
*Plum Brand Just Pear Organic Baby Food (ummm...ok??)
*Pirates Booty White Cheddar
*Motif Olive Leaf and Coriander Hand and Face Wipes
*Salon Pas Pain Patch
The GOOD stuff:
* Stephen Knoll Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Sample
* Stephen Knoll Collection Hydro Repair Mist Styling Lotion
* Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls Styling Cream
*Philosophy Purity Made Simple Face Wash (woohoo! my favorite!)
* Kiss Nail Dresses
*DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Can't wait to try per Tammy's advice)
* Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm
*OPI Polish in Berlin There Done That
*Bodycology Body Cream Sample in Wild Poppy
*Glam Glow Mud Mask

As you can see there were quite a few full size products in the bag, along with some hefty sample sized products.  The food items were a little random, but all in all I am super pleased with the gift bag.

Since we were at the event for a much shorter amount of time than we thought, we decided to go on the hunt for the ELF Disney Villains collection.  We stopped at a few Duane Reades' and one Walgreens collection with no luck.  Since we were a bit disappointed with the lack of makeup purchases we made (none!), we decided to stop at Sephora.  Both Tammy and I left Sephora very happy girls!

*Sephora Brand Deep Pore Cleansing Scrubber - I love this product!  I blogged about this previously, but I lost my little guy.  I had to repurchase another one
*Urban Decay Naked Palette- FINALLY!!  
*Goody 2 in 1 Headbands (got these at Duane Reade)

All in all, what a great day!  While the Pamper Me Fabulous event was a bit disappointing, I would recommend attending the event for the gift bag alone.  You can visit their site here for more dates and information.

I am so grateful for the friends that I have made through this beauty community, and I am very grateful that I got to finally meet the beautiful Tammy.  When you talk so much online like we do, it's like talking to an old friend when you get to communicate in person.  Thank you so much Tammy for joining me today!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


   I've said this before, but I am seriously the fattest thin girl ever.  I rarely if ever work out and I eat like crap.  I've previously said I wanted to become healthier and would make a few changes that would last a week or two and then go back to my poor habits.  I would never gain weight so I wouldn't really feel too bad.  Within the past few months, boy has that changed.  I guess it's the 27 year old curse.

  Within the past few months I have gained 10 pounds.  This is like a tremendous amount of weight for me.  I guess I am still considered thin, but I am just not happy with how I look or how I feel.  I feel like if I don't nip this in the bud right now, it could turn into a big problem.

  The tricky part of my journey to being fit is that these bad habits I have are life long habits.  My reward when I was little was food, and not just any food, twinkles, yodels, ring dings.  My friends used to love (and still love) coming over to my house because I always have the best junk food.  On top of eating crap, my idea of a portion size is a Flinstone sized serving.  It's going to be a tricky journey turning myself into a healthy individual inside and out, but it's a journey that I have to take!

  I've decided to use social media to really help fuel and document my journey.  I have been following the controversy over "thinspiration" and have decided to use Pinterest, Youtube and blogs to find my "fitspiration".

  After doing some research, I know that I can't take all junk food out of my diet immediately and begin working out an hour a day.  I would give up in a day!  I'm taking small steps, weekly goals, to hopefully see some physical and health changes.

Week 1:

* Nutrition Goal
Eat a healthy breakfast
Eating a healthy breakfast is a HUGE thing for me.  I used to ruin a healthy day right off the bat by having a black and white cookie or a cupcake for breakfast.  This week I've been having bagel thins with a laughing cow wedge and some apple slices for breakfast.  I have to find some other quick grab and go options, but I want to be able to start the day off right.

  *Fitness Goal
Work out at least 15 minutes a day
I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but for someone who barely works out, 15 minutes a day is a huge deal.  To go from not working out at all to working out for an hour and 45 minutes a week is a great step to take.  No matter how busy or how grumpy I am, there's always a 15 minute chunk of time in my day to work up a sweat.

Fitspiration of the Week

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Favorites

    September was kind of a low maintenance month for me.  I started work again and after finally getting paid again, I paid off A LOT of bills so I didn't purchase any new makeup products in September.  Here's some of my faves from September!

Favorite Products

Back to front, L to R:

* Slatkin &Company (Bath and Body Works) Candle in Pumpkin Cupcake- I only recently began purchasing seasonal candles.  I used to only buy sugar cookie or vanilla cupcake type candles.  I bought some super yummy smelling summer candles, so I decided to pick up a fall candle from Slatkin as well.  I am SO in love with this Pumpkin Cupcake candle.  It has a fall scent (spicy, cinnamon) while still smelling like a cupcake.  Great combo!

*Claire's Hair "Donut"- I tried to make the sock bun work.  I had the perfect sock to do it with and I just could not get it to roll down properly.  This donut is supposed to used by wrapping your hair around it, but I tried it the traditional roll down sock bun way and it works great! It's much bigger than a  regular sock bun, but it's too cute.

*Lush Big Shampoo- This is my first expensive shampoo purchase probably ever.  I purchased this after seeing just so many amazing reviews for it on blogs and youtube.  I have only used it twice, but it is love.  I don't notice an increase in volume after using this, but my hair feels so clean and completely free of any product residue.

*Jumbo Velcro Roller- I literally only use one velcro roller.  I flat iron my bangs, and roll them BACKWARDS in this jumbo roller.  It gives them a bit of volume and a cute little flip.

*Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation- I know I have had this as a favorite before, but this stuff is just awesome.  I thought I wouldn't be able to use it once the cooler temps hit (due to skin dryness), but fortunately I am still able to use it.

*Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster- I think this is the reason why I am still able to wear my Whipped Creme Foundation.  I use this every evening before I apply my moisturizer, and I swear this helps my moisturizer sink in that much better.  I haven't noticed a significant brightness yet in my skin, but the fact that it's still moisturized and supple makes me happy.

Favorite Pin
I wash my hair about three times a week.  One of those times I wash my hair I use a heat free curling method, so I'm not constantly applying heat to my hair.  On my second day curls I wear this hair style and I have been getting SO many compliments on it.  I need to start collecting more stretchy headbands.

Favorite Blog

One Good Thing by Jillee is just like Pinterest in blog form.  It's a blog full of great tips and DIY projects.  (Thank you Tammy!)

What were your faves of September?

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