Sunday, September 29, 2013

Style Sunday #2

So I still wasn't able to meet my goal of photographing my outfit daily, but 4 out of 7 I guess isn't too shabby!
Necklace- Lia Sophia
Cardigan- Gap Outlet
Top- The Limited
Pants- The Limited
Shoes- Coach Outlet

I am SO in love with these maroon skinny work pants from The Limited.  Comfortable and chic!

Necklace- Lia Sophia
Cardigan- Loft
Tank- Loft
Grey Skinnies- F21
Boots- Target

Necklace- Bella's of Cape Cod
Cardigan- Marshalls
Tank- Target
Jeans- F21
Purse- Coach
Shoes- Sam Edelman via Lord & Taylor

This was my favorite outfit of the week.  Wish I took a closer up shot of the shoes, because they are super glittery and sparkly!

Circle Scarf- NYC Street Fair
Off-Shoulder Tee- Alloy
Skinnies- F21
Shoes- Audrina Crocs

Saturday I spent the day in Queens with my aunt and cousin.  It was a beautiful, warm fall day and I needed to wear my beloved Audrina flats once more before they go away for the season!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Trend Report: Emmy 2013 Fashion

   The Emmys were on last night and I believe these are usually the last of the big awards for the year.  The Emmys are pretty much the Oscars for television and I love to see my favorite tv stars really glam it up for the red carpet.  There was one trend that really stood out to me on the red carpet and that is: GEM TONES!
     The thing I love about gem tones is that any skin tone can pull of these colors!  They take away some of the paleness from super pale girls like myself, and pick up the beautiful olive tones in darker skinned girls.  I also find that gem tones highlight any eye color!

   Gem toned dresses were all over the red carpet and here are some of my favorite gem colored dresses of the evening and some pieces that you can easily fit into your every day or special occasion wardrobe.

Mindy Kaling in plum

 Tina Fey in royal blue

 Kaley Cuoco in maroon

 Mayim Bialik in emerald green

And one non-gem toned stand out...Sofia Vergara!

Overall, my best dressed was Sofia Vergara.  I know people are saying she always does mermaid dresses, but they work for her!  The color and texture of this dress make it stand out and the pop of green from the earrings really make it current.

Who was your best dressed?? 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Style Sunday #1

   I keep trying to make the OOTD type posts open for me and I usually fail miserably.  This week though I asked a few of my friends at work to help me out and I'm hoping to stick with it.  In a perfect world I was hoping to get outfit pictures for at least 5 days of the week.  This week I fell a bit short as I picked up a nasty cold and didn't really feel like getting my photograph taken.

Here are the outfits I did manage to photograph this week!


Shoes: Anne Klein
Pants: Loft
Tank: Target
Cocoon Sweater: Aero
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I have been loving this cocoon sweater from Aero.  I've avoided Aero for quite a few years now as I hated that everything literally said "Aero" on it, but lately their sweaters and layering pieces have become more subtle and more American Eagle like.


Boots: Charming Charlies
Grey Skinnies: F21
Peplum Top: Alloy
Infinity Scarf: Street Fair

Saturday- Day

Jeans: F21
PSU Shirt: Penn State Family Clothesline

Football Saturday means I'm wearing one of my many PSU shirts and I NEED to have my pom pom with me.

Saturday Night

Here's where I was bad and I forgot to take a full body shot of my outfit.  A group of us went out to Hoboken last night for my best friend's birthday.  I borrowed this beautiful coral (it's photographing pink YUCK) top from my friend Bernie who got a from a European store called Next Look.  It's a beautiful chiffon with amazing jeweled details on the shoulders.  Here I am rocking it with my friend Lori and my friend Kevin (he's taken by a beautiful girl so don't even ask ladies lol).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tip Thursday: Dry Hair Help

   My hair is quite odd.  My scalp is normal and yet my ends are very dry.  I've tried several treatments and of course get trims regularly, but I was still looking for more relief.  I've been googling for advice and I found a tip that seems to be working nicely so far.
    Prior to shampooing your hair, apply conditioner to your ends.  This prevents the shampoo (which can be drying to already dry ends) from penetrating your ends when it washes down your hair.  This tip combined with regular treatments for dry ends has really helped out!

Image from Google Images

Do you have any tips for treating dry or damaged ends?

Monday, September 16, 2013

September Glam Bag

   I feel like I received my Glam Bag after everyone else!  I was hoping to get one of the bags with a Butter London polish, but so far I haven't seen any video or blog post of someone who received one of the polishes.  I was also really hoping to receive one of the beautiful Cailyn tinted balms I've seen going around, but nope not lucky there.  This month's bag was a bit of a disappointment for me.

*NYX Single Shadow in Cryptonite- I have to see if I have a sparkly black color somewhere in my collection, because if not this color could be a good addition for fun smokey eyes.  I'm usually impressed with the pigmentation and texture of NYX shadows.

*It's So Big Mascara by Elizabeth Mott- Ok, first of all what a great name!  I love anything with a sexual innuendo.  I'm always happy to try out a mascara, so I am happy with this.

*J Cat Fantabulous Lipstick in Honeycrisp- This color is just not cute.  I don't know who can pull of a frosted flakes type lip color.  I'm happy to hear this company is cruelty free, so I'll look into it, but this color is not for me.  Also, my lipstick came with no seal..did anyone else receive this lipstick?  Is the no seal thing normal?

*Starlooks Eyeliner in Obsidian- I am assuming this is just a black liner.  Pretty standard, but I have a lot of black liners in my collection so I'm not too sure about this also.

Here's a close up of the shadow and lipstick shade

3 items I am happy about....

I love me some sheet masks!  I've never tried any mask from Freeman, let alone a sheet mask, but I'm really excited to try these.

*Hydrating Face Mask- Blue Agave
*Purifying Face Mask- Star Fruit
*Brightening Face Mask- Rose

Again, overall this bag was a bit of a disappointment for me.  I do like the bag itself and the sheet masks, but the rest of the items were a bit of a bummer for me.

Do you get a monthly Ipsy/Glam Bag?  I'd love to know what you got in yours!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Make It Stop: Beauty Edition

    On Tuesday I wrote a post about fashion trends that I just want to disappear!  Now it's on to the beauty trends that I really, really dislike.  Again, this is just my opinion and just my taste.  I'lm not meaning to offend anyone!

*Stiletto Nails

How do people function with these?  These claw like nail shapes just don't seem practical or safe to me.  I work with children, these can be dangerous!

*Half Shaved Hairstyles

Now here's a tricky one for me.  I like some of the tightly braided styles to immitate the half shaved style, but I really dislike the half shaved hairstyle itself.  Again, it just seems like something the celebs love, but not a lot of real people can rock.

*Wet Hair Look

When it's summer time and it's too damn hot to do a thing to your hair, I love the look of wet and messy hair.  However, for formal events or going out to more than just the store or something I am not a fan of the wet look.  The way people are doing it lately it just looks super greasy.  Not a fan!

*Double Liner

I have to be honest with you, I don't know why I dislike the double winged liner look, I'm just not personally a fan of it.  I think it makes eyes appear too small.

*Super Nude and Super Tan

A lot of celebrities and girls up in the club seem to think that the darker the tan, the nuder the lip.  Now I am paler than pale so being tan is probably not a topic I should have an opinion on.  However, I think a super nude lip with a beautiful tan just looks creepy.  Rock a little bit of color!!

These are just some of the beauty trends that I hope go away and go away quickly!  Any of these on your "Hated It!" list or any beauty trends you can't stand? Vent away!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make It Stop: Fashion Edition

    A few weeks ago I watched this video by Evelina Barry on "Trends that Need to Stop".  I thought this was such a fabulous video idea, as I am very opinionated about trends that I like and trends that I can't stand.
    I decided to do a blog post on trends that I feel like need to stop.  This is just my personal opinion on these trends and I'm not meant to offend anyone.  I just thought it would be fun to see which trends people love and which trends people can't stand!


*Galaxy Print

Ughh..this is a trend I'm just not fond of.  I don't love it on sweaters, but when it's Galaxy Print leggings I just can't!  I hope this trend is on its way out with the season.


Didn't this idea go out of trend when the Spice Girls broke up?  Maybe it's because I'm short and stumpy and can't really pull this trend off, but I'd like it to go away!

*High Waisted Shorts/Pants

Again, this may just be the short and stumpy in me, but I'm not a fan of high waisted pants/shorts.  From the back I think they TOTALLY look like Mom's jeans.  Only exception to the high waisted rule, high waisted skirts! Love those.

*Neon clothes

Now this one I am going to get in trouble for because some of my best friends LOVE neon!  It's just a trend that I never got into.  Maybe it's because I'm pale and I can't pull it off or it just reminds me of some terrible 80's fashions.  Only exception to this rule for me is neon purses and shoes.  Don't know why I love those!

*Sweaters with Holes

If I'm spending money on a shirt or a sweater, it better not have any holes!  That's why I don't understand why people spend so much money for those sweaters with holes in them.  I'm not talking about a sweater with a large knit or a crochet sweater, I'm talking about the grunge holy homeless look. I like holes in my jeans, not in my tops!

These are just a few of the many fashion trends that I just hope go away and go away quickly.  Again, one or all of these trends may work for you and that's awesome!  These are just trends that I don't understand or that just don't work for me.  

Do you agree with any of these?  Disagree?  What are some of the fashion trends that you gals hate??

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review

   I never understood how people couldn't recognize that Clark Kent was Superman. With just the absence of his trusty pair of glasses and the addition of a superhero suit, people couldn't figure that one out.  However, recently as I go out every now and then with contacts on, I understand how people could be oblivious.  On more than one occasion, people haven't been able to identify me without my glasses on.  I guess when someone wears their glasses every single day, they become identifiable by that pair.
   Ok, that's a long introduction for a glasses review- my apologies!  I wanted to add more than just one pair of glasses to my "glasses wardrobe" so I began looking into those adds that I constantly see on Facebook about "free glasses".  I settled upon had a wide variety of free glasses to choose from.  If you aren't quite sure about what style you are looking for, you can upload a picture of yourself and digitally try them on.  All you need to place an order is a copy of your prescription and your pupilary distance (the site tells you how to measure your own just in case).
   Now my glasses weren't completely free.  My prescription is so bad that I needed special lenses which cost a whopping $13.90.  So with my "special" lenses and shipping my total came out to $19.85.  For a friggin pair of glasses! Compare those to my last glasses purchase, purple Coach frames, which came out to over $300.

    I ended up ordering a pair of "nerd" glasses in tortoise shell.  I call all of those larger framed glasses nerd frames.  I did not do the digital try on, so I had no idea how they would look on my face when I received them.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised!
The accessories that came with my glasses.

And finally....How they look on! I LOVE them!  Definitely have to do my eye makeup differently when wearing these though.

I have no affiliation with  I'm blind as a bat and broke and needed cheap glasses so I ordered these myself.  If you are blind and/or broke I totally suggest checking out this site!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quick Tip: Tone Down the Tan

  As summer is coming to an end, a lot of people may be shelving their self tanning products.  I don't think there's a need to put away those tanning products just yet.  If you are looking for a lighter or more subtle tan, just mix a small amount of your favorite self tanner with your favorite moisturizer.  The lotion tones down the tan and also helps it spread more evenly and easier.  This is also a great tip to try if you think a self tanner is too dark for you!

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